Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Yeah! that's what I'm feeling right now...
No mood to study... Don't feel like studying...
cause it's freaking boring!!!

I hate exam weeks...
I hate exams...
I hate studying...
They are all a bunch of kill joys!!!

I can't wait till exams are over...
That's when the fun part starts!!!
But first and foremost, there are books to torture you to the max!!!

screw books!!!



Monday, August 30, 2010

Hang in there...
It will be over soon...
But I'm not sure if i have the strength to keep it up anymore...
I feel lonely...

I have to...
Don't wanna lose it...
not now...
not ever?
I dont know...
Its hard...

But I'm trying...
Just wanna spill it out...
Hoping to feel better after that...
It's hard...

oh~ the feeling~ ^^

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Have you ever felt like you have reached home even though you are still at somewhere else (anywhere but your hometown)? well, I have... Atleast now I have found a place where it somehow made me felt like I'm much closer to home... =)

Yeah... I have to admit, I felt kind of out-of-mood to study recently. Maybe what he said was right... I'm addicted to McD... XD well, it can't be helped! I've been spending my six semesters' exam periods there! <(>.<)>

Anyway, felt so happy the moment I went into McD... XD lols...

its like I'm home~!
It's like I'm back to those diploma days where I'll meet my friend up at 3pm and study until 7-8pm~
It's like my house is just 5 minutes drive from here...
It's like things haven't change abit!

Maybe I'm being dramatic but serious! This was how I felt! But of cause, these are just feelings... They just brought me back to the past for awhile before bringing me back to reality... =)
But still, to be able to feel like being home for even a short while is just great~ ^^
Now I know how it feels like to leave home for so long and not being able to go back... <(>_<)>

if you cant handle his worst, u dont deserve his best

Saturday, August 14, 2010

It is already week 13 which means that exam will be starting soon in about 1+weeks in time. So of cause, everybody will be busy preparing themselves for it... Same goes to the blogger thus I won't be updating my blog anymore often. =)

Anyways, I've been feeling insecure recently. I don't know why. Maybe because I'm over sensitive. It can't be helped though. Being new in this relationship and I must admit I still find it hard to adapt to his way of life (but I'm trying my best!). That's cause he's always busy with his studies, his friends' studies, assignments and etc... Especially around this time... =/

(mind you, I'm not saying that his friends are bad or anything k! I'm ok with them <(>.<)>)

well, I guess there are bound to have all sorts of obstacles when it comes to every relationship. I mean nothing is smooth sailing... If there is, life won't be so hard anymore. =.= Anyway, to be honest, I've been kinda scared awhile ago. Why? cause I scared he'll break his promise again on the last day of exam. It's not that I don't trust him but he had been M.I.A. (missing in action) several times before this. So yeah, that got me nervous. =X

I don't know. sigh. But still, if I can't handle his worst, then I don't deserve his best. I always believe in this quote. Cause the same goes to me you see... If you can't handle my worst then you don't deserve my best.. I mean, nobody is perfect right? So generally everyone has their own weak points and all... So to love somebody is to be able to accept him the way he is (although there are times you'd wish he'll be more attentive on you... >.<>)
Anyway, I'm not exactly the best gf in the world either so yeah, I don't really have the right to complaint much. But still, I'm learning and trying to a better me~ =)

Cause I really don't want history to repeat itself. and I certainly don't wanna face the same shit again... you have no idea how hard it was... the impact it gave me, and the trash I get for what I did... <(>.<)> I hope, I really really hope that this time will be better and that I am stronger as compare to before... More understanding and humble... and is able to handle his worst... <(>.<)> I don't wanna lose somebody I treasure anymore...

PS : you may not read this but +u for the exam o~ ^^ I'll give my best as well!!


Monday, August 9, 2010


I hate exams... =((

u drive me crazy~

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Yeah, that is my current situation now... Everyday is booked by assignments and tutorials~ If I am not busy with assignments, I'll be busy with tutorials... and vice versa... Sometimes it is even worse... 2 in 1... Assignments + tutorials at the same time! hectic isn't it? I know... But no choice... The institute that I am currently in is very very very exam orientated... *sigh*

Anyway, I've been trying very hard to avoid stressing myself too much... Knowing that it'll only makes matters worse... so yeah~ facebook, blog and dear to the rescue~! wakaka... =P well, talk about that devil ♥ .. XP our relationship will officially be one month old by this Sunday~! wee~~~ I know it's nothing much but still~ its something to me~ =P But we'll be celebrating it with our respective books! lols... That can't be help since exam is just around the corner~ So fun later, study first~ ^^

Went to PC fair with Shir and KF just now... Surveyed a few brands of laptops~ plan to buy one by the end of the year (lets hope I'll be able to save that much by then).. ^^

Another regular day~

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I had promise to blog more often since I can online more frequently this time right? So yeah, here is another post~ Nothing much happen recently.. Just the same old regular routine...

Go college--> study study, pay attention in class---> keep looking forward to lunch time =P ---> go home

Yeah... its the same thing again and again and again~ boring isn't it? you bet! =.= But it can't be help though... That's cause if u want something more like entertainment, be ready to have your pocket sucked dry/drained! It's KL we are talking about so its fixed.

Anyway, my close buddy and I went to the mini restaurant in our college today~ XD It was a spontaneous decision... haha...

This restaurant is actually run by student of the hospitality course (I think) In short, it is served by students, prepared by students and cooked by students. XD the food was awesome~~~

Had California rolls as appetizers (although they look and taste more like regular sushi instead) =.=
Tomato soup as starters (it was delish! superb! wakaka...)
Indian spiced chicken as main course (hoho~ It taste like heaven~!)
Then we ordered desserts too! but have to charge extra though... but again, it was worth it~ I went for Tiramisu~ and didn't regret a bit! oh~ no words can describe the deliciousness of the cake~ hoho~ no doubt it was my favourite type of cake~! they (those who bake it) didn't let me down~

I really wanna go and try their other menus again some other time~ that is after I have saved enough cause it (the meal) just made a hole in mine... lols... But when good food is concerned, it was worth while ain't it? =D

PS: since it was a spontaneous decision, no pics were taken... lols.. but the presentation of the food was good! ^^

Delcious Icecream


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