Monday, October 25, 2010


Saw the angel and devil that I drew on my notes? cute, no? =P

This is what happens when you have no motivation to study but due to time constraint, you have to force yourself to study no matter how much you despise it. lols.

Well, at least these 2 little fellas are there to accompany me. Teehee! =D

ps: I’m currently using Windows Live Writer for all of my blog posts and I’m lovin’ it to the max!!! Thankies, Yan~ for introducing this awesome program to mua~ XD

21.10.2010~ a day to rmb~ ♥

Friday, October 22, 2010

Allow me to present~~~

10 10 10 10~~~~ ♫ ♫ ♫

IMG_3001The Liverpool Football Club shirt that I got for FREE!!!! XDD

How did I get it? Well, today the Liverpool John Moores University came to our college to brief our seniors about the Uni and the 3 months summer top-up program. It was held at the College Hall. Of cause, during these types of mini “fairs”, surely a station game will be organised.

ahhh! So, since the university is located at Liverpool, they had this Fifa Football challenge on PS3! Can say that I hardly play PS (I do play sometimes depending on the games available… =P) and also I’m not a football fan either so generally, that game doesn’t interest me… well, at least at the beginning, not yet… XD I don’t even know what’s the price for the winner! haha…

It was until 3pm when we decided to go back to college hall to try our luck on the lucky draw… cause the first prize was an Ipod Shuffle! XD Unfortunately, lady luck was not on my side… >_< Kok Hong did get a LJMU mug though… =) Anyway, it was until that time when BK started asking Shir whether she’s interested in playing the challenge. It seems that until that time, no girls were able to score for a goal so the prize still remain standing.


So since the prize is still there, why don’t just give it a shot? I mean since there was no luck in getting the Ipod, might as well try for a 20GBP shirt instead… XD So Shir and I signed up for the game… and the rule is simple… Score as many goals as possible within the time frame given… While waiting for our turn, BK, Anson, CK and the rest started to teach us… what button is used for what function… Shir went first but didn’t manage to goal though… >_<


then comes my turn~ So there I was, while playing, all my Sifu-sifu’s started to teach me their ho liao (awesome) techniques… they were like “quick quick! press X!” or “fast fast passing!” “ok ok! dont pass liao… just carry the ball!”  can say that during the whole game, I hardly concentrate, was more aware of their comments… lols! and before I knew it, they were like “har! sui sui! can goal it liao!” so I pressed the O button and GOAL!!! XDD

 gol! haha!

The moment I scored, I was like “Woohoo!!!” and had a big High 5 with BK… XD\the rest cheered on!!! I didn’t even realise that my time was not up yet! lols!!! Can say that there were 200++ girls who tried the challenge and I was the ONLY ONE who scored! wee~~~~ banzai to me~~~!!! =P

Amorypaz  buu! sarcas! wiii!

But of cause! majority of the credits goes to all of my Sifus! Without their skilful technique, I won’t have scored a goal d! XDD banzai to them!!! woot~! Damn happy today!!! ^^

PS : I think I’m slightly more interested in football now, thanks to this! XD

simple yet memorable~

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Class ended at 6pm today so went over to Wangsa Maju for dinner before heading for KLCC… =) The main intention of going to KLCC at first was to shop for a French dictionary BUT ended up going for a movie instead. Why? That’s cause the dictionaries are too freaking expensive that’s why! >_<

Our French  professor told us that it only costs RM19.90 BUT the price that we saw over there was like ABOVE RM40! So of cause, none of us wanted to go for it (atleast I do NOT wanna go for it… call me stingy but I really don’t think its worth the amount spend…) Anyway, we went for Kinokuniya bookstore for the dictionary hunting so I guess that’s the reason that the books are pricey? no? O.o


Still, I did suggest going for a survey at a few more bookstores before regret buying it when it can be bought at a lower price elsewhere. The pain of that regret is unbearable so prevention is better than cure… XD

nose! Since we planned to survey the price before buying it, that leaves us tonnes of time to “lepak” around so that’s when we suggest going for a movie instead! wee~~~ Ended up watching the Reign of Assassins… Y.y. and I wanted to go for The Other Guys but Shir doesn’t want so we went for this movie instead…


The movie was not bad~ the story is kind of nice and ooo~ it touched my heart~

happy!  It was worth watching~ but then again, it was not worth watching cause I found out that one of my housemates had the movie in his laptop! >_< there goes my RM13~

^$^ my money~~~ nooo3!

Anyway, while y.y., Shir and I were walking around the mall, we were practicing our French by repeating the words here and there then there was once where we were stuck with the words “je comprends” (translates as I understand) and “je ne comprends pas(I do not understand)… At that time, it didn’t occur to us that a western guy was in front of us…

I guess we were talking quite loud and thus he turned and looked at us with this expression ---> O.o …

“You know how to speak French?” he asked… 3 of us, shocked and speechless for a second before I answered him “A little bit…” ^^”  “That’s a good start” he responded and walks off…

The moment he was gone, we were acting like hill billies and kept saying oh-my-god!!! That guy actually listen to what we were saying??? Must be a French dude… and voila~ We were on that topic for as long as I can remember… lols! But still, seriously, he really caught us off guard… I mean, we didn’t expect anyone to know what we were talking about… Not that we were aware of… XD Still, it was cool~ X)

haha! ahhh! sarcas!

ps : wishing you again… happy birthday~ =)

