Monday, April 27, 2009

I am so bored right now...

Alvin is busy "dating" Bleach...
So I dont wanna kacau him...
Tomorrow get to see him d anyway... ^^

During this sem break, I actually had a list of things to do...

1. Spend time with him (Alvin)~~~
2. Blog
3. Housework
4. Read up on circuitry
5. Explore Protel
6. Get freaking sponsors for society... =.=
7. Go gai gai with Alvin~~~ ^^
8. Watch movie at home with sis and him again~~~ ^^V
9. hhhmm... Spend time with my parents (like duh!)...
10. Get some exercise done!!! (Im growing fat... >.<)

laptop!!! desicions, decisions...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yesterday when I was at gurney plaza, I went to look around for any laptop that is to my liking and the result... There are 2 of them and the best part is both are pink! XD and hey, the shade of pink that they had is a pretty one k (unlike the one that dell has =.=)... Anyway, this is the tough part... I dont know which one to choose!! The price difference for these laptops is RM511...

This one costs RM3799 which I saw in House Of Notebook... One thing that it got me attracted is that it does not require a pasword to log in but finger print! Its like u wont have to worry about ppl hacking in cause they cant (especially my sis =.=)... hehe although the keyboard is just like our average type... It has 2years warranty if Im not wrong... =) I know its kinda pricy but I like it leh... hee... ^^"

This one is another one which I saw at Sony VAIO... The colour is nice and one thing I like about it is it's unique keyboard... it is not like the normal keyboard that we normally see... Im not really good at explaining it though... ^^" Anyways, this one is cheaper wth only RM3288...

For the other features... Well.... one thing that got me worried is that they are both using windows Vista... cause my circuit software, Protel is a much older version so it cannot run properly in that windows... Only windows XP can use it... haiz... >.<>

Besides that feature, I think I can say that others does not really matter to me lo... Cause I dont play on9 games and dont plan to! so speed doesn't really matter to me... And I also dont plan to download anything (I know that depends on the speed of internet... not that noob k... =.=)... the storage also not really important cause Im not storing movies and dont plan to store...

But one thing about Vista is that they need more space to run... Thats what Alvin says... He's using Vista so thats what he thinks... But I think that wont be a problem for me d... cause they provide a free update to 2GB RAM or space i think... sumting like that... hee... =)

So if anyone that is reading this, I'll appreciate it if you all drop me some comments on which to choose and the reason(s)... Thanks ya ^^

many things can happen in just one day

Woke up this morning feeling so relieved and free... yesterday was my last day of exam... sitting for maths 3... That paper was like hell... tough, challenging yet its worth every minute I spent fighting against time for it... Eventhough I did almost got myself a headache, still that paper was very satisfactory... in my opinion, of cos...

Anyway, I woke up at 8something in the morning but laze around on my bed until 9.10am... XD Housework, housework and more housework after that... But I did take around one and a half hours break though... For both my lunch and Fullmetal Alchemist!!!! yes, ppl.... Im now currently addicted to that show... damn FUNNY and entertaining... Seriously man!!! Theres only one problem... Animax air the show ONE episode per week ONLY... wail~~~!!! T.T I want more! I want more! X(

After that, went out to gurney for dinner and bought a romance novel titled "Sugar and Spice" from "a little black dress" series... those are the only romance novels that I read cause so far none has been as good except for one... Anyway, if anyone of u out there got any good romance novels to recommand to me... feel free to do so~~ I welcome u with open arms~~~ but it has to be in english ya~~~ ^^

Then went to the hospital to pay my grandma a visit but things din turn out well there... haiz... long story... stay there until 11pm...

So many things can happen in one day... with so many emotions and feelings changing time to time... later lazy then happy after that contented but there is also sadness and disappointment... anger... all sorts... but by the end of the day, I think i can conclude that my day went well... =)

These are a few pics of fullmetal alchemist... they rule~~~ ^^V

The Elric brothers~~ (Alphonso and Edward)

The chibi version~~~ Cute right~~? ^^

PS : One thing I had in common with Edward is... We both hate milk~~!!! lols... XD


Friday, April 24, 2009

After waiting for god knows how many years... I finally get to change my dinosour age TMnet dail up line to streamyx!! wee!!! now I dont have to worry bout mum or dad nagging about the phone bill cause the price is fixed!!! woo~~~ its not the stone age~~~ XD

Anywayz... tomorrow will be the last day of my exam. Unfortunately its in the afternoon =/ nvm... atleast after 2moro i'll be having one months break!!! how nice is that?! XD But I wont be working though... nobody wanna hire... T.T (its actually I dont feel like working) why? cause... I wanna... erm... accompany my dear more ma... X) *Blush*

Tired... Relieve and stress again...

Monday, April 13, 2009

I just had a hell of one last week... A freaking report of minimum 40pgs to rush tpo deadline and a stupid good for nothing circuit software making my mind jam... haiz... it was a VERY VERY busy week... Seriously... It was like... we were given a week to complete a power supply unit project... So imagine how crazy I was last week... Not to mention... Fever visited me for a day and a half.... =.= yes, ppl... I was working like mad... and i mean VERY M-A-D.... I had to even skip a 2 hrs lecture and a tutorial on the day of deadline... T.T but mum understands though... =)

Anyway, the report is not the only problem. The software that is used to test the circuit is... =.= well... let me intro this "wonderful", born-to-make-me-crazy software... my beloved Protel!!! haiz... It was like I got 30 over errors after constructing the circuit in the software.... and after that 30 over errors... I got around 9 components without foot print... and lets see... right!!!I got stuck with another bunch of errors... its either 17 errors or 30 errors... your choice... OMG!!! I spend 2 freaking days trying to do nothing but only to resolve errors.... wah lau eh!!! U have no idea how pek cek I was man!!! haiz... and now...

After the report and the circuit settle.... ten~ ten~ ten~ exam is next week!!! wee.... life couldnt be anymore better man... I was like a squashed banana... yes... not joking here... and with me ended up getting a post in a society... vice president!!! which means extra work load... wail!!! T.T

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