Walk Away~

Monday, November 29, 2010

I’m currently addicted to this song… cause it’s nice and the lyrics… well… let’s just say… its meaningful… =P

The lyrics~ Got it from

http://artists.letssingit.com/paula-deanda-lyrics-walk-away-remember-me-feat-the-dey-41bp5gm… ;)

I'm gonna remember you
You gonna remember me
(I'm gon remember you
You gon remember me)
I'm gonna remember you
You gonna remember me
(Yeah, i'm gon remember you
You gon remember me)

(The DEY)
Yeah, you gon remember me boo
I'm gonna remember you too
I can't forget all the crazy sh*t we used to do
You was doin' too much
I wasn't doin' enough
That's what your friends'd say
You got a man anyway
I can't explain it niether I ain't never wanna leave ya
Hell yeah it's hard to walk away when I see you
When I see you I remember the day
you put your shoes on and moved on before I could say..

[Verse 1:]
I saw you wit your new girl just yesterday
And I feel that I must confess
Even though it kills me to have to say
I'll admit that I was impressed
Physically just short of perfection
Gotta commend you on your selection
Though I know I shouldn't be concerned
In the back of my mind
I can't help but question..

Does she rub your feet
(When you've had a long day?)
And Scratch your scalp
(When you take out your braids?)
Does she know that you
(Like to play PS2 'till 6 in the mornin' like I do?)

I can't exlpain this feelin' (yeah)
I think about it everyday
And even though we've moved on (uh huh)
It gets so hard to walk away
(I'm gon remember you
You gon remember me)
Walk Away
(Forever you will live in my memory)
Walk Away
I'm gonna remember you
You gonna remember me
Walk Away
I can't forget how we used to be

[Verse 2:]
Guess I gotta live my life from day to day
Hoping maybe you'll come back
And though I tell myself not to be afriad
To move on but it seems I can't
Though a new man has given me attention
It ain't the same as your affection
Though I know I should be content
In the back of my mind I can't help but question...

Does he kiss me on the forehead
(Before we play?)
Show up on my doorstep
(with a bouquet?)
Does he call in the middle of the day
(just to say)
Baby I Love You
(Like you use to)

I can't exlpain this feelin' (yeah)
I think about it everyday
And even though we've moved on (uh huh)
It gets so hard to walk away
(I'm gonna remember you
You gon remember me)
Walk Away
(Forever you will live in my memory)
Walk Away
I'm gonna remember you
You gonna remember me
Walk Away
I can't forget how we used to be

[Verse 3 with The DEY]
I'm gonna remember you
You gonna remember me
The things we did, the way we shared our fantasies
Just you and me
My friend, My love, My family
How did we lose a love that seemed meant to be?
Sometimes I kiss her
And wish that it was you I'm kissing
Sometimes I miss him
And wish that it was you i'm missing
Sometimes I hug her
And wish that it was you I was huggin'
And I realize how much i'm buggin'

so hard to express this feeling
cause nobody compares to you (to you)
and you know she'll never love you like i do

[chorus 2x]
i cant explain this feeling
i think about it everyday
and even though we've moved on
it gets so hard to walk away
(I'm gonna remember you, you gonna remember me)
walk away, walk away
(I'm gonna remember you, you gonna remember me)
walk away

I'm gonna remember you
you gonna remember me
I'm gonna remember you
you gonna remember me

ps: similar but not same~ ;P


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Went out on Tuesday night to celebrate a friend’s birthday together with my other course mates and classmate… It was fun… X) had dinner at Kim Gary restaurant at MId Valley~

There were a total of 17 people that day! lols. a lot huh? u bet! XD well, on that day, one of the guys, Wei Ran, brought his DSLR along and thus the pics taken that day was seriously high in quality! lols! XDD 

So, I shall let the photos speak for themselves… X)

DSC_0002 DSC_0007

DSC_0005 DSC_0017

DSC_0143DSC_0068 DSC_0090 DSC_0153DSC_0157 DSC_0241DSC_0154 DSC_0289 DSC_0208DSC_0205 DSC_0298 DSC_0294 DSC_0296

 DSC_0304 DSC_0303

These are a few of the pics… nice, no? X)


