DAmn these days...

Monday, July 7, 2008

SHit... this week and nex week are test weeks... even though majority of my assignments are already done... test is coming after that... cant even rest for like a week or sumting... damn pathetic man... am i prepared? sadly, i think no.... its really sickening nowadays... its like u have to study and sumtimes when ur not in the mood to study... u have to force ursef to study whether u like it or not... why? the answer is simple... if u dont wanna failed the test, then work hard!!! if u failed the tests, u wont get to seat for the finals. And if u dont get to seat for the finals, u have to waste ur time study again until u get to sit for the freaking finals... oh ya, and one more imp thing... if u failed to proceed, ur scholarship will grow wings by itsef and fly!!! fly to where? i dont know but i know it'll be flying away from me.... me!!! *sigh* luckily i manage to cope with 2day's lesson if not im guarantee screwed... whats worse... love problem... sick... i mean i was so god damn tired after 2day and also last night (din sleep well) ... yet this problem pop up... luckily i manage to take a 50 minutes nap or else i wud have explode... imagine that! -.- k k... willmake it a short post... dont know what else to complain about anymore... =D test.. test.. test.. damn i hate this word... *sigh*

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