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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Today class finished at 12.30pm so we went to Corners for lunch then head for gurney!!! our second home~~~ XD We went straight to popular to buy the stuff needed for engineering drawing... I bought a 0.3mm mechanical pencil, a box of 0.3mm lead and a compus which cost me a total of RM20.05 after discount!!! OMG~~~ there goes my $$... T.T Then my frends was like saying that this is seriously the most expensive subject in this sem... and i couldnt help but agree... >.<>.< I was damn clumsy man... And thanks to that, he have to borrow CK's ticket to get out and drive all the way to CSC to get that ticket from me... haiz.. I felt seriously bad and guilty... Make him waste his petrol nia... Sorry o, ting hoay~~ ^^" but other than that, everything was fine... =) I'm lovin' life and am moving on, ppl~~ ^^V

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