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Saturday, July 31, 2010

I am here to officially announce that yours truly will frequently update her blog starting from now onwards~~~ Because Streamyx has finally been fixed at the place that I am staying right now~~~

So I can blog whenever I want with what I wanna blog about using my beloved icons~~~ ^^ So stay tune for updates and more~ wakakaka...

Can say that I've been here (KL) for 2.5 months... yeah, it took me that long to wait for the Streamyx to come but it was worth it or shall I say... Thank God it didn't take us 6 months! Anyway, alot has happened right here, at the new place where I called "temporary home".

Sometimes I do feel lonely and also moody but there are times when I am cheerful and all... Still, I missed being my old self. The me who always talk non-stop, who always crap like there is no tomorrow and also laughing my head off with my closed friends and sis... I really missed those times and them... unfortunately, everyone will go their separate ways to achieve our respective goals...

But they'll always stay in my heart... and those memories will not fade away~ =) Can say that the current me is more quiet and doesn't like to socialize that often anymore... Some might think that I'm weird or something but don't judge me like u know me when what u know about me is nothing close to the real me...

So yeah, I am more quiet and different as compare to how I was last time... I feel sick wearing this mask but other than that, I dont know what else to do... Cause as far as I know, not many can accept the real me... their frequency just don't match with mine... Why? I dont know... I am also wondering that myself... Maybe I am really weird? or lack of confidence? O.o

The answer? I'm still searching... =)


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

If feelings are that easy to control,
the word complicated will not exist...

sometimes things just happen without expecting it~!
cause life is unpredictable...

ps : I wish u'll understand... =(

Delcious Icecream


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