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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Yesterday when I was in gurney with my friends, I went to buy a romance novel cause there is a 15% discount for DiGi users. So I bought a novel which cost about RM20 to 21 that I ended up paying RM17.80 only. ^^ However, I planned to not read it until my semester break starts cause it was actually for me to kill boredom. Yes I got 2 weeks of sem break which is too short for work and erm abit too long for rest. So to prevent me from rotting at home again, I decided to read my favourite types of books. And erm if that book is seriously good then perhaps I'll be writing its synopsis for my next post. ^^ Anyway, after buying that book, I bought another novel during the evening when I was at gurney again but with my parents. I bought one of the novels of a little black dress which cost me RM20 but sadly it doesnt have discount. Anyway, I still bought it. XD I do have a novel before this one and it was really very nice to read. Very interesting. The title was "It must be love". I know I know. you'll be thinking right now that what is with this girl who kept reading nothing but romance based novels. Well, it cant be help, ok? I'm a romance freak and am proud of it. XD I just love romance and comedy. It'll be even better if there is a combo when it comes to movies or novels. It'll be awesome. XD


theL said...

since i was born, i never finish even a english novel, HAA, mayb chinese novel too?XD
but i already booked a book from my friend "many lives, many master"
thats about psychiatist and his patients' experience. since i search the chapter 1 for this novel in net, ha~ tertarik dengan nya~XD
i think that is the book for me after my stpm~^^
recommend for u too^^ a nice book if u are interested with human's psycho.

+ryaN @ DuR!@n +3mPur@ said...

Where did u buy d bk???



theL said...

suggestion: mph~^^

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