Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Im currently not in the mood to study but in the mood to go online. However, I dont feel like chatting but my internet is moving in a very very slow speed. How slow? erm... As slow as the snail perhaps? Seriously, if u were to be in my shoes and uses my TMnet line, Im not surprise u'll be swearing ur lungs out in minutes. Wanna try? XD Anyway, my life had really took a turning point after I entered college. I thought that after entering NS, my life will change and it did but it was not as great as after I entered college. Well that's cause I have more freedom and its like im enjoying my college life by the minute. Seriously man! Its like even if the day doesnt go really well or as good as I thought it would (in short bad day) there's still a small thing or wo which will like cheer my mood up. It was really like the idiom that goes in every dark cloud there's a silver lining. I think I can say that the last time I felt so great about going to study was when I am in form 2. It was quite long ago huh? That is cause from 15yrs old until 17yrs old, the only thing that I was always looking for was tuition class. Why? erm... Cause of my very first boyfriend. But we didnt ended up good though. Ok... Let's not talked about that issue. What's in the past, let it be. Now the main point is the present and future. Yeah!! Now that's what keeps my life interesting. XD In my previous blog, I did blurted out that I had a crush on a guy right? Well... I think I wont talk much about that. Just in case my classmates read my blog. =X Anyway, I am seriously enjoying my life now and Im not complaining on anything at all man! XD I love my life!!! ^^V

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