Saturday, December 27, 2008

exam is coming near... There goes another year... in a couple more weeks and there goes my final exam for the 2nd sem... Haiz... nowadays was not in the mood to study... kept wanna fool around nia... omg... If i din start studying now... i'll be in dead meat by that time... imagine... no more scholarship... no more hanging out with friend... no more freedom... no more fun.... omg!!! shit... im ssssoooo not gonna let this happen... omg.... have to study hard d this time... score better than the previous... yes!!! akino minaide!!! gambate!!! >.<

Just another regular day

Friday, December 19, 2008

It had been so long since I last blog... Actually I did plan to blog when I on9 some days ago but no thanks to the bloody wireless which was shut down unexpectedly... causing my post to get stuck half way... And to think that I can finally finish my previous post bout the trip to KL... haiz... sucker... >.<>.<

Anyway, yesterday I was damn emo and moody the whole day... Why? because... erm... I was not thinking straight and my mind started to wonder into the black hole u see... so erm... basically, it was just me not being able to see the positive side of everything... And also, I was being selfish and impatient... which have me ended up... e-m-o... uh-huh... its lame right? haiz... I know... But it cant be helped... >.< Aiya... whats done is done... learn from mistakes and past, head for future with hope for the best! yosh!!! XD Man, im feeling damn hyperactive now wei~ ^^V
I think thats all that I wanna crap about ba... heee... will write more when I have more to talk about... X) love and peace ppl!

Lonely lonely me...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Guess what? My cousin just informed me that he had finally gotten into a relationship with a girl that he likes... Well, there goes another close buddy who went into a relationship... A few weeks ago was my close friend... boohoo... Everyone had gotten into a relationship with their loved ones except me... T.T sobs... >.< Anyway it has been like almost 5 months since I broke up my last relationship... Thats a record for me! For staying single for so long after the last relationship... (its not like i have the choice... I was unwanted... and still am now... T.T) sad right? haiz haiz... LOnely lonely me... I guess I'll be spending my chrismas and valentine alone... yes yes u heard me right... a-l-o-n-e... boohoo... T.T sad sad... nvm la... I think I am used to it d gua... Single for 5 months d... if one year like this also I think I dont care d... No choice de... XP I know i sounded sarcastic... Thats my main point u see... being sarcastic... XD anyway, I think I'll stop here... adios~!

ps: I'll be away to KL until monday... ^^ For vacation + intercampus comp... heee... wish me luck ya... *perasan* XP

happy happy day~~~ ^^ again XD

Monday, December 1, 2008

Went gurney with Keat Wei and Shirlyn on saturday... Was planning to have group study after our class ended at 12pm but decided to go for a movie before studying... To boost our oomph to study... XD So we ended up watching madagascar 2 although Shirlyn refuse to watch it at first.. in the end, she ended up laughing more than the both of us... XD Anyway, the movie was really nice to watch... X)

Today was also not a bad day... As usual our class ended earlier than normal... So we decided to go for nasi kandar (after changing our mind on queensbay)... then I met Hamirah there... I was like omg! the last tme we met was during spm time... imagine how long since then? lols... Anyway, the six of us (Han Chong, VIncent, Ting Hoay, Cat, Kok Seng and I) were slowly eating our lunch and chit chat away for about an hour plus... XD What we crap about? hhhmm... Lets see.... we were crapping about aliens from pluto and an anti-E society... Why we crap about that? hhhmm lets just say that... It is a secret among the six of us... XD Anyway, Shirlyn din join us for lunch cause she was sicked(she didnt even went to school today same goes to Gab who was also sick and didnt attend today's classes... so ngam hor? =X) If they read this, they are so going to kill me... lols... XD

After lunch, Cat drop me back at csc... So I took a bath then headed for the beach behind the club... cause my sis was busy onlining so I decided to kill time by enjoying the sea and the air... =) It was seriously nice to like just enjoy the scenery, the wind and the sound of the waves splashing on the shore... By just witnessing all these really calmed my mind and thoughts... It felt as if there are no worries... My mind was seriously at peace that time... these are the 2 pics that I took... =)



Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Im currently feeling very emo... why? Dont ask me... I myself also not sure... haiz...

Emo... Emo... Emo...


Hate this feeling man... >.<


nothing much happen today... Except that there is an assignment for us for autoCAD but this assignment we are not allow to bring it home so which means we have to do it on the spot and also pass it up on the spot... But we got 4 hrs to do it which is divided into 2hrs a week.. basically, to tell u the truth... 4 hrs is seriously not enough at all... This is like so damn tough man!... ish... >.<>.<

today's mood... happy =)

Monday, November 24, 2008

today is like every normal monday which means having class since 9am... The first lesson was digital electronics and microprocessor, in the lab... cracking head for the assembly language code thingy again... Luckily the exercise for today was not so tough as we dont need to write a program... So in short, it was done in less than half an hour... XD since the lesson should last for 2hrs, I spend the rest of my time chit chatting with friends and ronda-ing in the lab... wwwee~~ XP anyway, the lesson was off half an hour earlier so we ended up being the earliest group to reach the lecture hall for the next lesson, mathematics 2 which started at 11am... ^^V during that half an hour, we (ting hoay, vincent, cat, shir and I) used cat's hp to watch TV... Guess what? we did manage to watch a cartoon in TV3 to kill time... ho liao leh~ XD However, the lecture last for about an hr or so which was suppose to end at 1pm so Ms Lim decided to continue having our tutorial class straight (instead of having to wait until 2pm... which is a waste of time)... therefore at around 12.30pm, our lessons for the day have already ended! hehe nice huh? Then we headed for lunch at some coffee shop nearby (last minute change of mind) XD We took our own sweet time eating and chatting away for about an hour i think... After that only all of us headed home~~ So here I am... at home... digging through the internet trying to find as much info on the organic semiconductors as possible for the Analogue assignment... Sish... I hate assignments... they suck! >.<

Oh!!! my blog!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

damn it man... eversince I got myself addicted to facebook again, I hardly update my blog anymore... Seriously... Making the matter worse, I hardly get to on9 d... which makes me even seldom log into my blogspot account... So here I am after dont know after how long (how many weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds...) I finally am updating it again. XD hhhmm... lets see... what to talk about... *thinking hard* So far nothing much had happen, its just that... I havent step foot into gurney eversince 2 freaking long weeks ago!!! T.T not even Redbox... omg... By just the though of it really upset me man... sobs... all thanks to what? erm... first of all, money not enough!!! T.T secondly, no time... Its like when Im free, my friends are not free or it'll be the other way round... And ahem... thirdly, assignments are back again!!! piling and piling with tonnes and tonnes of deadlines!!! wuwuwu~~~ so see how miserable my life is? X'( damn terrible, horrible, vegetable man! *sniff* But fear not! after all that deadlines cleared... Enough money saved and pick a suitable time, I am sssooo gonna hit for gurney or queensbay... that time it'll be like... movie marathon or Redbox here I come!!! *grin* man i cant wait... XD

how sweet... =)

Friday, November 7, 2008

you know... everytime when i log into my blog, the first thing i would do is go browsing at my fren's blogs... reading on their updates and stuff like that... Among those that I had their blog link to mine, there is this one which never failed to have me envy them and felt happy after reading it... Cant believe that it is that magical? =D believe it... Cause that blog is seriously giving me hope every now and then... Why I say so? Thats cause... After I have broken up with my second boyfriend, I was like telling myself... me? having able to find love like the one i had with my first again? Its impossible... Very impossible... I did thought of giving up in searching for it... Which was like... Just give up on that issue la... like its even possible to find the One... But after I read their blog, I felt so happy and full of hope... I was like "they look so sweet together... So long lasting and so happy... Simple yet contented" If they can find so much joy in love... whats stopping me from finding mine too? I think if i wait a little longer... continue searching throughout these years, I believe that one day... maybe just one day... I could have that love life again... The one which I know will never have an ending... The one which I know I can share all my life experiences with him... And most important of all... feel comfortable of being myself whenever Im with him and not by putting up an act instead... By reading their blog, always never failed to have me comtinue hoping... =)

jurassic fart

This proves that even dinosours couldnt even stand a chance in winning when it comes to fart... XD

Damn funny... A very effective way to reduce ur emo...


Friday, October 24, 2008

damn the assignments...
damn the stupid titles...
damn the objectives...
damn the stupid dead line...
and damn the internet for I couldnt find what i wanted to find!!!

thanks to this...
I dont get to update my blog...
I dont get to post my blog about ting hoay's bday...
I dont get to reply my comments in frenster...
I dont even get to go in frenster!!!
I also dont get to post some stupid last msg for sumbody...

And now?! I cant even find a SINGLE info on the topic that i want!!!


