Fun Day~~~

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Today went out with cx, hsing, saw, lf and yy they all... Had alot of fun over there ^^ did crap and joke non stop when we were having lunch at McD... lols... Seriously I was laughing until i cried wei! XD

This morning wasnt very well though... Hsing was suppose to fetch lf and I but was delayed for 2 hrs cause of certain reasons... causing cx to wait for 2 hrs... haiz.. pity her... but she did save rm49.90 though... XP cause she spent her 2 hrs reading on a book about Amber Chia's life which cost that much... hahaha and to think that lf told us "i bet u she sure successfully finish reading one book d" when we were on the way there... lols... XD

we did went to shop abit... I bought a nail polish from Majelica costs it was too cute and pretty to resist... When I saw it i was like "This is a MUST buy!!!" lols... kinda pricey though... but i think its worth it.. XD

After that, we went to Elianto and Hsing got something from there... Saw SAw bought something from Parkson... A snail plushie which was named Slow... it was seriously cute~~~ Yy couldnt get her hands off him... lols...

It was fun but unfortunately, Yan cant join us due to her major exam just around the corner... Really hope that the next time we go out, everybody can make it... =) Love u all ya~~~ *hugs*

excited over some reason~~~ XD

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Today we went for one class in the morning only which is engineering instrumentation and commucation... The lecture last for one and a haf hours then done!!! classes for the day ended~~~ ^^V But thanks to this, we have to wake up early in the morning since the class starts at 9am... =.= so its like waking up for the sake of a class.... haiz haiz... my beauty sleep~~~ T.T anyway, its because this is the first week of year 2 sem1, maths 4 tutorials are canceled... summore it seems that some KL ppl are coming to the college to have something on so our C++ programming practical also canceled jor!!! wee!!! ^^V

So we decided to go gurney for a movie~~~ what movie? its monster vs aliens 3D version... childish i know... but its never too old to be young right? XD The movie was very very pricey... It costs us RM15!!! the additional RM5 is for the 3D specs and whats worse is that... we have to return the glasses at the end of the show but no refund... T.T there goes my $$... ANyway, the movie was not a bad one... kinda funny but i still prefer night at the museum 2... that one is funnier...

Before the movie starts, Alvin suddenly came and told me that he saw his ex and i was like oh? really? and he nod, pointing me to her and i was like ooh... Then after the movie end, when we were walking around gurney, I saw my ex unexpectedly... and i was like... what the hell??? wah lau eh... there's only one word to describe how i feel that time... "suei (malang)" =.=

whatever la... whats over is over... ignore ignore ignore... anyway, 2day was kinda tired when he drop me back... haiz... cant get to see him for the nex 2 days again d... =/ <3 xxx

2mr will be going out again but this time, its all-girls-day~~~ hehehe... sure filled with joy and crap de... XD cant wait~~~ ^^

holy shit!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The timetable for this coming semester is already out... JUst got it from my friend through msn... and seriously, its very very VERY pack!!! Its like no more playing around... no more fooling around cause this is the toughest sem ever!! argh!!! cham d... with 6 main subjects in hand... >.< wanna know what those subjects are?

they are...
- Electronic instrumentation & communication
- Industrial control and automation
- Engineering materials
- Engineering mechanics
- Maths 4
- last but not least... C++ programming!!! (to think that I have to deal with VIsual basic's coding for freaking 5 hrs straight and its in high lvl language) but this is assembly language eh!!! the language which comp understands directly and not us.. omg!!! I wonder how long will I take to complete this times assignment d.. >.<

I mean... during sem 2 when I had digital electronic & microprocessor, we did carry out a few programming activities using assembly language... and to be honest, 2 hrs is not enough although the program needed is only few lines!!! wail~~~ T.T omg... and I heard that we have to present our programme individually... >.< haiz haiz haiz...

my first impression on the timetable... >.<

wail~~~ T.T the earliest the classes end is 4pm and the lastest is 7pm... T.T

have to work harder d!!! in order not to fail!!


