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Monday, October 6, 2008

u know... my life had improve alot eversince the 2 week semester break... The guy that I used to had a crush on is no longer hanging out with me so that helps alot... And I am closer to my friends d eversince the saw's bday party... And ya... Im back to my happy-go-lucky life... with no crushes to crush on, nobody to "fan" me about what i should do and who i cannot mix with and bla bla bla... the list goes on... Anyway, it has been more than one week since I onlined and man I have missed so much on blogging... There was so many things that I wanted to blog about... Like during my outing with Saw, Yan, Funn, Hsing and Ling in gurney and about how unfortunate of us to not manage to go for Redbox after waiting for so long... T.T But nvm!!! For our next outing, I am so gonna book a freaking Redbox room and sing my lungs out!!! You bet i will... XD But if penang were to encounter earthquake on that day... hey, its not my fault k? The frequency of my voice plus my friends' are not high and powerful enough to cause the seabed to crack and collide with one another de... Man, Im speaking science... Physics to be specific.... >.<>.< But still am proud of myself... ^^V vain i know... but it wouldnt hurt to be vain once in awhile... XD

Anyway, today was fun... It was the first day of 2nd semester... Our first lesson was Digital Electronics & Microprocessor... Quite long for a name of a subject huh? Anyway, It was held in the lab which means its for our practical... Well, the lesson was quite fun and challenging I must say... XD After that, we had a 2 hr lecture for mathematics II which had already ended in about an hr plus and we were supposed to have tutorial class for maths at 2pm but since it was only the first week of the semester, it was canceled... which gave us plenty of time to ourselves... And that was when we decided to go gurney!!! wwwee!!! XD There were 12 of us who went there and we had lunch at Wongkok... So imagine the length of the table that fit the twelve of us in... haha XD And the orders that we took were very cute and funny... It was like... there were 6 ppl sitting in a row facing another 6 ppl and surprisingly, most of us ordered the same dish as the person who was sitting at our opposite... its like San San and Kok Hong ordered Set A which has chicken shop with the same type of sauce... And Catherine had the same as Vincent... While Wei Quan and I had the same dish!!! haha After that, we went to the arcade and played for awhile before going for pool... hehe it was seriously fun today... I'm lovin' it... ^^V

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theL said...

haha!!! great 1st day of sem 2!!!
wish u all the best in the new sem lo!!!!^^Y

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