Friday, April 29, 2011

Whenever I’m too tired or moody due to lack of sleep…

I’ll feel like killing people…

But have no fear,

Just… give me 15minutes to sleep…

给我三首歌的时间 (Give me the duration of 5 songs… assuming that each song last 3minutes)

And I’ll revive already! XD


Absence makes the heart fonder

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


No matter how much they irritate and annoy you sometimes…

You can’t help but to miss them when they're not around…

And after so long not keeping in touch…

The slightest hello can really cheer you up…


I love you all… xoxo~ ^^


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Can I have a day without worry???
Can I not wake up to unsolved problems???

Urgh! sien ar...

I hate problems... I hate waking up to them...

One problem is more than enough for me... But now???

More than one... =.=

Urgh! Life sucks at times... zzz

Feeling seriously blue... -.-zzz


Monday, April 25, 2011

因为本小姐还有很长的路要走... X(

monday blues

Have you ever feel so blue that you don't feel like doing ANYTHING at all???
Well, I do... and I'm feeling it right NOW... =.=
This sucks...

Can I just get myself a holiday or anything else to avoid reality for just a day??
that'll be helpful... =.=

Earth Day! ^^

Friday, April 22, 2011

Today is Earth Day...
Check out the picture Google used...
It's so cute! ^^
And whats even more interesting is that...
Everytime you move your cursor towards an animal/the river...
There is a small animation for it...
so cute~!!! Heart it! ^^
Happy Earth Day, people!!! =)
Love our Earth and reduce energy usage!

10 things I wanna do~ =P

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Blogger is back! X) I know I have been MIA-ed for the last few days as I had run out of things to blog and inspiration was not helping either… ^^" Since there is nothing for me to update about… I shall share the 10 things I wanna do when I have the money! XD Since I’m still a student, there’s always a budget constraint as you don’t wanna spend your parent’s hard-earn money for your own pampering no? :D

So for now, I can only set these as goals!!! That is until... I have a career and a steady income to spend! XD

*Ahem ahem

Allow me to present the 10 things I want to do when I have the money~

(caution: it may be very materialistic! Read at your own risk… =P)

First of all~

Pamper myself with French mani and pedicure at least once every month~! X) and maybe go for nail art occasionally! =D


Visit the spa~ pamper myself with facials, scrubs, body massage~ Anything for my self-relaxation… XD


Collect as many miniature perfumes as possible! They have to be authentic of course! XD


Explore the world of makeup and skincare~ Buy organic cosmetics and also good skin care products~ try try try! XD


Go shopping at fashion paradise! Like Milan, Hong Kong, Paris~ XD


images (1)  images

Try Macarons at Pierre Hermé's and also Ladurée’s~ for they are famous for this little delicacy in France~ ^^


chanel-valentine-s-limited-edition-classic-flap-quilted-handbag-pink-1117-bag IMG_8497-1 (Small)

*Just an example~ not the ones that I’m aiming for now… XD

To own at least one limited edition piece of Chanel’s or Burberry… XD


country-kitchen-picture Spacious!!! XD

The kitchen of my house has to be BIG filled with complete set of kitchen utensils!!!! So that I can cook and bake to my heart’s content! XD


img-hero-inspiredband Have a memorable and special wedding that I’ll never forget~ XD It’s every girl’s dream, no? =P It’s a once-a-life-time thing so of course it has to be memorable~ =)


world-in-union  sakura3

Travel around the world~! Woo~~~ XP Japan is a MUST! I wanna witness the blooming of the Sakura Trees~ Wanna see the Sakura flowers for real~ X)

So here they are… the 10 things that I wished to do… Sounds materialistic and expensive? Teehee! I did warn you… =P But then again, that is IF doomsday(somewhere around next year) is a false alarm... >_<

PS: to a certain somebody, when I want nothing to do with YOU… I MEAN it!!! So don’t bug me anymore… its freaking annoying!!! >_< and don’t go around assuming that by doing anything for me will change my mind!!! NEVER! I’ve made it very clear to u A LOT of times already… get the msg! =.=

Guilty indulgence

Friday, April 15, 2011

Went over to Gurney a few days back to join Style Yourself Up! contest organized by Mango at their outlets. Thanks to Plus Size Kitten else I won’t know about its existent. =P Anyways, before going over, I stopped by The Body Shop to get myself a bottle of cleanser (previous one was already used up). End up going for the Tea Tree Oil cleanser and also its lotion as it is more for blemish skin (yeah… I have oily skin… >_<).