Life sucks sumtimes...
its like...
eventhough u have tried ur best...
things just din went on smoothly de... T.T

help me!!! down and out... T.T

Monday, October 13, 2008

urgh!!! the very first assignment for the second semester and it is already driving me insane!!! God!!! It was like I havent even started writing it out and by just finding information on it is seriously killing me!!! Holy crappy cow... And to think that I liked engineering science I during the previous sem... =.= This is like 10 times tougher than its previous assignments man!!! That was because I had absolutely no clue about what the lecturer wants and what are its main points that are needed to be focus on... Damn it la!!! I am so scared that I write out of point and all my marks will go down the drain... Seriously!!! And oh ya... I just remembered, I have to find info on the topic that I want to present for english... Ish!!! So much to do in so little time... man, life really sucks sometimes... >.<>.<

The weekends was fun

on saturday I had class from 9am till 12pm... after that, I went to gurney with saw and Shirlyn... Saw's mum fetch us there but before reaching the destination, we had lunch at one of the pulau tikus area's kopitiam cause we havent had lunch yet and thanks to that morning (I overslept due to me forgetting to set the alarm) which I had only a pau for breakfast... Thanks to that minute pau, I was wobbling like a souless body... It was like i almost melted due to starvation... XD Anyway, we went for "Disaster MOvie" at 2.30pm after that... Met up with Yen Yee and Yan Yan at GSC's entrance before entering... The movie was ok... Not really funny... It was not as funny as Scary movie 4 or superhero movie... It doesnt even tickled my funny bone... After the movie, we went jalan jalan around gurney and Yan Yan, Shirlyn and Yan Yee ended up buying a box of Korean biscuits... I wanted to buy the ramen that I tried that day but I was too broke to even consider about it... T.T

I went back to saw's hse that day was overnighting there... It was fun though... We were chit chatting the whole day until 3am before we sleep... What were we talking about? well... Its a secret~~~ XD The next day, we woke up at 9 something with me throwing 2 of her beanie toys at her... -grin evilly- anyway, we started crapping on the bed and chit chat again... After awhile, we went to get ourselves clean and wash up and head for the kitchen where saw cooked for me Ramen... It was not bad (although not very soft) still I'll give her a pass... XD Then we went back upstairs and started to download songs and have a mini karaoke in the room... We were singing "Wu Ding" playing duet... We were singing so enjoyably until that Lai Funn called... -.- and the minute Saw turn on the speaker, we were like Lai Funn ar!!! and the rest of the words were jumble up so much that she doesnt know what in the world were we talking about... Well, basically we were just complaining about how bad timing she is to call us at the wrong time... ok fine... u can take that as scolding... heh... u cant blame us u know cause if u were to be in our shoes, I bet u will do the same... >.< anyway, that weekend was fun... seriously! XD

neither too bad nor too good

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Today class finished at 12.30pm so we went to Corners for lunch then head for gurney!!! our second home~~~ XD We went straight to popular to buy the stuff needed for engineering drawing... I bought a 0.3mm mechanical pencil, a box of 0.3mm lead and a compus which cost me a total of RM20.05 after discount!!! OMG~~~ there goes my $$... T.T Then my frends was like saying that this is seriously the most expensive subject in this sem... and i couldnt help but agree... >.<>.< I was damn clumsy man... And thanks to that, he have to borrow CK's ticket to get out and drive all the way to CSC to get that ticket from me... haiz.. I felt seriously bad and guilty... Make him waste his petrol nia... Sorry o, ting hoay~~ ^^" but other than that, everything was fine... =) I'm lovin' life and am moving on, ppl~~ ^^V

i shouldnt have done that

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

As i look at the pics...
without me in it...
even it had passed for so long...
my heart ache like it had just happened yesterday...
my tears are dried due to the surrounding...
if not, i think it'll be streaming down like 2 silent rivers...
why am i so fragile?
why cant i just let it go?
why must i go and accept him?
If i were to ignore it like i did a month ago...
I wouldnt be so moody now...
If only I can learn to let go completely...
I would have the guts to tell him...
Im happy that you have found happiness in your new life...
I would be able to say that without feeling sad, disappointed and pain...
I guess...
after all these time, i thought i would have the courage to view anything about u...
but now i know im wrong...
so i think...
I wont log into Facebook ever again...
Cos i know...
no matter how much i tried...
a small part of me still cannot let u go...


ahem... dont misunderstand me when u read my title... NO, I dont support lalas... Mind you... I hate them!!! that lala that i type was suppose to be the sound of humming... So dont come around and say wah!! u finally like lalas... tell that to me and see what u get... my reply will be something like this... What in the fucking world make you think that I have started to like lalas? What are you? fucking blind or something? Cos u are seriously making me fucking pissed by just saying that... >.< nah... this is how my reply will be like... so think it properly before u even try to be funny with me in this matter...

Anyway, cut that rubbish...

Saja wanted to post this for the fun of posting nia...






today was only the second day of the 2nd semester and guess what? i have already gotten myself an assignment which has a due date of 26th oct... well... the deadline is still quite long so i dont have to worry yet right? ahem... wrong!!! like what i always said to myself... never piut off till tomorrow what u can do today... and hey, i dont like rushing last minute stuff but still by thinking of starting the assignment is seriously not fun at all... Its like scanning the web for information... copy and paste it... then find more information and copy and paste it again... And the process will keep on repeating and repeating again and again and again until I have finish that assignment of mine... ish... by just thinking it make me not in the mood for it at all... seriously!!! >.<

Anyway, today I got a 3hr break again between classes cos one of the tutorial was canceled... So u know la... we head straight for our so-called another "home", Gurney!!! XD had lunch at foodcourt cos yesterday already spend at Wongkok... >.< Then we went to the arcade again and played for awhile... After that, we went for pool again!!! heh~ And one of my fren was like aiyo, the first 2 days in college also we spend it at gurney... lols... well... I wont deny that its true... XP anyway, I did took a pic when we were playing pool but it was not very clear... so i think i wont post it here... =D Anyway, while we were playing, we had this little competition between us 2 girls and the other 2 guys... Guess what? We won!! wwwee!!! XD girl rules, man! And amazingly I manage to score 2 balls sequentially... woo!!! thats a record for mua~ XD

It was fun... but my $ also grow wings though... T.T
When I was onlining, I decided to clear and read all my mails in my inbox as they are seriously increasing by the day and I found a mail saying that my ex had addedme in facebook... I was like ... What? Seriously to tell u what was running in my mind that moment was... Are you sure that the person who added me is actually he himself or someone else who just happened to be using his account? You can call me paranoid or whatever shit but something inside me tells me so... Besides, its not like he wont give any access to his closest best fren, right? Believe me, i know... Anyway, its not like I am still playing with facebook... I have already gave it up since March... Except about a month ago, i did went in for awhile (to approve some frens)... Other then that, I didnt go in there anymore cause to me, that web is seriously boring and a waste of time... >.<

LOve life!!! live life the fullest!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

u know... my life had improve alot eversince the 2 week semester break... The guy that I used to had a crush on is no longer hanging out with me so that helps alot... And I am closer to my friends d eversince the saw's bday party... And ya... Im back to my happy-go-lucky life... with no crushes to crush on, nobody to "fan" me about what i should do and who i cannot mix with and bla bla bla... the list goes on... Anyway, it has been more than one week since I onlined and man I have missed so much on blogging... There was so many things that I wanted to blog about... Like during my outing with Saw, Yan, Funn, Hsing and Ling in gurney and about how unfortunate of us to not manage to go for Redbox after waiting for so long... T.T But nvm!!! For our next outing, I am so gonna book a freaking Redbox room and sing my lungs out!!! You bet i will... XD But if penang were to encounter earthquake on that day... hey, its not my fault k? The frequency of my voice plus my friends' are not high and powerful enough to cause the seabed to crack and collide with one another de... Man, Im speaking science... Physics to be specific.... >.<>.< But still am proud of myself... ^^V vain i know... but it wouldnt hurt to be vain once in awhile... XD

Anyway, today was fun... It was the first day of 2nd semester... Our first lesson was Digital Electronics & Microprocessor... Quite long for a name of a subject huh? Anyway, It was held in the lab which means its for our practical... Well, the lesson was quite fun and challenging I must say... XD After that, we had a 2 hr lecture for mathematics II which had already ended in about an hr plus and we were supposed to have tutorial class for maths at 2pm but since it was only the first week of the semester, it was canceled... which gave us plenty of time to ourselves... And that was when we decided to go gurney!!! wwwee!!! XD There were 12 of us who went there and we had lunch at Wongkok... So imagine the length of the table that fit the twelve of us in... haha XD And the orders that we took were very cute and funny... It was like... there were 6 ppl sitting in a row facing another 6 ppl and surprisingly, most of us ordered the same dish as the person who was sitting at our opposite... its like San San and Kok Hong ordered Set A which has chicken shop with the same type of sauce... And Catherine had the same as Vincent... While Wei Quan and I had the same dish!!! haha After that, we went to the arcade and played for awhile before going for pool... hehe it was seriously fun today... I'm lovin' it... ^^V


Friday, September 26, 2008

today was a very boring day to me cause I was at home the whole time. Doind what? I'll tell u how my day went..

Wake up...
Breakfast with my parents...
Sleep again... Woke up around 11somthing...
Had lunch...
Tried to steal people de line but failed... =/
Then browse around my files in the laptop...
Send some songs from my laptop to my sis's hp...
After that? Sleep again!!! XD
Until 4something...
mum fetch us to csc thats when I start to online until now...
So much for spending my hol at home for a day...
I have been rotting man.... seriously... >.<

haiz... lalala~ anyway... now only I realised... this is the 10th post for this month... haha and this month also happens to have the most number of posts compare to the rest... yeah! XD

会呼吸的痛 - 梁静茹

在东京铁塔 第一次眺望
看灯火模仿 坠落的星光
我终於到达 但却更悲伤
一个人完成 我们的梦想

你总说 时间还很多
你可以等我 以前我不懂得
未必明天 就有以后

看你的信会痛 连沉默也痛


没看你脸上 张扬过哀伤
那是种多么 寂寞的倔强
你拆了城墙 让我去流浪
在原地等我 把自己捆绑

你没说 你也会软弱
需要依赖我 我就装不晓得
自由移动 自我地过

看你的信会痛 连沉默也痛

后悔不贴心会痛 恨不懂你会痛

灵魂像飘浮着 你在就好了

怕心被人触碰 你回来那就好了

不够成熟 - By2

还达不到 你的要求
只是怀念 你走以後

离开 难道真的是解脱
难道 真的要事过境迁了以後才懂

倔强说不痛 假装什么伤都没有
倔强抬起头 决不让眼泪往下流
倔强说不痛 假装什么伤都没有
真的不难过 笑着和你挥挥手


This is such a badnews

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Argh!!! why cant 2day be running smoothly de??? It was like I had a great time during the afternoon and in the evening, things began to tumble upside down... damn la!!! At first, Yan decided not to sing in redbox eventhough she says she's going (I'm still trying my best to persuade her to sing on that day... still trying). Then when I was in the middle of it, my another friend suddenly msg me and say that he cannot make it to gurney on saturday. Why? cos he's wallet is already dry... >.< ISh!!!!! Sien lo!!!! spoil my mood nia... Now have to wait and wait and wait nia... argh!!! Why so gai de... X'( Dont get to go kai kai this sat d la... sobs... X'(

