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Thursday, August 14, 2008

At first I thought that this day is going to be like any other days which I consider normal or if im unlucky enough, today might have been like yesterday, wednesday aka madnessday. seriously, it was a typical madnessday where there was nothing but madness filling up those 24 hours of my life... ok fine. Maybe its not fully 24 hours but more than 12 hours. who cares? I'll still be calling it the madnessday... Yes, ppl... believe it or not. I had gone tru a madnessday and erm... If my memory was not fooling me, I think i had just went through a madnessday last week... which day was it? erm... it was thursday i think.Ya! It WAS indeed last thursday. Why? well... I'll tell u why... Dont worry... Patience is a virtue. I'm getting to it... The reasonS (more than one FYI) are firstly, the coding for a form which I did for 5 long tiring hours was deleted by accident due to number 1. my pendrive got infected by virus and secondly I copy and paste the project using the wrong way causing it to boom!!! gone in seconds. *shake head* and the second reason it was a madnessday was... erm... well... Somebody said some awful lot of hurtful words to me which stab me in my heart deep... I dont know whether is it for real or what but it was seriously hurtful.

Anyway, today was a WAY happier day. Why? cause after such long torturing days and hours of writing and "inventing" coding, my assignment (the coding part) was finally done!!! waha!! Now that's the good news which make me so happy 2day... wwwee!!! Life rules when one of the days had run smoothly. Seriously man!!! XD

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+ryaN said...

yo tung.... i tagged yer.. go to ma blog to see wat izit... u better see... or else.....

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