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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Yesterday I went to saw's bday party and it was awesome! I had never laugh that much as compared to yesterday night since secondary school. Seriously man... It was like back to those days when we were still in secondary. We were crapping during the whole party. I reached saw's house at around 6pm and guess what? Im the first to arrive!!! which made me feel quite bored. Was trying to offer her parents to help but there was nothing for me to help. Anyway, yen yee came after awhile and then followed by saw's college friend. Some guy who I have already forget his name. oopss... ^^" if saw fins out, she'll kill me... lols. Anyway, saw went to fetch her college friends and Hsing. Chun Xun was the last to come. After that, that was when the fun starts. XD we had barbeque outside her house along with some other food like fries, spagetti, kuih and etc. When sarah's mum announced that we could eat, all of us start to dig in!!! we went into the house for fries, spagetti and etc. All of us were already eating except for hsing who were still barbequeing (dont mind if i spell wrongly XD) her chicken. While we were eating, there she was beside her chicken complaining to us how unfair is it that we are already eating without her... (well, its not our fault that she wanted to had chicken first XP) anyway, we were very siao yesterday. Kept taking ridiculuos pics of ourselves and joke the whole night (talking dirty the whole time... XD). Will post the pics the next time when I got em (its with chun xun). It was seriously fun. I was laughing so hard that I had problem crewing my food (thanksto chun xun >.<). Anyway, it was like a gathering for my close friends and I since the last time I saw them was on the day I went to school to get my SPM results. They did ask me out a couple of times but I was busy with either boyfriend or studies (sorry, guys ^^"). However, it was seriously fun to have the chance to get back with them and crap like how we used to. Since we have left school, it was harder for us to meet as all of us have our own things and plans to do so having the chance to meet up and chat will be very seldom. But I'm going to treasure everyone of them. U bet i will... =D

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