I've not laugh this much for a long time

Today I went to gurney with saw saw and yen yee after collecting stuff from school. Then we watched Mama Mia. The movie was good and funny. We kept laughing and talking about it during the whole time in the cinema (which made us the loudest and the noisiest). The girls in front of us kept turning their heads to see whether are we some crazy lunatics or normal people. But we dont care... We even plan to play and be siao on the day that we are going redbox for singing... How siao? well... Lets say I'll let u know after we have gone there and done that... XD After that we went to wong kok for lunch. At that time, we chit chat about almost everything. It was like when we entered the restaurant, there was a lot of people eating then we sat there and continue chatting until all the customers had left except us. We were like talking and laughing away until there was no more energy left in my body. It was seriously fun. I had not laughed like this until recently during Saw's party. It was really like a stress relieve remedy or shall I say the medicine/cure? Well... ppl always say "laughter is the best medicine" and I fully agree with that idiom. *wink*

fun, fun and more fun

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Yesterday I went to saw's bday party and it was awesome! I had never laugh that much as compared to yesterday night since secondary school. Seriously man... It was like back to those days when we were still in secondary. We were crapping during the whole party. I reached saw's house at around 6pm and guess what? Im the first to arrive!!! which made me feel quite bored. Was trying to offer her parents to help but there was nothing for me to help. Anyway, yen yee came after awhile and then followed by saw's college friend. Some guy who I have already forget his name. oopss... ^^" if saw fins out, she'll kill me... lols. Anyway, saw went to fetch her college friends and Hsing. Chun Xun was the last to come. After that, that was when the fun starts. XD we had barbeque outside her house along with some other food like fries, spagetti, kuih and etc. When sarah's mum announced that we could eat, all of us start to dig in!!! we went into the house for fries, spagetti and etc. All of us were already eating except for hsing who were still barbequeing (dont mind if i spell wrongly XD) her chicken. While we were eating, there she was beside her chicken complaining to us how unfair is it that we are already eating without her... (well, its not our fault that she wanted to had chicken first XP) anyway, we were very siao yesterday. Kept taking ridiculuos pics of ourselves and joke the whole night (talking dirty the whole time... XD). Will post the pics the next time when I got em (its with chun xun). It was seriously fun. I was laughing so hard that I had problem crewing my food (thanksto chun xun >.<). Anyway, it was like a gathering for my close friends and I since the last time I saw them was on the day I went to school to get my SPM results. They did ask me out a couple of times but I was busy with either boyfriend or studies (sorry, guys ^^"). However, it was seriously fun to have the chance to get back with them and crap like how we used to. Since we have left school, it was harder for us to meet as all of us have our own things and plans to do so having the chance to meet up and chat will be very seldom. But I'm going to treasure everyone of them. U bet i will... =D

What a story~~~

Friday, September 19, 2008

Today was the first day for me to relax fully of the 24 hrs without worrying about studies and exam cause my exam has finally ended!!! wwwoo!!! yes, ppl... Time to call for some celebration!!! actually I have already celebrated yesterday after our last exam paper which was basic electronics. We went straight to red box after lunch and sang for 3 full hours! beat that! XD anyway, it was seriously fun. =D

TOday I get to sleep until 10 in the morning as compared to the normal time that I woke up during lesson days was like an extra bonus of 3 hrs man!! So u do the math and guess what time do I have to actually wake up everyday(excluding weekends)... torturing huh?

By the way, the main thing that I planned to talk about in this post is this book which titled "Yes, I do" by Janet Dailey. It is a romance novel that has 2 different novels in it. Just now during the afternoon I have read the first story, "Enermy in Camp". The storyline was awesome and it was very cute. Besides that, it does not describe any sex scenes but only kissing. It was about a girl who hates a guy alot thanks to his way of criticising her father. However, after her dad invite him over for a stay at their summer house, things began to take a turn. Without realising it, she had already began to fall head over heels for him. The story was funny and touching. Din regret buying it. XD However there is another story which I havent read yet. Will post about the story once I have finish reading. =D anyway, I bought this book in MPH. *wink*

Books, books and more books XD

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Yesterday when I was in gurney with my friends, I went to buy a romance novel cause there is a 15% discount for DiGi users. So I bought a novel which cost about RM20 to 21 that I ended up paying RM17.80 only. ^^ However, I planned to not read it until my semester break starts cause it was actually for me to kill boredom. Yes I got 2 weeks of sem break which is too short for work and erm abit too long for rest. So to prevent me from rotting at home again, I decided to read my favourite types of books. And erm if that book is seriously good then perhaps I'll be writing its synopsis for my next post. ^^ Anyway, after buying that book, I bought another novel during the evening when I was at gurney again but with my parents. I bought one of the novels of a little black dress which cost me RM20 but sadly it doesnt have discount. Anyway, I still bought it. XD I do have a novel before this one and it was really very nice to read. Very interesting. The title was "It must be love". I know I know. you'll be thinking right now that what is with this girl who kept reading nothing but romance based novels. Well, it cant be help, ok? I'm a romance freak and am proud of it. XD I just love romance and comedy. It'll be even better if there is a combo when it comes to movies or novels. It'll be awesome. XD

Another Awesome Day ^^

Yesterday in the morning, I had to sit for an exam paper, computer studies. Its was OK but during the last 30 minutes, I was seriously having a war against time for real. The feeling of panic, nervous and worried were really surrounding me at that time. Why? Well that was because on friday, I was so focus on memorising all the theory part of the subject that I neglect the calculation and the coding part. Thanks to that I got brain-block for about a few minutes which felt like hours to me. It was very terrible but still I manage to dig up the methods of solving it during the last 15 minutes and thanks to that, it save my day. I have won the battle against time. Yeah! XD

Anyway, most of my friends and I went to gurney for lunch. All of them decided to have it at the food court except shirlyn and I. So we headed for Wongkok instead. XD The meal that each of us ordered was different. Shirlyn ordered Hong Kong style pork chop meal (something like that, the name was long) and I ordered the same set but its chicken instead. After that, we took our own sweet time to enjoy our lunch while chit-chating until Catherine came over and was like "Wah. you 2 still havent finish? They(the rest of my friends) are waiting for the both of you nia you know." At that time, luckily we have already finish our meal and was on the way to finish our drink. XD

However, Cat, Shir and yoyo decided to went back to college to study so they left after eating. With only a few of us left, we began to ronda around the plaza and talking about all sorts of stuff aka crap. Then at around 1pm or so, Ck, san and kok hong decided to go back which left only Ting Hoay, Wei Quan and I. The numbers were getting smaller and smaller. Anyway, after awhile, we watched The Love Guru in the cinema and damn the ticket price was worth paying for cause the movie was seriously hilarious. Ting Hoay and I was like laughing ourselves out everynow and then. That movie really did a good job in brightening up my mood. It was seriously nice man.. no doubt. XD but it contains lots of erm... adult type of jokes that made the movie funny but rated 18-PL (with the addition of religion issue). But it was a very nice movie to watch.. I mean if you just take the whole movie as just for laughs and be more open minded about it, I dont think there will be any problems about the movie. Atleast not as bad as how The Stars comment about it. They are being sarcastic. Seriously. Cause they did also comment about Death Note2 once and they comment it like shit saying that it was so horrible and lausy and stuff like that. Well, I'll tell you what... dont trust their judgement. They suck eventhough they did apologise about the Death Note thing. Anyway, yesterday was seriously fun!!! XD

McD = fat

Saturday, September 6, 2008

ok... these few days I have been visiting mcD until now and only i realise that man!!! i have grow fatter... and it was thanks to what? mcD la... dang it man... It was like I kept eating and eating and eating whenever I am there having my group study with my frens. It was only yesterday that I realise that holy shit!!! i seriously hav to cut down on my intake of fast food... for real man!!! >.<>.<

Enough of food-fat crap...

I'll write about something else. Lets see. I am now at home on9ing early in the morning since 9.50am. The wheather is very very cooling and it is still raining but it was not as heavy as just now anymore. Still its nice to sit at the living room, blogging all the way with nobody to disturb u. That feeling was awesome! XD omg! the line was disconnected by accident just now.. haiz... thats the problem u face when u are using line instead of streamyx... sobs... it gets disconnected for what? erm... for the fun of doing it? fine... I dont know the reason behind this k...