Credits goes to the guy holding the camera… =D

Hyun Joong oppa~~~ ♥

Sunday, November 21, 2010

148642_469496528009_737218009_5555560_5890471_n Kim Hyun Joong~~~ My ♥!!! ^^

Guess what people??? Kim Hyun Joong (the Korean actor who acted in Boys Over Flowers and the Mischievous Kiss) is coming down KL next month!!! woot!!! was so super duperly excited when I heard about this from CX!!! (thankies ah oon~~~ >3<)

Auxilio adore!

He is coming to promote The Face Shop as he is its spokesperson~ So naturally, I zoomed towards that shop to see what are the T&Cs to be able to meet him in person~ XD

Went over there yesterday but the salesgirl who was entertaining me gave me the WRONG info!!! >_< According to her, she said that those who spent over an amount of RM50 will get the chance to be in the lucky draw for his poster with signature BUT she did not say that he will be signing it in person. She told me that that poster is pre-signed which got me really really disappointed! T.T


Somemore, she said that in order to meet him in person for signature, you HAVE to spend RM300 and above!!!! RM300!!! O.O I was like… *heart crashed* and AND the 10 lucky shoppers will be able to let him sign a special notebook (given as free gift) AND 3 lucky shoppers will be able to have the chance to take a picture WITH him!!! I was like… no~~~~~~

malo2! nooo3!

Anyway, I went over there again today since we were watching Harry Potter 7. Can say that I was in a dilemma whether to spend THAT much or not… was seriously freakingly reluctant! But at the same time, was very VERY unsatisfied that I did NOT try… So there I was, in the shop AGAIN… y.y. did suggest me to go for the RM50 one… she said at least there’s something better than nothing… She does have a point though, I thought. >_<

sera! So in the end, I went for the RM50 suggestion like y.y. suggested and taadaa!!! surprise surprise! The salesgirl (another one) explained to me that 200 lucky shoppers will be entitled to get his signature by him personally on his poster which will be given on that day!!! I was like… really???? *happy!!!*


So here I am, already filled in my details and passed it to the salesgirl, hoping to be among the lucky 200 shoppers!!! omg omg omg~!!! I’m sooo freakingly excited!!! Hope I can really get it!!! It’ll be a dream come true wei~~~ ^^V


adore2!PS: harry potter 7 was awesome! Although it is only part1, the storyline did not disappoint me wei! Almost the same as the book unlike the previous ones… >_< Anyway, the story was kind of slow to me and boring but that was how it went at first… The suspense and action are all in part 2!!!! omg!!! can’t wait for it wei!!! ^^V


Monday, November 15, 2010

It’s raining right now… which reminded me of a scene in Vampire Sucks where a bunch of hot body half naked guys started dancing “It’s raining men”… lols…

Its raining men~ haleluya~


Some random crapping while doing revision for maths… Sitting a test for it 2mr! wails! T.T Hope I’ll do good… Wish me luck alright? =D



Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Honestly, I’m getting lazier and lazier to blog nowadays…. Nothing to blog about and also inspiration didn’t pay me a visit either… So yeah, I’d abandon my blog for awhile now… >_<


Anyway, last Thursday was the grand opening of Uniqlo~ Japan’s number1 apparel brand for winter wear~ It was opened at Fahrenheit 88 and was also the VERY first store in Malaysia~ cool eh? XD Since that day was it’s grand opening, they are giving away 1000 tote bags to the first 1000 customers and also the first 500 customers stand a chance to win themselves a trip to Japan~


So after I heard of the freebies~ my eyes began to sparkle… =P besides, alot of items were sold half price! thus, I’ve made it a MUST to go~~~ XDD So, I called up my “shopping kaki” and voila~ Thursday was booked.. XD

We went over to Fahrenheit 88 by 9.40am. By the time we were there, the place was crowded with people! The queue to go into the store was as long as the Great Wall of China! (ok, maybe I’m over exaggerating.. but still! >_<) We were like O.O when we saw what we saw… I mean, its only 9.40am and the queue was already so god damn freaking long!!!  

