Thursday, June 12, 2008

yesterday was fun. Wanna know why? I'll tell u why... maybe it might sound very ridiculous. still im gonna tell it... I dont give a damn on how ridiculous it is cos its my blog and i get to do what i want with my blog... ok. i think i sounded harsh. sorry bout that. bad memories were "dropping by" my mind just now. ^^"

for the fun part, i went out with my frens in college to batu feringgi for lunch... And we went for KFC!!! wwwee!!! hehe that was the first time i went so far alone with my frens for lunch... haha it was fun. Richard and CK did the driving. yup, there were 8 of us on 2 cars. heh. Actually we planned to go for hawker at first but since we went until maybank area there (xiong jun wanted to go), we changed our makan area to KFC instead. during that time, we joke and crap alot. it was fun.

For today, its also the same excapt we din go out and eat. heh. After eating, all of us went to study room which was so noisy that all of us agree with our newly created name for the room. The kap siau room aka K.S. room. hehe perfect isit? dont think so? wait till u actually come and visit the room urself. at that time, u'll agree with us. seriously man... its like when u say study room. The image that comes to ur head is that the room is very quiet with only soft whispers and the clicking of the calculators or maybe the typing sound of the keyboard. But in reality, the place is so noisy that it sounded more like a tempat lepak than a study room... (what to do... there is not a shopping mall near the college ma) Not just that, some of the students even on their music media player so loud that all of us can hear. So it is no longer known by the name of study room instead the K.S room... (for certain of us oni of cos)... ^^V

But it was really fun going college... seriously... its nice to get to hang out with frens and crap almost everyday and most of the time in college... ^^

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