Busy... super busy

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I notice that I had abandon my blog for quite some time...

Sorry about that...

Had been very busy for the past few days with assignments and presentations to be done and prepare...


Anyways, will update my blog once I got back from KL... Going down to KL for Christmas! ^^V

Gonna shop shop shop like a mad person again~ wee~~~ XD

But this time, with a tight budget cause my money had dried up. How so? Cause of a Chirstmas present which I did not expect to get~ =)

The present~ I wont say it here...

maybe will blog about it in my next post~ *wink*

omg~ so many things to blog about~ hoho~ But all have to wait until Christmas is over... =)

PS : I am happy with the life I am living now.. xoxo~ ^^

Sweet Stuff~ ♥

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Aren't they cute? ^^

To be frank, one of my hobbies is to bake bake and bake! =D But unfortunately, due to my laziness and also the time it consumes, I hardly bake at all... Not only that, the thought of having to clean up everything after baking can really spoil my mood sometimes... =.=

Anyways, I did bake once before.. hehe =) not many of u knew about it cause I didn't mention anything about it in my blog... =) It was OK to my mum.. She said it was crispy enough... But it was not really good according to my ex though... =X haiz... Anyways, that was the first and the last time I baked. Was thinking of baking again this semester break... What do you think? =)

Honestly telling you, one of my dream jobs is to open a bakery shop where I can sell and bake various types of cupcakes, muffins and cakes. At the same time, decorate them beautifully~ wee~ ^^ but of cause, like i said, it is only a dream... But I really hope to turn it into reality some day... Have to sharpen up my skill in baking first for sure... >.<""

Anyway, I had linked up several websites and also blogs on desserts recipes at the right corner of my blog... Have a look if you are interested. =)

One more thing, please do let me know if there is anymore websites or blogs that have desserts or chocolate recipes... leave a message in my cbox ya~ =)


Monday, December 7, 2009

To be honest, I should like this (the picture) instead of blogging here... hehe

anyways, can say that nowadays are very busy... or shall i say... I am suppose to be busy... but unfortunately, always got myself carried off with fb or blogging... dang! Should stop this bad habit of mine.. ish ish... >.<


sobs... Hope everything is well... =X

there is both sides to everything

Saturday, December 5, 2009

haiz... can say that the mood I am having now is both sad and happy but more one the sad side... =(( Why sad? cause I cannot manage to go for the factory visit next Thursday. Did not register myself on time. haiz...

but slightly happy cause somebody helped me shoot someone... I was like yes~~~ a very good way of commenting that certain something... it was like take that, you idiot!!! Yes, can say that I still despise him until now even though I did not show it out... I mean come on! If i despise someone that does not mean I have to tell the world or something... =.=

anyway, love that respond to the max~~~ hah!!! XDD

Have a break

Friday, December 4, 2009

It is already 12.27am and here I am still staring at the screen of my laptop as my fingers busily typed on the keyboard but one thing different for now is that I am not typing my assignments but am blogging instead~ XD

Cannot blame me, I seriously need a break before my brain goes on strike and refuse to think. So I have to let it rest for awhile by blogging. Cannot afford to let it rest by fb-ing. Too risky. Later ended up ignoring my long list of to-do's then die! That time u can see me operating like 7Eleven d. T^T


Today was OK for me cause things run kind of smoothly with nobody stepping on my tail badly or squeezing it till it breaks or something. Laughed a lot today. =) thanks to my funny classmates who crap and sing from time to time. hehe~ Then during the 3 hours of replacement for practical lab was Ok (although it does not seem that way for some other people =X) still it was good cause I enjoyed the class. =)

I think I can conclude today as satisfactory (minus the pile of assignments that I am working on right now! >.<)

peace~ ^^V

not good =(

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I must say that none of my days are good or cheery since Monday. Why? cause nothing is there for me to look forward to. =(( haiz... like today, I have to go for time trial for swimming since Inter-campus starts on the 11th of Dec which is just a few more days away. Because of this, I have no choice but to turn down my friends' offer. They are celebrating 2 of my classmates birthdays in Redbox just now and the whole class went except 3 or 4 ppl. So I have again missed the chance of celebrating with my big group of classmates again... =(( The previous one I did not go because I was not allowed to go. Their time for gathering is too late for my parents' curfew which is 10.30pm. T^T haiz... and this time, I could not make it again because of next week's competition. So yeah, I did not have a single good day since Sunday at all. =((

haiz... This week I have seriously land myself on a bed of thorns. Nothing for me to look forward to nowadays. haiz... Sometimes life really really suck but there is nothing u can do about it but to stay strong and move on. I have been staying strong for as long as I can remember. So I guess there is no excuse that I can't do the same again. =(( But still, the feeling of sadness is there. I don't know, maybe to any of u out there might not see this as a big or huge problem but to me, it is. Cause I am the type of person who likes to hang out with big group of friends, laugh out loud and joke until tears are shed. So naturally when there is a big celebration that involves everybody, I surely wanna go if im invited. But sometimes, not all functions like this are fun. Still, u won't know till u actually went for it.

Some more, this Saturday I can't go out cause my parents got other stuff to do so have no choice but to postpone to Friday instead. Hope they can make it on that day. =((

Now I have 2 assignments on my back which add to my pain and sorrow. sad... very very sad... =(( well, i guess I'll end here. Got assignments to attend to already.

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