I think that is all I wanna crap gua... cos I have ntg to think of writing d... heh... will crap more when the mood comes XD


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Im currently not in the mood to study but in the mood to go online. However, I dont feel like chatting but my internet is moving in a very very slow speed. How slow? erm... As slow as the snail perhaps? Seriously, if u were to be in my shoes and uses my TMnet line, Im not surprise u'll be swearing ur lungs out in minutes. Wanna try? XD Anyway, my life had really took a turning point after I entered college. I thought that after entering NS, my life will change and it did but it was not as great as after I entered college. Well that's cause I have more freedom and its like im enjoying my college life by the minute. Seriously man! Its like even if the day doesnt go really well or as good as I thought it would (in short bad day) there's still a small thing or wo which will like cheer my mood up. It was really like the idiom that goes in every dark cloud there's a silver lining. I think I can say that the last time I felt so great about going to study was when I am in form 2. It was quite long ago huh? That is cause from 15yrs old until 17yrs old, the only thing that I was always looking for was tuition class. Why? erm... Cause of my very first boyfriend. But we didnt ended up good though. Ok... Let's not talked about that issue. What's in the past, let it be. Now the main point is the present and future. Yeah!! Now that's what keeps my life interesting. XD In my previous blog, I did blurted out that I had a crush on a guy right? Well... I think I wont talk much about that. Just in case my classmates read my blog. =X Anyway, I am seriously enjoying my life now and Im not complaining on anything at all man! XD I love my life!!! ^^V

what a day >.<

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

After sacrificying most of my precious time on getting my computer studies assignment done, the day has finally come. The day when my group need to present what we had done to the lecturer. The day when i finally get to rest and not worry about coding. The day when everything has come to an end where i no longer bury my face on the computer and the green colour visual basic 6.0 book. What a relieve. Im not being sarcastic here i tell u. It's true. It's nothing but the one and only truth. It's real. Seriously, to create coding for a project is like the toughest thing ever man. Imagine writing a program in assembly language. It'll be like holy shit!!! Is that even humanly possible? duh! If that wasn't possible, i wont be facing my laptop right now with my butt glued to the chair and blogging this ridiculous (call it whatever u want, i dont care) post/ blog. However I'm glad that its finally over, get to do things that i should do. Exam is just 2 weeks in advance. Holy! and I havent even done my pass years... Shit!!! yes, ppl. Im going to face the worst hell in 2 weeks time. In 2 short freaking weeks!! yes, u hear me correctly or should i say u read it correctly? whatever. I'm still gonna face this nightmare anyway. This is like a matter of life and death you know. Again I'm not being sarcastic here. I'm telling the truth. It is a matter of life and death for me cause It-all-about-the-$$$!!! Yeah... If i fail, my money will grow wings and will fly~~~ ^$^ that time the money will be like "I spread my wings and i learn how to fly~ do what I'll do to reach for college~" that time I'll be like holy shit, dude!!! -.-"

happy happy day~~~ ^^V

Thursday, August 14, 2008

At first I thought that this day is going to be like any other days which I consider normal or if im unlucky enough, today might have been like yesterday, wednesday aka madnessday. seriously, it was a typical madnessday where there was nothing but madness filling up those 24 hours of my life... ok fine. Maybe its not fully 24 hours but more than 12 hours. who cares? I'll still be calling it the madnessday... Yes, ppl... believe it or not. I had gone tru a madnessday and erm... If my memory was not fooling me, I think i had just went through a madnessday last week... which day was it? erm... it was thursday i think.Ya! It WAS indeed last thursday. Why? well... I'll tell u why... Dont worry... Patience is a virtue. I'm getting to it... The reasonS (more than one FYI) are firstly, the coding for a form which I did for 5 long tiring hours was deleted by accident due to number 1. my pendrive got infected by virus and secondly I copy and paste the project using the wrong way causing it to boom!!! gone in seconds. *shake head* and the second reason it was a madnessday was... erm... well... Somebody said some awful lot of hurtful words to me which stab me in my heart deep... I dont know whether is it for real or what but it was seriously hurtful.

Anyway, today was a WAY happier day. Why? cause after such long torturing days and hours of writing and "inventing" coding, my assignment (the coding part) was finally done!!! waha!! Now that's the good news which make me so happy 2day... wwwee!!! Life rules when one of the days had run smoothly. Seriously man!!! XD

Sunday, August 3, 2008

I looked out from the window. Grey clouds filled the sky with strong wind blowing, sweeping off anything that was on the street. Flashes of lightning appeared everynow and then. I sighed with relieved knowing that I was safely protected at home. At that time, memories began to swim across my mind. I remembered that there was once I ran happily along the road after I got down from the car when I felt the strong wind blew. I was so delighted when the wind touched my face, that feeling was undescribable. However, it was not a very healthy thing to do because when the strong wind was blowing, dust and other dirty minute particles were mixed into the wind. So you could possibly imagine how dirty I was after running like a mad person on the road like that although it was not visible.

I laughed softly after I brought myself back to reality thinking how silly I was at that time. After awhile, rain began pouring down. Rain drops rolled down the window paint one after another. At that time, a story began to form in my head.

Jane stood in the rain feeling numb as she looked at Justin walking with an anonymous girl. They were sharing a umbrella giggling as they looked at each other in a way that Jane knew he never looked at her in such way before. There was so much love and burning passion in the both of them. Tears began to roll down her cheeks mixing with the rain drops. She was holding a umbrella but she was too numb to feel the coldness of her surrounding. In her eyes, she saw only that couple and nothing else. She continue staring at them as they slowly dissapeared. Even after they were already out of her sight, she still could not bring herself to reality or maybe she refuse to bring herself to reality. She was hoping so much that what she saw was just a dream. Sadly, as she slowly felt the rain touching her bared skin and soaked clothes, she knew that it was not a dream but real. Why? How could he do this to her? After being together for so many years, how could he has the heart to cheat on her. She was too shocked to have her common sense fighting back for her strength. She was too weak to continue watching as the pictures of the couple kept flashing cross her mind. She was too down to think. All she ever wanted right now were answers to her questions but sadly, her body was too weak to move and seek for the answers until she saw nothing but darkness slowly surrounded her.

When June opened her eyes, she was already lying on a hospital bed. She tried to recall what happened and those images of the couple haunted her again. She leaned back on the pillow weakly trying to fight back those images but it was no use. She sighed sadly and tears began to flow down her soft cheeks which had her ended up crying with all her heart.
June was hospitalised for weeks. And during that time, she ate a little but slowly tried to gather the courage for her to forget that horrible incident. She tried to move on and tried to stand firm mentally but it was barely effective. However during her stay, she did make a few friends there who always gave her endless support and courage. They always make sure that she was not alone and tried ways to kept her occupied so that she would not the time to think about that night again.
Months had past and June had changed. She was no longer the girl with the pale looking face who stood in the middle of the road like a living corpse. There was such shine in her eyes which was priceless and the smile that she wore on her face was brighter than before. June had become stronger and more optimistic as compared to her old self. She was happy and satisfied with who she had become today. A woman who no longer feared of love and its consiquences. It was from

the help of her friends and her own determination that made her bear the fruit of the hopeless seed in her.

What do u think? retarded? i know... Inspiration suddenly came and passed like wind. So cant blame me for it XD

Im sorry

Friday, August 1, 2008

I'm sorry...

I'm sorry for making this decision...

I'm sorry for I am not serious in trying to make it better...

I'm sorry I am not ready for commitment...

I'm sorry that I am not ready for a relationship...

I didn't do this purposely... I didn't expect it would turn out this way... Actually if we were to cont it down, it is not possible but will u want a relationship that is filled with lies, pretendings and empty sweet promises? Even if u wont know, what happens when u find out? the longer i drag the truth from u, the more u'll surfer... now I know without a doubt that I have hurt u... There is a saying that goes "the truth hurts"... But it will heal from time... atleast now the wound that I have made from my action will not be as deep as if i drag it on...


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Why cant I log into the stupid ebrary??? I have been trying to do so for like god knows who many fucking times and yet i failed... stupid stupid stupid!!!! urgh!!! sien nia today... like hell and shit k? seriously... First... about him and now about this??? damn la!!! So god damn pek cek right now... U know what I feel like wanna do now? I feel like wanna just scream my lungs out until I feel good... urgh... If and only if I could do that... I wish I could... Damn 2day... >.<>.< Geram!!!!


Monday, July 21, 2008

Here I am multitasking by doing my homework, chatting and blogging... ahahaha super leh? ai zai la... BD so dont mess with me man... especially when i mean it... XD 2day is kinda normal but next week same time, same day... it wont be so normal and boring anymore. why? cos its my college's prom night!!! wwwee!!! and i get to go with him!!! yay!!! XD cant wait di o... lols... But im currently feeling kinda dizzy... didnt rest just now... oops... i shouldnt have said it out loud =X heh~~ anyway, i'll rest after finish this post la... ^^

I miss u la...
If only we can meet now...
If only u can be by my side now...
How nice er...
Be my pillow and bed for me to sleep...
hehe XP
Its not my fault that sleeping on ur chest is very comfortable u know...
So comfortable that I could just sleep like that without a pillow di er...
Just feel like wanna let u know that...
I may not be very good at cheering u up...
I might ended up making u feeling worse instead...
Did I? I hope not...
But that doesnt mean I'll stop loving u o...

Pai seh ppl... Was in the mood to express my feeling out now... XP


Friday, July 18, 2008

After almost 2 weeks of suffering from test, i finally get to on9... wwwee!!! but... Am currently using the computer at college.. cannot get to use my laptop.. sobs... cos staying back for swimming... ^^ anyway, tomorrow is the bon odori festival at esplanade... Ah V and the rest are going. So should i go or should I not? hhhmm... *thinking hard* I want to go cause get to catch up with my friends but i also dont want to go cause the place there is like damn hot and the things sold there are like damn expensive (I know its for charity) still i think that its a waste of time... but... my friends are there!! so how? haiz... decisions... decisions... always have me ended up in a dilemma... damn! anyway... know whats annoying me now? Its that I wanna log in to my college email but fail to do so... why? simple... I forgot my username!!! sobs... and I have totally no idea where have i put that peace of paper that has my email in it... damn it la... sien nia... wanna get things done faster also cannot... tsk tsk tsk... and another thing... I seriously have to answer to nature's call now but due to the temptation of on9ing... my butt is heavily glued to the chair!!! damn la.... stomach so pain now... ouch!! heh... If Chun read about this, Im so gonna kena lecture di... XD dont care la... bleks... XP anyway, 2moro finally get to spend time with him di... wee!!! due to test I postpone my date until u see? now only get to meet... sobs... nvm... 2moro will be coming soon... count down!! hehe now left less than 24hrs but more than 12hrs more to go b4 I get to meet him... *continue counting by the hour* lols... I sounded crazy? no choice.. when your in love, it happens... XP


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Im sleepy...



these few days got tired easily man...

and stressed out at times... -.-


DAmn these days...

