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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

After sacrificying most of my precious time on getting my computer studies assignment done, the day has finally come. The day when my group need to present what we had done to the lecturer. The day when i finally get to rest and not worry about coding. The day when everything has come to an end where i no longer bury my face on the computer and the green colour visual basic 6.0 book. What a relieve. Im not being sarcastic here i tell u. It's true. It's nothing but the one and only truth. It's real. Seriously, to create coding for a project is like the toughest thing ever man. Imagine writing a program in assembly language. It'll be like holy shit!!! Is that even humanly possible? duh! If that wasn't possible, i wont be facing my laptop right now with my butt glued to the chair and blogging this ridiculous (call it whatever u want, i dont care) post/ blog. However I'm glad that its finally over, get to do things that i should do. Exam is just 2 weeks in advance. Holy! and I havent even done my pass years... Shit!!! yes, ppl. Im going to face the worst hell in 2 weeks time. In 2 short freaking weeks!! yes, u hear me correctly or should i say u read it correctly? whatever. I'm still gonna face this nightmare anyway. This is like a matter of life and death you know. Again I'm not being sarcastic here. I'm telling the truth. It is a matter of life and death for me cause It-all-about-the-$$$!!! Yeah... If i fail, my money will grow wings and will fly~~~ ^$^ that time the money will be like "I spread my wings and i learn how to fly~ do what I'll do to reach for college~" that time I'll be like holy shit, dude!!! -.-"

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