The brand that I used previously was Purenavi Foaming Facial Wash which I got for free from a contest that I joined in FB~ XD It was the “Singles Rulez the World” contest organized by Eternity Malaysia and Watsons. That cleanser was nice to use and I like the fact that it was pumped out in mousse form. The feeling after using it was refreshing and its suitable for all skin types. Feel free to give it a try. ;)


Anyways, I did not continue using Purenavi as I was in the mood of trying something new… X) So yeah, changing to Tea Tree Oil Cleanser for now… Lucky for me, when I went over, there is promotion where the prices for all skincares (cleanser, toner, moisturizer and lotion) are RM39 flat! XD

Can say that it was effective and I heart the lotion! Why? Cause the lotion doesn’t make your skin feel all sticky and oily after you’ve applied it. In fact, it made your skin feels softer and smoother~ X) Not just that, after applying the lotion in the morning, my face is less oily and the effect lasts me the whole day! Wee! XD However, when I apply it, my skin does feel slightly hot though… >_< but other than that, it was good. Credits go to ParisB for the review on this product! =D


Bought a sleeveless top at Mango as well after the photo shoot thingy as I got 5% discount from joining that contest… =P the discount was valid for that day itself only… So overall, I hate to say it but yeah, I spent over RM100 for that day~ ^^” But at least the stuff I bought was something that I need so it is still good, right? Right? =P

IMG_5376 Stuff that I bought that day~ just only these 3 costs me RM1xx~ >_<

bye bye late nights!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I went to bed surprisingly early last night at 10.30pm. Normally I’m a night person where I’ll stay up until midnight or later. >_< But recently, that habit of mine cannot be continued anymore. Why? Cause I’m suffering from the effects due to the lack of sleep. Since I’m doing my interns, I have to wake up at 6.30am every morning in order to reach the office on time and also to avoid traffic jams.

dolor2!  fiaca!

Imagine sleeping at 1am to 2am every night and crawling out getting out of bed at 6.30am! The effects from lack of sleep include: I find it hard to concentrate on whatever I was doing… It felt like my head was screaming at me in the morning… Urgh! It felt terrible. Also, my skin complexion gotten from bad to worse! And… my mood is badly affected by this… So bye-bye late nights!

  bye! domir!

I do put on mask occasionally but depending on mask alone can’t improve on my skin’s complexion can it? No. You need plenty of water and SLEEP to chip in as well. Speaking about mask, I’m using the masks from My Beauty Diaries recommended by Tenny (come to think of it, I just only realized that Tenny and I shared the most when beauty products and skincare are concerned… XD) I bought 8 pieces with different flavours before and it got me hooked onto it since then. Every flavor has their own “characteristics” like some are for skin brightening purpose, minimizing your pore size, oil-control and the list goes on.

My_Beauty_Diary_MaskSome of the range available~

I bought a dozen more when I was at Gurney Plaza about a month ago. A lot huh? Since they are effective and discount is given if you buy a dozen, why not? =P

IMG_5379 The remaining of my 12 pieces of masks~

One thing I liked about the masks is that they are sold at a fairly reasonable price (RM3.00~RM3.50… depends on where you buy them… KL is of course, slightly more expensive…). The bad thing about the masks is that all of their descriptions are written in Chinese! (excluding the ingredients) Yeah, I know it’s from Taiwan but the Chinese characters are minutely small! Not to mention, they are printed in reflective silver ink… which makes reading them even harder… >_< Still, the effect of the mask is what matters most right? So I guess, small problems like this can be ignored… Worse comes to worse, use a magnifying glass the next time you wanna read their “characteristics”! =P

ahhh!  buu!

