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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Today was good. =) Morning started well, afternoon was satisfactory and evening was enjoyable. ^^

Why? cause..

IN the afternoon, was having practical lab for embedded system which we have to convert C++ language to assembly language to be programmed into the PIC (Programmable Integrated Circuit). The type of PIC we are using is the 16F877A with 20MHz. One thing about this is that it is never easy but the output produced once u have succeed is amazing! XD

Like today, we learn how to program a motor such that it will rotate clockwise for 2 seconds then anti-clockwise for another 2 seconds b4 stopping for 2 more seconds. It was very challenging and not easy but once u know what is going on, it will become interesting. Very interesting. ^^

Wanted to took a video or a pic of the process but was too busy that time.. >.<
Then we also did programming on how to control the buzzer (our regular alarm) and lighting of the LED with a switch. It was seriously challenging but damn pissed when u failed to identify the error in the codes.

Well, in short, there is 2 sides to everything. =)

Then after the lab, went for tea with some of my classmates before heading to swim. It might not sound like I have done much but to me, it is satisfying enough. *smiles*

♥ ♥ ♥

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