Friday, May 22, 2009

omg, tenny!!! u meanie... fine!!! i admit my english is retarded... >.< damn... ish ish ish!!! still making the same old mistake after so many freaking year... argh!!! if yan yan finds out, boy is she gonna laugh non-stop... ish ish ish... =.=

one of my embarrassing moments... ish... tenny reminded me about again... >.< damn those "source" and "sauce"... =.=

Happy and satisfied =)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Ppl!!! guess what? I got my results today and its a string of A's~~~ wahahaha!!! ^^V Although it was only 3 subjects, I think I did well... why? cause the subjects are tamadun Islam, BM and maths 3... hehehe... tamadun Islam aka Sejarah and BM are the subjects I despise most during secondary school and never have I scored A's for both subjects at one time when it comes to major exams... so in conclusion, Im happy for the results I got this sem... hehehe XD

Happy happy day~~~ ^^

lazy Sunday afternoon

Sunday, May 17, 2009

omg... Im feeling so lazy right now... not just lazy but also b-o-r-e-d... =.= if only sumbody would just ask me out... I'll be like lets go! I seriously need to get my ass out of the house... with the freking hot weather which makes things worse... *mumble* *mumble* haiz... seriously sien!!! bored!!! =.=

Touched~~~ XD

Went into facebook just now and found out that only Tenny manage to score 100% for the quiz on how well she knows me... I was like omg!!! I felt so touched... seriously wei! even my cousin brother scored only 66% lols... But I feel kinda bad though... I score only 66% for her quiz... haiz haiz... gomenasai, tenny-san~~~ ^^"

Anyway, yesterday went to gym for exercise... determine to get the fats burning XD was there for about an hr+ then went for swimming after that... hehe intensive fat burning "programme" XD However, I didnt think it help >.< why? cause for that night's dinner, I still ate quite alot although I did take peppermint tea which according to most magazines, it helps digestion... Still I think I took more than I burn... haiz...

And one more thing, the results for the previous sem is coming out on monday!!! yes, ppl... Its this coming monday... omg!!! Hope I score good... Aiming for straights since we took only 3 subjects XD ooh!!! pray hard and cross my fingers... *pray* XP

First time in Haagen Dazz for him XD

Friday, May 15, 2009

First of all... my laptop was admitted to the hospital so there goes my reason for not updating my blog...

Three days ago, I had Haagen Dazz after dinner... My request for every year's birthday since sweet16.. X) It was his first time though and he was really shy as he doesnt know what to order at first... (the prices had shock him b4 he can even consider having any of the ice creams... pity him ><) my parents were like kept ensuring that its ok to order what u want... ignore the price... (seriously if not, there's no need to come d... the main purpose is to enjoy ma~~~ bsides, its only once a year XD)

In the end, with my help, he did get something =) and it was yummy... =)

this is what he took... its called the Tusscan Romance~~~XD pic taken by he himself... Looks like a smiling face, dont u think so? =)

It looks like that from my point of view though...

My order... The Tusscan Tiramisu~~~ It has a tiramisu ice cream cake with 2 ice creams... and one thing bout Haagen Dazz ice cream cake that got me falling head over heels for it is that 80% of the cake is ice cream~~~!!! wee~~~ XD

The Royale Monte CArlo ordered by sis... She kept insisting us to pronounce it in an italian way with the accent... =.=

and us with my choice of ice cream... lols... XD I look fat i know... damn i really need to work on those fats... ><

Last but not least... may i present... tah dah!!! my dad's art work... Happy birthday written in chinese and by using the chocolate source served with the chocolate explosion which was ordered by my parents... XD thanks yo!!!

A thought of mine =)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Translation : Nobody is worth your tears, if ever one is worthy of it, that person will never let u cry.
Isn't it true? For me, it is... =) but it only involve love though, will NEVER work on family love EVER! Don't u agree? X) Anyway, there were a couple of times when I did talk to my friends about love and romance and stuff then it somehow inspire me to write something about it... BD

In my opinion, love is something magical and is a feeling which is hard to control. It comes and goes unexpectedly... It can be your cure and also your poison... Love can also be beautiful and also ugly... Sometimes it depends on your luck cause if u ended up in a one-sided relationship, everything will turn sour instead of sweet... =)

For me,
loving a person doesn't mean he is your ATM machine...
not just somebody you bully and scold...
nor your driver who drives you around...
It means he is important to you and you want him to be part of your life...
Sharing your sorrow, pain, joy and laughter...
Wanting to be his shoulder for him to depend on when everyone turn their backs on him &
Lend him a hand when he is lost and helpless...
Always be there for him through thick and thin...
He is not just a pillow for me to lie on...
not just a pair of arms which keep me warm...
or just a guy who have to pay for my meals (That is not a must, of cause >.<)...
but a person whom always be there when I needed someone...
Always know what to say at the right time...
Always able to bring sunshine to my life during the stormy and rainy seasons...
Able to sense when Im not being me andwhen I have something troubling in my mind...
Is protective in some way but never overdo it...
And last but not least, he will never make you cry even if he is worthy of it (excluding tears of joy of cause)... =)

Delcious Icecream


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