Out of so many flavours, I liked the Aloe Vera mask the most! As it gives a really refreshing feel and its scent is not so strong… Don’t really like those with strong scent as they will leave that scent on my pillows at night when I sleep. ^^”

Recently, I did come across a forum where they sell Beauty Diaries' makeup removal sheets too! Unfortunately, they have run out of stock... =( Any idea where to get them? O.o Btw, beware of fake masks! I just found out from another blog about this... So do check it out, k? =) *the link* prevention is always better than cure~ *wink*

They have this new series, the Macaron Mask... Sounds nice... I think I'll go and get one to give it a try... =P There goes my money, again... Teehee!

PS: I plan to leave late nights for weekends and friday nights only! weekdays are not allowed anymore... at least not when I'm still doing my interns... =P

My Weekend~

Monday, April 11, 2011

There was this event which was held at Penang Times Square during the weekends. It was Galaxy & Youth Carnival where there were several activities held for both Saturday and Sunday. I did not participate in any of the activities organized but I heard that there were Amazing Race, Paintball and etc. Those activities were held at the open ground of Times Square whereas there was a Dance Competition being held inside Times Square at the center court of the building.


The main reason I went there was for the Cosplay event. My sis wanted to cosplay for both days and so, there I was tagging along, becoming her driver and photographer. >_< Anyways, since the Cosplay competition was held on Sunday, Saturday was not very happening for the cosplayers as not many hang around for long (or maybe it’s because we arrived late that day… ^^”).

IMG_3656 The whole gang of cosplayers posing for the camera on Sat… But most of them left shortly after that…

However, Sunday’s event was a blast! The atmosphere was much more different and it felt livelier. Since there was a cosplay competition, lots of cosplayers turned up and stayed on longer! That was also because the whole competition lasted for 5 hours, 2pm to 7pm. Had lots of fun while I was there, alright! It somehow reminded me of the Cultural Fair that was held in USM during the month of February. XD

IMG_3968  IMG_3979

By looking at people cosplaying, it somehow showed their enthusiasm and how much they enjoyed, allowing themselves drowned into the character that they cosplayed as.

IMG_3963  IMG_4000

Like the president of a cosplay club, he got himself into an accident awhile ago and thus he had to seat on a wheel chair but that certainly did not stop him from doing what he likes! He did cosplay on that day too! In fact, he even crossplayed as Miku, a girl character! He even sang “1000 words” from Final Fantasy XII! He sang it beautifully for a guy… and somehow, you can feel his passion through his singing and his dressing up…

IMG_4072Thumbs up for him! =)

(note: When the person cosplayed a character of opposite sex, it’s known as crossplay instead of cosplay)

One thing I love about cosplay events is that you get to see your favourite Anime characters come to live! And what’s more is that, the atmosphere certainly doesn’t make you feel freaky of yourself for the hobby (cosplay) you have… Instead, it’s like a day with fantasy away from reality… ;)

IMG_3674 IMG_3677

The winners of the cosplay competition are~

IMG_4147 from left: 3rd, 1st and 2nd placing respectively… X) Congratulations! =D

Majolica Majorca

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Was blog hopping a few days ago when I came across a post where the blogger blog about the products from Majolica Majorca… The blusher that the blogger bought was very cute, alright! It was the size of a macaroon with a very small puff which is used to apply the blusher…

Shiseido-Majolica-Majorca-Spring-2011-Makeup-1notice the little puff there? Cute, no? adore2! 

