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Monday, October 13, 2008

urgh!!! the very first assignment for the second semester and it is already driving me insane!!! God!!! It was like I havent even started writing it out and by just finding information on it is seriously killing me!!! Holy crappy cow... And to think that I liked engineering science I during the previous sem... =.= This is like 10 times tougher than its previous assignments man!!! That was because I had absolutely no clue about what the lecturer wants and what are its main points that are needed to be focus on... Damn it la!!! I am so scared that I write out of point and all my marks will go down the drain... Seriously!!! And oh ya... I just remembered, I have to find info on the topic that I want to present for english... Ish!!! So much to do in so little time... man, life really sucks sometimes... >.<>.<

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