finally!!!! my camera after sssooo many days...

Friday, May 23, 2008

Today im finally getting my camera!!! wwwee!!! After waiting for sssooo many days (if im not wrong I have waited about 1wk+) my camera is finally here!!! the stock is finally here... To think that on friday, i was so worried that whether it manage to come by monday. Want to know why I wanna use it on monday? well... Its because there is a beach party in the evening that is going to be held by the college seniors (I think)... Dont care. the most important part is all of the college students are going!!! and for me, this is the first time i get to go to a party like this... So being the hill billy who never went to sumting like this b4 but only heard of how its like, its sumting that im looking forward to... ^^ and I wanna make sure I get to take a few pics for memories. Maybe on tuesday when i on9, I might post bout the party and add in pics too... heh... So excited lo... hope it turns out good and not screwed. *cross my fingers*=)

Tomorrow classes finally start. Will they be as tough as sum of my frens say? Can i manage to cope? Will i fail any paper during exam? Or will i pass with flying colours? every now and then, questions like these keep wondering in my head making me nervous and worried. Its not that I dont have any confidence in myself but u can never know what is going to happen, right? Im so nervous everytime when I thought of it. Maybe if i din think so much, it might not be as bad. What to do... My brain kept having all those stupid negative thoughts that I cant prevent but to sank into despair. This paragraph I sounded down huh? Damn. Was thinking of writing sumting funny and crappy at first manatau ended up writing ridiculous stuff like this. Tsk. Crazy brain of mine. Dont care la. Whats written is written and I dont feel like deleting the whole thing just to write a new one. (too lazy to do that)

hhhmm... *in deep thoughts*

Now only I realise, eversince my life got better and im no longer single, the number of stuff that I wanted to crap in my blog had been reduced. I wonder why. Its like im not so crappy anymore. *thinking again* weird. Even I dont know what went wrong. The inspiration to crap seems to be gone or doesnt come by so frequent anymore. Damn! I want my crappy self back! wwwaa!!! *sobs* No choice. All i can do now is to just sit back and wait. Maybe it'll come again. When? That depends. On what? I also dont know. Sish. Dont care la... Will write more next time and maybe it will be a crappier one. I hope so. Love and peace ppl!! =D

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TryaN said...

lolz tung... i looked for it under anime^^

looked so hard u noe...
more than 30 pages... then i tink.. tis one can dee la...

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