I remembered the very first time I heard about this brand was from Tenny during one of our outings a few years back… The packaging for this brand is very unique and cute! Since cosmetic was not what I had in mind, I bought its bottle of pink nail polish instead and it was good… X)

286247_7I got the PK413 colour~ =)

(PS: this pic is “borrowed” from some random blog that google gave me… =P too bad that blogshop is for Singaporeans only though… ><)

Anyway, one of the blogger did recommend its single pack eye shadow saying that the texture and the quality is awesome! (The price is RM20.90… Cheap in a way but I’m still hesitating… >_<”) hhhmm… Should I? Should I not? I hate making decisions like this… @.@ But I’m quite curious with the 4 in 1 eye shadow pack too… It’s RM59.90 much expensive in whole but cheaper in sense that each colour costs me an approximate of RM15 only… I wonder are they good… Any idea? O.o

shadowcustomize  or 013


PS: the website for Majolica Majorca is nice~ girly and magical~ X) hhhmm... I think I'll drop by Watson's or Guardian when I'm free to know more about the cosmetics~ till then only decide whether what I should buy ... =P


Friday, April 8, 2011

Makeup… something that I love to explore… XD Can say that I’ve been fond of it since a few years back but I was not allowed to buy any of those as I was still in secondary school… Mum was like “Focus on your studies first! Beauty later!” >_< yeah… So there goes my chance of exploring… Besides, my friends at that time are not really interested in these kind of stuffs as well which somehow influence me too. I dare say that I seldom groom myself during those years except the way I dress. Still, it too was a seldom thing as I was quite lazy when it comes to this… Not to mention, I had lack of confidence last time… A very low-esteem girl I was… =X Even until I entered college, I did not bother to groom myself up at all! XP


These are not mine.. just found it from the web… =)


I’m currently using Kanebo’s Lunasol Party Coffret 2010 set~ =)

But things got better as I grow… Thanks to one of my closed friends during college, her encouragement for me whenever we go shopping really gave my confidence a boost! Not to mention, there are some incidences happened which triggered me adding even more confidence as well… XD Besides, this little girl is growing up! Which means it is time for a change… =P


One thing about makeup is that it can make your face look fresh and also flawless... But this depends on the personal preference, too... Like me, I do put on makeup occasionally but I apply them at a humble amount… I prefer to go for a more natural look… (I know putting on makeup means it’s not natural anymore) but my concept of more natural look is that… my skin will be flawless and I look more energetic and lively. Yeah. That’s my definition of natural. XD


So far, I did not try the extreme yet though… Like eye liner, I always draw on my upper lid only and leave the lower lid alone. I think did try to draw my lower lid before but it was a pure epic failure! And no, I certainly don’t plan to end up looking like Ju-On… >_< maybe I’m still a newbie and that more practice is required first! Anyway, the amount of makeup that I put on for outings depends on my mood. X)

Sometimes I’d just apply concealer with a thin layer of powder (just to blend the concealer well) followed by using an eyeliner for a more energetic look. Sometimes, when I have more time and is in the mood to play around with makeup, I’ll apply blush and eye shadow as well… But like I said, I usually apply them in a humble amount so most of the time, it is not noticeable especially in photos… XD

Like this one as an example =PIMG_4987 This pic was taken by Veron while we were at Cameron… XD

One sad thing to add, I have very light eyebrows… so light that when I apply makeup, I have to draw them using an eyebrow pencil else it won’t look so nice which I hate a lot … >_< Mum did suggest going for permanent eyebrow tattoo but it is a no-no for me… to draw eyebrows is already weird enough for myself imagine going for permanent! 


But then again, sad to say, eyebrows are a must for me to draw… And since I’m still a newbie, the eyebrows drawn sometimes end up very… erm… thick… and dark! =.= So yeah, I think if I wanna do a full make up on myself… I have to allocate a minimum of an hr for this! Not to mention, putting on makeup is an occasional thing for me so there goes my amount of practice… XP

But frequently, I do visit blogs and youtube on makeup in order to learn more about it… That was how I started learning everything too… XD

PS : for blogs… I find this one is very informative not just for makeup stuff but also skincare~ but one bad thing is that most of the products introduced are quite pricey… ><” so I just read no buy… X)

For youtube… I’ll always go for Michelle Phan’s videos! They are simple and nice~ Not boring too! ^^ But of course, by the end of the day, you’ll still need to practice in order to make yourself better… Practice makes perfect~ =)

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