Monday, July 7, 2008

SHit... this week and nex week are test weeks... even though majority of my assignments are already done... test is coming after that... cant even rest for like a week or sumting... damn pathetic man... am i prepared? sadly, i think no.... its really sickening nowadays... its like u have to study and sumtimes when ur not in the mood to study... u have to force ursef to study whether u like it or not... why? the answer is simple... if u dont wanna failed the test, then work hard!!! if u failed the tests, u wont get to seat for the finals. And if u dont get to seat for the finals, u have to waste ur time study again until u get to sit for the freaking finals... oh ya, and one more imp thing... if u failed to proceed, ur scholarship will grow wings by itsef and fly!!! fly to where? i dont know but i know it'll be flying away from me.... me!!! *sigh* luckily i manage to cope with 2day's lesson if not im guarantee screwed... whats worse... love problem... sick... i mean i was so god damn tired after 2day and also last night (din sleep well) ... yet this problem pop up... luckily i manage to take a 50 minutes nap or else i wud have explode... imagine that! -.- k k... willmake it a short post... dont know what else to complain about anymore... =D test.. test.. test.. damn i hate this word... *sigh*


Thursday, July 3, 2008

dont mind if i spell it wrongly... dont know why but today i feel kind of bored with frenster and blogspot. i dont know why though... haiz... nowadays is always busy with assignments.. one coming after another... dont even have time to study until today. Since some of the assignments have been cleared off, i felt much relieve and feel like can take a slow deep breath and slow down my speed for awhile. If not kept doing everything in a rush only like as if there is no time for me to break at all. The worst part was yesterday, i was so panicked when i couldn't find my SPM result slip because the college wants to certify the slip again by nex thursday. I was so scared and down after I have search the whole room but still failed to find it. At that time i was like if i got kick out from TAR, where am i suppose to go and further my studies now? All the hard work and efford that I have put into my studies and assignments during these few weeks will ended up nothing... The more i think about it, I felt more down and sad. I wanted to cry but my tears forbid me to do so. Haiz. last night was terrible... However, in the end i manage to find it... and guess where it was... it was at my mum's cupboard stuck together with a few more pieces of paper... I was like... So here was where it was kept... I really sighed with relieve and all my worries were gone the moment i saw that paper... *sigh* nex time have to keep my imp stuff in the proper places where i can rmb and not like this... thank god i found it or else i dont think i'll have mood to do anything at all.... *relieve*


Monday, June 30, 2008

My eyes are sored... my head is spinning but my fingers are still onthe move typing this blog out... i dont know why am i always this tired... although i have slept early last night... i still feel like my eyes wanted me to close em... sad sad... but i cant close my eyes now... i still got assignments to do... books to read... questions to answer... *sigh* but i got the bloody cheek to blog... *smack head* sometimes i really dont understand me... my time management really suck to the max ar... seriously man... b ut it cant be helped... temptation is too great to resist... lols... i mean like... with my line at home down and also i hardly get to on9... i couldnt help but to on9 and browse around for awhile... how long is my awhile? erm... long enough to be not consider as awhile... sounds confusing? ur prob... XP ok ok.... maybe i'll take a few minutes of sleep b4 doing my work... will keep this blog short then.. ^^

Bad day

Here I am... Preparing my presentation using Wen Han's laptop.. Feeling kind of down... Haiz... If it wasn't for what had happen last night.... Maybe my mood would not have been this bad... maybe it'll be better... Its been like this every time I mention about them to him. I really dont understand... That day he was upset cos I went out with them to gurney instead of studying.... Then yesterday I went for a group study with oni 2 of em and yet he doesnt like it.... When I tried explaining about the toughness of my course, he refuse to listen. Kept telling me that he knows when he doesnt even know a thing on what i tried to tell him. The subjects I take, some of em made me confuse which make me need help from my frens to solve it. Bsids that, having this group study really motivate me to work hard and to actually study instead of lazing around at home. But did he understand? No... Did he even bother to listen what I felt about this? No. He thinks that he know everything but sadly its the opposite. =( He kept complaining that I'm the only girl there... What can i do about this when my other female classmates live at places that are like far from mine... its like one is at north, south, east and west... So how u expect us to meet up and form a study group? summore with the cost of petrol increased. I wanted to explain all this to him but did he even bother to lend me an ear? No. He doesnt wanna listen. NOt even a word. Every time I tried to say sumting, he'll cut off my words and say I know.... BUt what he know is not what i was trying to tell.... Haiz.... really disappointed man... -.-

Tuesday... (3hrs)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

2day all of us went for coffee beans after english class since a 2hrs lecture class was canceled... we had a total of 3 hrs all to ourselves... so we hop on to CK's car and hit for gurney... wwwee!!! it was fun and that 3 hrs really flew like nobody's business... the rest? why dont u take a look at the pics i took... ^^

San San missing in action... her hp and her other belongings are there but not the person... where did she go?

Aha!!! caught playing game instead of studying.... lol....

thats the coffe and the vanilla ice blended that San San and I ordered... they tasted good~~~ ^^V

u see? even our class's PhD professor also join us in gurney instead of studying.... influenced by us di.... muahahaha XD

no thanks to San San and Ck.... hav me glued to the laptop playing game for 45 minutes!!... if i din calculate wrongly... lol

LOok at CK... one person trying to dominate 2 laptops... lol... jk jk... hhhmm... studying or playing? what do u think? XD


Thursday, June 12, 2008

yesterday was fun. Wanna know why? I'll tell u why... maybe it might sound very ridiculous. still im gonna tell it... I dont give a damn on how ridiculous it is cos its my blog and i get to do what i want with my blog... ok. i think i sounded harsh. sorry bout that. bad memories were "dropping by" my mind just now. ^^"

for the fun part, i went out with my frens in college to batu feringgi for lunch... And we went for KFC!!! wwwee!!! hehe that was the first time i went so far alone with my frens for lunch... haha it was fun. Richard and CK did the driving. yup, there were 8 of us on 2 cars. heh. Actually we planned to go for hawker at first but since we went until maybank area there (xiong jun wanted to go), we changed our makan area to KFC instead. during that time, we joke and crap alot. it was fun.

For today, its also the same excapt we din go out and eat. heh. After eating, all of us went to study room which was so noisy that all of us agree with our newly created name for the room. The kap siau room aka K.S. room. hehe perfect isit? dont think so? wait till u actually come and visit the room urself. at that time, u'll agree with us. seriously man... its like when u say study room. The image that comes to ur head is that the room is very quiet with only soft whispers and the clicking of the calculators or maybe the typing sound of the keyboard. But in reality, the place is so noisy that it sounded more like a tempat lepak than a study room... (what to do... there is not a shopping mall near the college ma) Not just that, some of the students even on their music media player so loud that all of us can hear. So it is no longer known by the name of study room instead the K.S room... (for certain of us oni of cos)... ^^V

But it was really fun going college... seriously... its nice to get to hang out with frens and crap almost everyday and most of the time in college... ^^

butterflies in my stomach

Saturday, June 7, 2008

I kept looking at my watch hoping that english class will end soon but like what most of us experienced time travels extremely slow when u kept looking at it which made me nervous by the minutes. Trying to stay calm, I focus on what the teacher is teaching trying to resist the temptation to look at the time again. The last 30 minutes was like a year to me. waiting and waiting. To think that everytime the class seems to end fast except today. However, the moment the lecturer annouced that class dismissed, I took my bag and zoomed out from the classroom, down to the stairs, across the carpark and waited outside the campus. After a detailed scanning, I knew that my mum havent arrived yet. During that time, I felt butterflies in my stomach, nervous and yet excited. At the same time, my mind began to wonder about all the negative thoughts like what if the outing was canceled? What if he cant make it? What if my mum decided not to go? As these thoughts began to fill my mind, it didnt help me felt any better but worse until my mum arrive. I sighed with relieve as I rushed to the car knowing that I have think too much and everything is going to turn out fine.

The moment I reached the last floor, my eyes began to scan around looking for any signs of him but to my disappointment, he was no where to be seen. By making matters worse, I saw somebody who had cause me my one week's depression. The very person whom I used to have sweet memories with. My legs were weaken and I felt a twist in my stomach the moment I saw him. Luckily, I met my godbro also which made me took the opportunity to distract myself from looking at him. While talking to my bro, he finally came. I was like thank god!!! finally!! I excuse myself for awhile and went straight to him then held his hand tight. I felt much better after that. It was really unexpected to have meet him that day aftersince we were seperated.

The movie started at 4.30pm so we had some time to ourselves and walked around gurney. We chat and crapped as we walked hand in hand. I was so happy that after 2weeks, I got to see him again. Then that was when he gave me my present (although my birthday was already over, no complains here! ^^) that present was lovely. It had 2 parts.