fiu! But then again, who can resist sales and freebies? XP Anyway, we waited for 4hours plus before we were able to go into the store… and we were standing the whole time!!! >_< (readers’ thought : man, girls can do almost anything to shop huh?) =P The moment, we went into the store, we began hunting!!! It was so crowded that we have to queue up for the changing room and also queue up for payment! and mind you, the queue was super long! >_< 

shock!Still, it was worth the wait~ Bought a pair of pink skinny jeans (pink again… =P) and also a t-shirt with Chuppa on it! ^^ that t-shirt was the last piece when I saw it and thank god it’s a size M! haha… There were a lot of people who bought clothes two baskets full! O.O no joke! serious! When I saw it I was like…

sorprendido yeah, I was like this… O.O

Did had lots of fun shopping that day… XD BUT cheap meals here I come! Have to control my spending before my pocket went all high and dry… teehee! XP

Note” I did not manage to get any of the freebies… Was the 1xxxth customer to go in… >_< I heard that there are people who went over to wait since 3am! O.O *ahem* I may be a person who loves shopping but my skin complexion is more important… =P


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Image154 BJT circuit~ >_<

Today was like any other Wednesdays I can say… But, there are a few little things which made it different somehow. XD Had a 3hours lab which we have to complete at least until the BJT experiment as the report’s due date is next week.

fiaca! So yeah, there I was unhappily constructing the circuit. Why? cause I’m kind of lazy when it comes to this… and also, I hate the part where we have to know the resistance of the resistors by looking at the colour stripes on their body! Very very VERY lazy when it comes to that!


Anyway, after done constructing the circuit, I went over to another computer to test its results virtually through NI Elvis~ (according to my lecturer, the creator of the software is a fan of Elvis thus it was named after him… lols!) However, when I saw the output of the graph given by the software, I was like… oh… my… god… O.O the graph looked like some heartbeat of a patient who suffered from a MAJOR heart attack! I was like… no~~~~ T.T since the output is wrong, troubleshooting the circuit is the only solution… (which I dislike too! >_< cause you have to trace back your circuit and identify the error…) *faints*

dolor! mareo!

After troubleshooting, I realised that all my capacitors are placed correctly BUT with wrong capacitance… The resistors are placed correctly BUT with wrong resistance… AND one of the components is opened circuit!!! So many errors! I failed badly as an engineer wei… >_<

nooo2!But still, during that time, I was asked to be a camera model for some TAR College thingy…

haha!So I guess it was not so bad after all~ XP wakakaka~   


Monday, November 1, 2010


Today I had officially tasted Vodka~ Had 3 glasses of it somemore. =P  BUT of cause the 3 glasses that I had, are mixed with either Rootbeer or Sarsi. I wanted to try it without adding any extras BUT the taste is too awful to handle. >_<


Why I say so? Well, let me describe how it taste like… It tasted like nail polish remover. Seriously! You know the smell of nail polish remover? That’s exactly how it taste like minus the minty feeling. So yeah, it sucks!


Not just that, when you swallowed it down your throat, it gives you the feeling of thirst. Like the ones when you’re about to fall sick, your throat somehow gives a feeling of hollowness. Its like you still feel thirsty no matter how much water you consumed. Not just that, After taking it, you’ll feel all hot and sweaty. (No wonder the westerns often took these during winter)

So from today onwards, Vodka had been blacklisted by me! >_< I mean even red wine and Whiskey tasted much better! But still, I’m glad to be able to try it. At least I know how it taste like and also, I know that by taking 3 glasses, I’m still awake and can even blog while doing homework! yeah~ XD


Don’t get me wrong. I did NOT tried it in a club or pub. Nope, yours truly did NOT go clubbing. >_< Its just so happen that its the eve of my housemate’s birthday and one of us decide to bring a bottle of Vodka for the celebration. ;) And, the celebration was held at home with more than 20 people, guys and girls.

Even though I am still fully awake and not drunk, I am very sure that I’ll be having a very good sleep tonight. XP


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