My last msg to u =)

Monday, February 23, 2009

I was going through my friends' blogs and ended up reading Hugo's as well... The current Sharon no longer feel hatred and disappiontment towards Hugo instead she wished that he will have the happiness that he deserves... =) I had finally learnt to let go and forgive and forget... Although I admit if I were to bump into u in anywhere, I might still get a little nervous, still I can confirm this to u... I no longer hate u, no longer hold grudges against u... U were once my sweet memory and that I wont deny but that was in the past... learn from the past and hope for a better future... I wish u good luck and all the best =)

Fun Weekend ^^

Its been so long since I last onlined. omg. Now only I realised I am a person who gets bored easily. Seriously man I just went out during the weekends and last friday and here I am feeling bored on monday. tsk... Anyway, the weekends were fun and well... Can say quite buzy... Alvin's cousin brother got married and well... Ya... I attended the wedding... It was fun and I get to see how the night before the wedding day was held... What the bridegroom must do and not do (Dont get urself too drunk XD) And how the bridegroom went to fetch his bride... What they did there and etc etc... I missed the chance to get to see these traditions being carried out when my cousin brothers got married so here I am... Just saw those during the weekends... =)

ps: I had a wonderful time during vday but am too lazy to blog about it... hee... ^^"

vday is 2mr!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Today is like any ordinary day with housework as my first priority again. by just thinking of it seriously make me just want to laze around and dump all the house chores aside to let it grow into a mountain of whatever-its-suppose-to-call. Yes, ppl... i have been rotting at home for 2 freaking days (plus 2day of cause) =.= It is a miraclehow some people can manage to stay at home for months without going out with friends or anything else and still maintaining perfectly sane. Seriously, I am so not that type cause I just stayed at home for only 2 days and I can feel 30% of me (includes both my brain and body) is rotting and turning insane. Omg! Thank god Im going out tomorrow. That will reduce my percentage of rotting. >.<

Anyway, tomorrow is valentine's day already! And I got a date! XP wwwee!!! Haiz... Can't wait till tomorrow comes. I am seriously rotting at home at a fast rate. >.< Oh ya... I wanted to add a little more about certain things to make myelf CLEAR to certain someone... goes...


Whatever happens in the past, its over... and when i said over, i really mean OVER... As in forget about it and move on with our lives continue to search for the happiness that we longed for. One thing about me when it comes to relationship is when I said its NOT humanly possible for me to go back to your arms again, I meant EVERY word I said. Even IF I were to be left single in this world, I will NEVER go back to u EVER again, k??? So stop waiting for me and make yourself suffer because NOTHING is or will ever going to change my mind about the decision that I made. U know who u are... Get the message! >.<

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