The one in the pic is mine. Eventhough my pic is not really clear, I dont care. hehe behind this has his name carved on it. He also has one that had a blue diamond instead and with my name behind. ^^ When I first saw it, I was very surpirsed (he told me that my present was 3 pieces of chocolate). He help me to wear it around my neck. It was sssooo nice~~~ *love*

After the movie, we went for satay at a seaside coffee shop. yumm~~~ Then we took a walk along the pavement near the sea. It was already in the evening which made the atmosphere so romantic. ^^ Eventhough there wasnt any stars, the colour of the sky was very beautiful. At that time, I was glad to have share it with him~~~ ^^ yesterday was one of the best days ever ^^V

Damn the msn

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It has been since 6.40pm until now 6.50pm and my freaking msn still shows the 2 freaking icons turning and turning and turning.... with the word "signing in" on top of it... it had been for like the last 10 minutes and yet that thing still doesnt wanna sign me in... damn msn... curse u!!! >.< oh look... the 2 icons are still turning and turning again... taking its own sweet time acting like im invisible or like i have the time in the world...

oh look!! it finally let me in... wwwee!!! but that wont stop me from complaining... *laugh evilly* well, its not that im being bad here but as u know... once u start to do sumting, u need to finish it in order to end it and not by just stopping at where i stop when it let me in u know... if i were to do that, this blog of mine would be pointless and meaningless u see...

Ok... since im such a good and kind person, i'll stop criticising now. however, whenever or if u want me to comment on sumting that u found out that we both hate or like... u can always let me know and im more than happy to share my thoughts on that topic with u... XD

Monday Blues...

Monday, June 2, 2008

The minute I woke up after shutting my alarm clock, my mind began to run over what i am going to do today and whether there was anything for me to look forward to. Unfortunately, there was none. None that I could think of at all. I sighed with disappointment and from that point onwards, my mood turned bad somemore I did not have enough sleep last night which made me even more moody. Then I started to think how nice if only he was by my side now. That would cheer me up but sadly that wont beable to happen. well... Atleast not for now. After that, everything and whatever I do, you could sense the im-in-a-bad-mood kind of aura surrounded me. Its like I did not even looked forward to entering college for classes. Whats worse... 4freaking hrs in the lab!!! holy! anybody who heard that would also faint la... Its like imagine ur butt glued to the chair for 4 hrs straight! and i mean straight like with out any break man!!! urgh. That thought really did not help at all. Seriously. And the whole morning(before I attended my first lesson in college), my mind was so full of him and wishing that how nice if I could just hug him tightly without the need to say anything until the class starts. If that could be done, I can guarantee u that my mood would have been much MUCH better than what I had. This is no joke, seriously. I was really damn pissed and pek cek the whole time. But now atleast better di... Got to joke around with frens in college and have him around to talk to. Although we can only sms or call, atleast it was better than nothing. No complains here ^^

Actually if I were to sleep earlier last night, maybe my mood would not have been this bad. ^^" what to do. If it was not for the maths homework, I might have gotten to bed earlier.


I know...

lesson learnt.

No more next time... =)

Beach party!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

After so many days, I finally get to blog about the beach party that I went on monday. The very first one that I actually get to go and hav fun. It was fun alright. I reach there about 6.50pm and luckily I met one of my frens there so Im not so worried because other then her, there was nobody that I recognised or know. Eventhough some of the faces are kind of familiar, still I dont know them.

At around 7.20pm, my group leader finally came and one by one, my group members started to arrived. Then after awhile, some of the guys in my group began to dig a hole in the sand and put some charcoal inside. But nobody started the fire and everyone was like "who used to be a scout eh?". Unfortunately, nobody had the experience of starting a fire so time was kind of wasted over here.(we were indirectly waiting for our leader to come back from the toilet and that took quite some time) ^^" Then he finally came back (he was kind of shock that no fire was started yet) and began to start the fire.

Some of them digging the sand... it was already around 7.45pm i think
*thinking* where is that lighter ah?

"Oi, lighter leh? Has any of one seen the lighter?"

If u look at the pic closely, there is fire di... but very small nia...

Ok... eventhough we had successfully start up the fire, it took us a very very long time to make it big enough for us to cook our food. So long that one of the group members said "aiyo. Other groups start to eat liau la." "I think by the time the fire is done... we go home liau lo." All of us were talking while trying to make the fire bigger, our stomachs were grumbling. Luckily they bought some junk so some of us quickly took one and eat!! abo can faint di... lol... But it was fun.

After the fire was big enough to cook, we started off with the sausages first. However, we did have trouble eating cause there were sand on most of the food we cooked. We have to use tissue paper to like wipe the whole sausage b4 cooking it. And unfortunately for me, the sausage I took was not fully cooked!! Luckily I took one bite only unlike Johnson who just ate the whole thing straight... It was like...

"eh, not really cook la" *throw back to the bbq area*

"ha? not cook meh? I ate the whole thing di lo"

"hor.. ho seh di la u... 2moro cirit-birit dont need to attend class di la..." *laugh and giggles*

After cooking the sausages twice (this time it was confirmed cooked) then we cooked the fish balls!! and that was seriously good... awesome!! Then we went for the chicken wings.. That one was somehow weird... after those were cooked, Richard checked and said that it wasnt fully cooked yet. So the chicken wings were cooked twice and it turned out overcooked on the outside, just nice on the inside. lol

The chefs showing their cooking skills... XD

The fishballs!!! yummm~~~

After cooking for sum time, our leader got thrown into the sea!!! pity.. pity... lol... we still continue cooking of cos... then after the chicken wings, we went for the corn... that one i din try. but i think it shud be good.... haha we were eating and joking around, enjoying the so called feast.

The sky on that night was very beautiful... it was full with stars... I did think that if only he was there as well... how nice... it'll be like a dream come true er... to be able to star gaze with the one i loved... aaaww... ^^

finally!!!! my camera after sssooo many days...

Friday, May 23, 2008

Today im finally getting my camera!!! wwwee!!! After waiting for sssooo many days (if im not wrong I have waited about 1wk+) my camera is finally here!!! the stock is finally here... To think that on friday, i was so worried that whether it manage to come by monday. Want to know why I wanna use it on monday? well... Its because there is a beach party in the evening that is going to be held by the college seniors (I think)... Dont care. the most important part is all of the college students are going!!! and for me, this is the first time i get to go to a party like this... So being the hill billy who never went to sumting like this b4 but only heard of how its like, its sumting that im looking forward to... ^^ and I wanna make sure I get to take a few pics for memories. Maybe on tuesday when i on9, I might post bout the party and add in pics too... heh... So excited lo... hope it turns out good and not screwed. *cross my fingers*=)

Tomorrow classes finally start. Will they be as tough as sum of my frens say? Can i manage to cope? Will i fail any paper during exam? Or will i pass with flying colours? every now and then, questions like these keep wondering in my head making me nervous and worried. Its not that I dont have any confidence in myself but u can never know what is going to happen, right? Im so nervous everytime when I thought of it. Maybe if i din think so much, it might not be as bad. What to do... My brain kept having all those stupid negative thoughts that I cant prevent but to sank into despair. This paragraph I sounded down huh? Damn. Was thinking of writing sumting funny and crappy at first manatau ended up writing ridiculous stuff like this. Tsk. Crazy brain of mine. Dont care la. Whats written is written and I dont feel like deleting the whole thing just to write a new one. (too lazy to do that)

hhhmm... *in deep thoughts*

Now only I realise, eversince my life got better and im no longer single, the number of stuff that I wanted to crap in my blog had been reduced. I wonder why. Its like im not so crappy anymore. *thinking again* weird. Even I dont know what went wrong. The inspiration to crap seems to be gone or doesnt come by so frequent anymore. Damn! I want my crappy self back! wwwaa!!! *sobs* No choice. All i can do now is to just sit back and wait. Maybe it'll come again. When? That depends. On what? I also dont know. Sish. Dont care la... Will write more next time and maybe it will be a crappier one. I hope so. Love and peace ppl!! =D

First day of orientation in college

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

today was the first day of orientation in college... (well, of cos its first day... din i just wrote that as my title? tsk... nvm) wanna know bout what i think of it? i'll tell u... its b-o-r-i-n-g... yap, i have said it... and nope, u didnt see or read it wrongly... ur eyesight are still in good condition. dont worry. last but not least, yes, it was like i have said... boring... very very boring... hey, im not the only one who says that... most of my frens also said so... besides that, i didnt have enough sleep last night which made my mood worse... because of that, during the 2hrs talk, i slept like nobody's business in the hall. Unbelievable huh? believe it. im not the really obedient kid that u think i am. i did break rules at times and sleep during classes u know.

That was all i wanna crap bout college i guess... hhhmm... ok... im having blogger's block... Suddenly ran out of things to write about. *thinking hard* i think that is all... will have this one a short one... heh

I have found my silver lining!!! ^^

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

ok... some of u might have felt curious about my title for this new blog or maybe curious bout the caption i wrote in one of my pics in frenster... well... *ahem* *clear troat* i think most of u all must have heard of the idiom that goes "in every dark cloud, there is a silver lining"... that is the silver lining that im refering to... why? thats because... 3 months ago, my life was like a living hell after a certain incident happened (wanna know bout it? maybe reading my previous blogs can help) I was like a zombie... all my happiness and smiles had been drained out from my body... so does my soul... I was lifeless... only dark clouds surrounded me... I felt like i was in a total darkness... but thanks to my frens who had been there for me... my life wasnt that bad.. it was brighten up by abit... that, my fellow readers, was the dark cloud that i was in... until i went to ns... I met lots of frens there... guys and girls.... it somehow opened my mind... retrieve my soul... i felt happy and was never lonely... i always have frens surrounded me... help me when im in trouble.. cheer me up when im down... we were like a family there... =)

besides that, i have found someone... someone who had change my point of view on certain issues... like the one that i had faced... the one that caused dark clouds to surround my life... He was there... trying to tell me... trying to help me open up my mind... at first, i refuse... eventhough i admit, i have feelings for him, i try to keep it hidden... because i fear to feel the pain again.. fear to suffer again... I thought I could stop that feeling from growing but the more i tried the deeper i sunk into it... Finally, i gav up... because to deny that feeling was very hard to do and the pain that i have caused him was the worst mistake that I have ever done... during that time, my heart ached everytime I looked at him... his expression that reviewed nothing but disspointment, sadness and pain... I tried to ignore but failed... So only i decided to try like what he suggested... and to my surprise, it turned out a better and totally unexpected 'result'... I was happy and jumped with joy for i didnt expect this to turn out to be good... now, my life has changed from the worse to the better... without the feeling of loneliness like i used to felt... without the dark clouds hanging above me wherever i go... Instead, I know that when i needed someone there for me, he without a doubt will always be by my side... I no longer feel lonely... I have finally managed to stand up steadily after that incident...

