A Wedding Dairy

Monday, June 8, 2015

Weddings. A romantic and memorable event to have both your partner and you officially tie the knot in front of your friends and family. A big step or a  whole new chapter in life. Some looked forward to that day while some dragged themselves praying that they will not have that day. I mean, not everyone wants to spend the rest of their lives committed to responsibilities, limited freedom, boring dull routine and those after married life. Still, when you found the right one, or most people refer to as the one, you will unconsciously think of a future with her/him (but mostly her) and telling yourself, she is the one that I want to walk down the aisle with.


I felt like it is an honor when I got invited to weddings cause I am invited to share the joy of the day my friend entered a new chapter of her life. I have to personally know the bride or groom of course else I won't get to feel the joy they felt as much. I have been to weddings of the daughter/son of my parents' friends or a very long distant relative's wedding where all I did was just sit there and eat and... eat. You can't help feeling like a complete stranger who came just for the sake of food. Everyone is so foreign to you while your parents are busy talking away to their friends or relatives with them telling your parents how you have grown and all when deep down, a question lingers "have we met?".

Still, now that I am older (and getting nearer to the "right" age to settle down), things are much more different. I started receiving wedding invites of my own. Recently, I was invited to a wedding when I was in Taiwan. The whole thing was amazing. You get to experience a Chinese wedding at a different country where there are things that they did differently. The hotel was amazing (5 star), the food was really good (the best so far) and the moment when the bride and groom march in... Very sweet and touching. The yum-seng session (a toast to the bride and groom) was a more polite one as compare to the one in Malaysia. In Malaysia, we tend to drag the word ("yum-seng") as long as possible and as loud as possible. Not very sure why but my guess is that may they marriage be blessed with solid longevity? Hehe.  

For the march in of the bride and groom, they followed the concept of a church wedding where a cute flower girl and her little partner, ring bearer marched in followed by the bridesmaids and groomsmen. The friends of the groom were very high where they cheered and clapped as he walked in like he was some supermodel. Very lively. Last but not least, the beautiful bride with her dad by her side. The groom waited at the other end as the bride marched in with her dad. The moment when her dad passed her hand to the groom, it was very touching, sweet yet a little sad at the fact that his little girl is now all grown up and entering the next big chapter of her life, no longer only as his daughter but also as a wife of another man. But deep down, she will always be her daddy's little girl. Ah! Weddings always got me teary at times like this. Felt very emotional. In a good way :3  

The last day

Thursday, February 12, 2015

On the last day, the question often asked by many will always be “So how do you feel now that today is your last day?” How I feel? I felt heavy. Not weight heavy but heart heavy. My heart literally felt like it weights a tonne now. And I guess this weight will stay for the rest of the day. Sometimes I felt like it was only yesterday that I first entered the company. Wearing a white polo-T with jeans carrying a schoolbag waiting at the lobby at 7.30am after I have parked my small little Kancil at the big parking lot. I even called one of my friends just to make sure that all parking lots can be parked and that there were no reserved carpark for some VIPs. I was very nervous on that first day. Working in that company has always been in my head since I started my diploma. I have heard great things and many news back then. I even applied to the company for my internship but there was no news, sad to say.

                Nevertheless, I have finally made it in and now, by the end of today, I will be leaving. I will miss a lot of things about this place. The environment, the great people I met, those that inspire me, the flexibility and so many more. All those memories. All those good times. Will be kept in me now and always. I still remember entering a very new team with 2 Graduate Trainees (GT) already on board. They were and still are like brothers to me. I will not deny that the first new months was not easy. Absorbing and remembering all that we need to remember. With all sorts of documents to read and understand. It was crazy. But as time pass, things got better and with a blink of an eye, 2 years have gone by. And so, this ends another life chapter of mine.

                Who would have thought that I too one day will say goodbye to this place? This decision was not an easy one. It took me a very long time to make up my mind and come to this path. Whether or not I made the right decision, only time will tell. Also, there is also a saying that there is no right or wrong decision. You just make the decision and you make it right. I once learnt from XxxHolic (an anime) that to make a decision, is to base on the consequences that you are willing to accept and face. It might come from an anime but I really agree on that statement. So here I am, pouring out my thoughts, then get myself ready for the next new adventure. Challenge(s), I am coming!

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