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Monday, December 1, 2008

Went gurney with Keat Wei and Shirlyn on saturday... Was planning to have group study after our class ended at 12pm but decided to go for a movie before studying... To boost our oomph to study... XD So we ended up watching madagascar 2 although Shirlyn refuse to watch it at first.. in the end, she ended up laughing more than the both of us... XD Anyway, the movie was really nice to watch... X)

Today was also not a bad day... As usual our class ended earlier than normal... So we decided to go for nasi kandar (after changing our mind on queensbay)... then I met Hamirah there... I was like omg! the last tme we met was during spm time... imagine how long since then? lols... Anyway, the six of us (Han Chong, VIncent, Ting Hoay, Cat, Kok Seng and I) were slowly eating our lunch and chit chat away for about an hour plus... XD What we crap about? hhhmm... Lets see.... we were crapping about aliens from pluto and an anti-E society... Why we crap about that? hhhmm lets just say that... It is a secret among the six of us... XD Anyway, Shirlyn din join us for lunch cause she was sicked(she didnt even went to school today same goes to Gab who was also sick and didnt attend today's classes... so ngam hor? =X) If they read this, they are so going to kill me... lols... XD

After lunch, Cat drop me back at csc... So I took a bath then headed for the beach behind the club... cause my sis was busy onlining so I decided to kill time by enjoying the sea and the air... =) It was seriously nice to like just enjoy the scenery, the wind and the sound of the waves splashing on the shore... By just witnessing all these really calmed my mind and thoughts... It felt as if there are no worries... My mind was seriously at peace that time... these are the 2 pics that I took... =)


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