I have managed to write my own story... direct my own movie... and no longer become the audience or the spectator that just sits there and admire others' successful movie making... Its time for others to admire my life, my movie, my story...

Yes... i have lead a much happier life now and also i have found that silver lining that i have been waiting for throughout these times that have helped me gotten rid of my dark clouds... ^^

happy happy day~~~ ^^

Friday, April 4, 2008

ok... Im in the mood to blog but i have no idea on what i wanted to blog about... -still thinking hard- well, actually i have something in mind but its too personal to pour it out here. So still in a lost on what to write on this blog. I think i'll spill about my past... i admit i was a bitch last time that goes around bitching ppl that i hate and despise. U wanna know why i did that? well thats because if i didnt spill out my anger and hatred about the ppl that i hate, in the end, the person that will go crazy is me and the ppl that i hate will still cont their lives like normal and unharm u see. So do u think that its fair for me when they are the ones that cause me to collapse during a period of time? If u think its fair then i think its best u leave my blog now before unknown ppl start to call me and shout at me like nobody's business. But now im enjoying my life and change my point of view on certain things, thanks to some of my frens that i have known when i was in the camp. When i was there, Im always happy and always am looking forward to the next day with excitement. It is because of the new activities there that i have not and can not do in my daily life and also because of a certain someone. ^^ Although we cant be with each other for now, being able to talk to each other everyday is already enough for me. I wont ask for more =) Besides that, Im never lonely when im in ns, there is always something for me to do and someone for me to talk to. I feel really happy going there ^^V

Im home... sad or happy?

Thursday, April 3, 2008

After spending 2 weeks in NS, i get to come home for 3 days... So this is my first day... well... at first i was glad that im home but now, i feel so bored and empty. As if I'm rotting again like a vege eventhough today is just the first day im home. Sometimes i really dont understand myself... is it just me being paranoid or my life really din change at all... I felt like spending my time in camp is more worth while than spending my time back in my normal life... well, first thing first, when im in the camp, there's always sumone for me to talk with but here, everybody is busy with their stuff except me who got nothing to do and that really bores me out... But im also happy that i have come back home because there are so many womderful things that i did in camp that i want to share them (my experience) with my parents and my sis... I also miss my bed, the good food and my other personal stuff...


Spending my 2 weeks in the camp was really nice and memorable. I dont feel like i lost somthing instead i felt that i have gain more... From there, there are things that really did motivate me. Although it didnt affect me 100%, i felt that there are some changes in myself that only me myself knows. Today after i came back, my mum told me that the colledge that i have applied had replied my application. I have just read the letter and now im on a dilemma on whether should I got off early from ns to cont my studies or to finish the whole NS programme. At first, i plan to finish it but after some time, I come to know that majority of my frens are going off early to continue their studies so this situation has had me ended up in a dilemma. Should I follow my frens by doing the same thing or just go on with my plan that i have had on mind earlier? Until now, the decision is still undecided. I hate it when I have to choose a path when both paths are equally beneficial to me.


Im suffering from a headache right now again. Besides this problem, im also facing another problem which is love-relationship thing again. I really dont understand me when it comes to this issue. Its like I have told myself not to fall in love again but no... my heart refuse to listen and BAM!!! "oh look! im in love again... isit it great?" great my foot man! But this is the first time that the person that i had a crush on, likes me in return. Well, i wont deny that having that person to feel the same way as u is like totally awesome and the feeling is like ur iin 7th heaven. But whats the point of being happy when u urself 100% know that now is not the right time!!! I mean i was seriously damn disappointed with myself and i hate rejecting the person that i have feelings for u know. That really makes my heart aching with pain and guilt u know. Its like somewhere inside my head is telling me that im letting off a very rare chance that i dont think i will have it (come to think of the worst) anymore. But its ok, the promise that i make to myself is more important than this, I think I have make the right choice for now which MAYBE can make me regret in future. However, what is done is done and i will try my very best to face the consequences of the decision that i have made. I hope he'll find sumone who deserves him more than me. -smile slightly-

I hate it...

Monday, March 17, 2008

ok... i have to spill out this feeling before i went crazy... i have a crush on a guy!!!! now i feel better... abit... i hate myself when i am in this situation... its like history repeats itself again... because last time, i always have crushes on guys and sadly, they are always one-sided and some of them knew when his friend spill it out to him making me looked like a complete retarded idiot... Thinking about my past always makes me sighed with disappointment because it always make me realise that what a complete idiot i am when it comes to this issue... and now, when i tell myself not to have feelings for any guys but my books, some stupid cupid came and shoot its arrow at me then wala! im in love again...


Im so disappointed at myself u know but i've make up my mind... no matter how my feelings start to grow for one person, i will try my best to ignore it and focus on my studies so that my fragile heart will not ended up scattered on the cold hard floor again... besides, after my previous fall from a 30storey building, i am still recovering from my pain and suffer that that fall have brought me and this time, i am building and fixing myself a pair of wings that can support me and hold me tight so that the next time i were to fall again from a higher building, my heart and my self will not land themselves onto the cold hard floor that has nothing to decrease its impulsive force against me...

i know that its imposible for him and me to be together yet that cupid still struck my heart with the arrow but i'm going to fight against this feeling as i have not recover completely. Maybe some day when the time is right and if we are meant for each other then only i will take the risk to fall in love again and try my best not to follow my past but instead use my past to improve my present and my future... There's no one in the world that can force u to do what u dont want or dislike and there's also no one to blame when u have done something wrong because it is all up to u... ur own decision and ur own will whether to be involve in anything or not. Its like saying that "The power is in ur hands"... the power to change from good to evil... the power to change from cruel to kind... the power to turn love to hatred or the power to turn them vice versa... its all up to u.. because this is your own life and its u who is the main character in your own story (your life) and no one can take that away from u... Its completely up to u on how to write ur story out, others can guide u but they can never write your story for you because the person who undergoes the journey in your story is you, not them not even your parents... So from this, i have realise alot, learn alot and even explore alot and i will try my best to use that "alot"s to improve myself may it be physically and mentally... but they always say action speek louder than words... so i will try and will always keep on trying to improve myself, to be a better person in life...

i feel so much better after writing this... =)

less than 48hrs more to go...

Monday, March 10, 2008

ok... today is monday and on wednesday is the day where all the last year SPM students will be biting their nails, grabbing their hairs or praying hard for the results that they have been waited are finally here... some will not be bothered by it as they don't plan to continue their studies anymore or they already continue studying... in short, they are not bothered because it doesn't affect whatever they are doing or planning to do... but some are depending on the results for whether they are going to colledge or continue form 6 to study... and im in this group of people... because if my results are good enough to get a scholarship then i get to go colledge... that is IF my results are god enough... but if its the other way round then i got no choice but to enter form6 like what i said in one of my previous blogs... either way, i'll just accept it.. take it that its fated... although i would love to experience colledge life, if my results doesn't allow me to do so then there's nothing that i can do... hope that my results are good enough. anyway the results will be out in less than 48hrs time... imagine that!!! i know im being paranoid but i can't help it... my whole future is depending on it u know... hope it turns out good...

wed, wed, wed...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

next wednesday will be the day SPM results are coming out... Im still counting down the days to THE day... the day that will determine my future... my career path... will i be ended up having my dream job or am i destined for something else? This question will be answered by my results when i get them... I scared that the results turn out to be worse than i aspect it to be.. i dont think i can handle that if it would to happen... my mum told me not to worry, that she'll accepts whatever that comes... but i know, deep in her heart, that's not what she really wants... because who on earth would not want to feel proud of their child? Who would not want their child to grow up and become a fine citizen and a role model for the younger generations? Who wants their child to be a useless being for the rest of their lives and not being able to go after their dream? The answer is NO ONE!!! -sigh- anyway, whatever the results are... I'll just try my best to accept it... And study harder for next exam... still... i dont think i can sleep well on the eve... probably should meditate which will have me ended up sleeping in no time... lol... hhhmm... actually... im not satisfied with the government... I mean why must they tell us a wk before the actual result day? cant they just tell us 2 or 3 days before that actual date? the days are seriously killing me... and curiousity is eating me up slowly... day by day... seriously... tsk... oh well...
Then the wed after that wed... will be the day when i'll get emotional with my babies and darlings... know what are they? my handphone and my laptop... my darlings!!!! dont know whether can survive in camp or not... just being sarcastic... anyway, im looking forward to it actually... really looking forward to it... Cause it'll be a whole new experience, meeting new people and learn to be tough and independent... im excited!! can't wait... it'll be a new being of a new life for me... Forget the past and move on with the future... yes!! im ready for it!!! =) so... im still counting down the days... counting and counting and counting...

my future

Monday, March 3, 2008

ok... i went for the education fair that was held at PISA on sat and sun... well... there are a few reasons on why i went there both days... num.1, there are 2 talks that i wanted to attend but one is on sat and another is on sun... num.2, my sis was having her swimming comp on both of the days... so... i get to go to the talks that i wanted to go to and at the same time... my parents won't lecture me about the petrol $$... hehe good huh? killing 2 birds with one stone... im good at this... XD but actually this is called luck not smart... cos they fall on the same days accidentally ma...
anyway, cut the crap... =D
ok... hhhmm... after i went to the fair and also for the talks... i did got more imfomation on the career that i wanted to go into... bsids that, maybe i wont be going to form 6 anymore... that is if my results are good enough to get me a full scholarship to study in TAR Colledge or somewhere else... but after i went for the fair... theres this Swimburne University thats located in Kuching... it offerers 2yrs in kuching and 2 yrs in Aust... Aust leh!!! aka overseas!!! unfortunately its too exp... sobs... no $ no go... ='( nvm la... but after i IF manage to go colledge or university... im so gonna piah and achieve my dream as high as i can!!! even if there are no guys that got as high post as me... and i remain single... i dont care!!! so what if im single? as long as im a professional... who cares if im single? anyway... by becoming a professional... i'll be hanging around with all other professionals than to hang out with the unnecessary ppl (exclude my frens k... i wont treat em like that) like last time... tsk tsk... that was seriously a mistake that i regretted doing man.. i mean at first i tot it wud be ok but i was so wrong man... but nvm... once bitten, twice shy... im not gonna make the same mistake again... no way... im gonna change into a better person... im so gonna do that =)

what a day...

Friday, February 29, 2008

Today i went for the medical check up that is required by NS... went to GH this morning... and u know whats the first thing they ask me to do??? "isi setengah botol ini dengan kencing kamu" (fill half of this bottle with ur urine) eeeww!!!! i was like huh? yuck man!!! at that time i felt so relieved that luckily im NOT going into the medical field or anything field thats got to do with biology... i mean imagine U have to carry out tests on ppl's urine!!! urgh!!! yuck!!! its horrible.... and imagine if that person is infected with disease!!! *faint* ok... after this stupid thing, i went for the eye check and blood pressure stuff... and that person thats in charge of this was mumbling his words like he's talking to himself!!! god! its like so hard for me to hear what he's trying to say man.... tsk tsk... so hard that when he ask me to do something... i ended up scratching my head! it took me about a few minutes to get what he was trying to say u know... my brain nerves really have a hard time interpreting he's data... seriously... in there, i check my height, weight, blood pressure and eye sight... and the conclusion is... im underweight... again... but this time is worse... my weight drop from 45kg to 40kg!! when i saw my result, i really was shocked!! then it only occur to me that this happen due to depression... last week i was seriously depressed.... over that idiot's news... i really couldn't eat much... lost of appetite... its like whenever i wanna try to eat more.... my stomach will feel like throwing up... and i was seriously not hungry at all... all i took was bread, biscuits and oat... i also felt myself getting thinner last week... *shake my head* that's the worst depression that i have ever faced... but now, im back to my normal self... starting to eat like usual... thanks to all the love and support that i got =) ok... back to the GH check-up thing... after that section, i have to get a number and wait for another different checking... and this one was really driving me up the wall... my number was 35, room 3 and the number shown on the screen was only 21!! besides that, the time taken for the number to increse by 1 is like so god damn slow!!! seriously man... i was like so bored and sleepy sitting there with my mum... not just that, the other room (room 2) was moving like a train!!! WAY faster than the room that i was waiting for!!! i was thinking if the kerajaan (government) didn't state that the medical check-up has to be done in a government hospital... i would have gone to a private one!!! urgh!! besides that, all the stuff there speaks nothing but malay!!! when i ask them a question using english, they were giving me a blank look that says 'are u a marshian or something?' and guess what? they reply me in malay... urgh!! and its not relevant to what i wanted to know... but what can i do? tsk... so as i walk back to my seat, i smacked my forehead while shaking my head... terrible... but after waiting for MORE than AN hour, my turn was finally here... "wwwee!!!" as if.... luckily that check-up was kind of brief... and overall, i was qualified for NS.. hehe... that's a relieve because i really dont wanna delay it and miss my form 6 u know... oh well... i think thats all that i wanted to write... on monday, im gonna write bout the education fair i think... but it depends... on my mood =)

Rainy day

Thursday, February 28, 2008

today is a rainy day... nothing much happen la... i just rmb spending most of my time reading a romance novel... haha... well... im a huge fan of romance and comedy... action and sci-fi also interest me... but not as good as romance and comedy though... =D anyway... i have already got rid of a post that has been disturbing mylife since.. yesterday... haha i mean ya i know... its lame to follow lame rules... but i rather follow a freaking lame rule than to hav my life ended up in jeopardy u know... but now... everything is settle =) anyways, the NS letter came today.. together with all the other stuffs that are imp... well... going to NS is something that i hav been waiting for and also looking forward to it =) i know... some of u might think that who on earth would be looking forward to getting tortured in a freaking camp??? well... i do... some of u may wonder why... well, because it can help me clean my mind from the mess and the troubles that i hav been through... and it also can help me to keep myself fit... besides, duting this period of time... i have been rotting at home like nobody's business... lol... so with the help of NS, i can get rid of my rotting atitude and routine to get myself prepared for form 6... =) during form 6, i hope to work hard and strive for the best... my target? an overseas university... ^^ i dream too much? well... so what if i dream too much... as long as there's a dream for me that can be my goal... why not? =) no harm achieving it right? *smile* anyway, after i go NS, i plan to leave all my past behind me and start a new and better life... but during all these times, i have learn a few things in life... like a memory can be created, be it intentionally or unintentionally... but it can never be detroyed... no matter how much u try or when u think u have forgot about it... somewhere along the line, there will hav things that will pop up and let u sink yourself into the old memories again... at that time, dont fight against it... let it rest there for awhile... even if its a painful one... because in every memory, there is a lesson to be learn in it... it depends on how u find it... =) and to all my friends out there, eventhough i have deleted the post that have your comments, all of your comments will forever stay in my heart... love all of u who have been giving me endless supports... you all have teach me that friendship and the love of the family are so important that i almost i forgot about them... you all have remind me about this... and i thank all of u from the bottom of my heart... for everything that you all have done for me... =) i will forever remember u all.... love u guys... muaks~ ^^

some ppl are just fucking wu liau

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

i really dont understand u know.... i mean come on la... i want to do whatever i want with my life is none of your fucking business... besides... i didnt write out names for crying out loud!!! who in the fucking world is so perasan to admit that the person that i wrote is him/her??? tsk tsk... damn fuck wei... i didnt even write out names for god's sake!!! why come after me? i cannot write anything i want eh meh? u siao ah? who u think u are? the president? god? get real la... damn pissed lo... so what if i bitch bout ppl??? i didnt even write their names!!!! and its they themselves that wanna fuckingly admit is them then what can i do?if they so god damn 'smart' to admit that its them that im talking bout... then dont come and disturb my ass by scolding me la... fuck off la these kind of ppl... as if in ur fucking life u didnt bitch about anyone... i bet with my bottom dollar that u are bitching bout me right now... at this instant... and yet u ask ppl not to bitch bout others??? hah!!! to hell with ur comment la... lame ppl with lame comments... this is call siapa yg makan cili, dia yg tahu pedasnya!!! u can deny that the person that im bitching about is not u... who in the fucking world ask u to admit???? no one!!!! if its not u, then why wanna luan with me? siao eh!!! i can write about anyone and anything i want!!! and it is none of ur fucking business when i wanna write about who!!!! if u so beh syok, then get ur own fucking life and stop messing with mine la!!! luan with me for what??? siao....

I am who I am

hey there! this is my first blog in blogspot.. actually... i do have a blog in friendster but one thing i dont like about it is that... it cant keep alot of blogs inside it... and everytime i publish a new post... the old post will vanish... disappear.... gone! just like that! and that really piss me off... bcause u see.... all of my blogs are precious to me.... and i wanna read em myself when im free u know... so if my blogs self-delete themselves.... how am i suppose to read my previous blogs right? in the end... i create an acc in blogspot lo.... =) ok... lets start with my day for today... well... i dont really like today actually... because alot of stuff happened... like... this morning was my first time to drive on the road... and my mum was like so scared even b4 i start to drive man!!! i mean that really annoys me u know... if u are scared, why dont u tell me what to do and i'll do it... just dont put on that expression... it hurts u know.... haiz... anyway, that problem is about to solve soon... cause she plan to buy a car for me... but i feel kind of guilty though... because i havent even start earning my $$ and she already plan to buya car for me... i dont think im worth it for that lo.... =X
ok... next issue...
to those who read my blog whether its this blog or anyone... what do u think of blogs? is it for people to read to amuse them? or is it for the writer to let out his/her feelings, let it be sad or happy? i mean i really dont understand u know... nobody force u to read anybody's blog... its ur choice whether u want to read it or not... and so what if that blog that u read, is something that u dislike or hate? what? u personally asked that writer to delete that blog just because u dont like it? come on la!!! this is a free country man... im free and have the right to write anything i want!!! as long as it doesnt endangered the country, nation or the society.... right? so? if u dont like the way i blog about others then why continue reading? nobody ask u to read it at all also... its your own free will to choose whether to read it or not... nobody force u to read my blogs for crying out loud man!!! seriously.... to ask the writer to delete the blog u hate?? come on!!! who u think u are huh? the royal majesty? the prime minister? even if so... as long as my blog doesnt treaten anyone... u have NO right to ask me to delete my blog... get it??!!! tsk tsk... sometimes i really dont understand ppl... they think they own the world and everyone's freedom u know... haiz haiz...

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