French French~~~ XD

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Yes, ppl~ Today was the first day of French class for mua~ how did it went? well, let’s just say that it had a very VERY challenging start! The moment the lecturer came into the class, he started speaking French!!! Thanks to that, there are question marks on EVERYBODY’s head… >_< BUT luckily he did talk with hand gestures so I was able to roughly catch what he says (although I’m not even sure whether my guess is correct or not!) I dare to say… the first half an hour, everybody was seeing stars~ *_*

mareo!It was seriously hard to try to understand… I mean, just imagine this scenario, a dog and a cat are trying to communicate with each other using their respective language… Yeah! that’s exactly how it was… and to make things worse, the lecturer speaks purely French! Not even English… >_< omg…


Anyway, it was good~ I dare to say its challenging… It felt like as if you have to break the Da Vincci code or something! But thanks to that, I was FULLY awake for the 2 and a half hours class. Seriously! I didn’t even yawn!


hehehe~ XD I did learn a few words of course~ and also, I realised that the spelling of the words and their pronunciations are totally different! So I have to scribble extra notes on how the words should be pronounce by the side…

Overall, it was good~ I can say its a whole new challenge to me and I’m all out to face this! sarca2!

ps : To be able to help a close buddy by giving TONNES of encouragement and positivity really can cheer me up! ^^ It’s like, it work two ways…. While I was helping him, I helped myself as well by feeling more positive and cheerful! thanks, bro! and all the best to you there! You’ll be alright with her, k? I’m sure of it! may your love with her continue to grow grow grow~~!!! ^^ treasure her and cherish her well o~ ^^V


Me, myself and I

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I don’t know why but it got me thinking… I know this will sound kind of lame but continue to read on before judging… =)

Have you ever wonder… Who am I? I mean… that question pops up in your head sometimes… Does that ever happen to you? Since people always ask you to be you but the problem is who is the real you?


For example, my case, I am a daughter, I am also a sister, I am a student as well as a friend… So really, who am I? Who is the real me? What I’m trying to say here is that… Our personality change when we are playing different roles… Of course you don’t expect to go all wild and out like when you’re with your friends during exam period isn’t it? Cause that time, your major role will be as a student and as a student, your main aim is, of course, to score good grades. In order to get that done, it requires concentration and self-discipline which thus, makes you somehow, strict. So if that’s the case, are you saying that you are not being yourself during exam? No, right?

Can say that while I was in NS, they have self-actualisation lessons like this and thus it somehow got me thinking once in awhile. =) So what do you think? Who is the real you? O.o To me, in every role you play shows the real you. It shows the you for each and every situation you are in. Like in front of your parents, you are all good and angelic but when you are with your friends, all sorts of nonsensical ideas tend to pop up in your head and you become more mischievous. Right, no? ;)


So I guess that you are being you all the time except that you adjust the way you see things which got you changing your personality in every distinct situation faced. Personality is changed in order to allow you to fit into the situation like a right piece of puzzle. Thus there is no such thing as not being yourself, it is always you but with different personality which sometimes you don’t feel comfortable with.

I think, my opinion, you are always being you but sometimes you don’t like the personality that you are in that’s all… But then again, life isn’t easy and doesn’t suits you all the time so can’t complaint much isn’t it? Just faced it up and something better will be on the way! In every dark cloud there is a silver lining~ believe in this idiom cause it’s true… So when you are down and out, tell yourself that the best is yet to come. =)

ps: This is my way of thinking and I believe not everybody will agree to it. So if you don’t like what I write, just ignore it then. I was just thinking out loud that’s all. =)

bonjour, tout le monde~

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

lols… It’s translate as hello, everyone in French… XD well, here’s the news~ Yours truly is taking an extra subject this semester!!! (like my 6 subjects are not enough to drive me crazy already! <(>_<)>)

Anyways, I’m taking French language~ wee~~~ surprised? beats me… lols… I actually plan to go for Jap BUT (man, I hate this word at times… <(>_<)>) the class is already full! 


So I have no choice but to go for French instead (don’t like Korean Language at all so that option was kicked out from my list)… Can say that I was in a dilemma whether to apply for this subject or not at first cause like I said, I already have 6 subjects to worry about for this semester so I was wondering if an additional subject is a bad wise option. 


Anyway, my friends managed to persuade me (they are always good at it…>_<) into taking it in the end so yeah… French class~ here I come! Since I’ve already signed up for this, so I guess the only thing I can do now is to give my all into it, right? So that the extra $$ is worth spending~ =)

(I’m still reluctant about this now though… my money~~~!)


Still, from what I know, the lecturer is a French dude~ a.w.e.s.o.m.e.!!! XD I mean… it’s not like you get to meet a French to teach you French on a weekly basis right? Imagine this statement :

“I’m learning French taught by a French dude while eating French fries”

lols! =P

So I guess, I seriously have to have proper time management for this semester before I ended screwing everything up! That’s the last thing on Earth that I want… <(>_<)> yeah, proper time management and thus tonnes and tonnes of workload to keep me busy busy busy~!!! X) Its good to go for a change in life at times… =)

happy peace

ps: I don’t know why but the word “French” gives me the feeling of the colour blue~ =)

baby, are u down down down down down~

Sunday, October 3, 2010

screw that title of mine... Was just being lame... =.=

Anyway, I have Broken up with him a few days ago...

I know... It sounded so soon right?

Sigh~ I did hope that this one will last longer but ended up, it's the shortest among all!

ps: I guess for some who don't really know me, I bet u all will be wondering.. "how many times has she been in a relationship?! O.O"

I ain't gonna answer that though... =P

To be frank, it's so short that I'm not even sure whether to consider him as my ex or not... =.=

I mean.. We did have sweet memories together during those times but still... 2 months?!

I don't know what to think.. you be the judge...

Can say that alot of our friends are shocked with the news... (They too did not expect this to happen so soon...) well, join my club... giving up was the least expected thing...

Both parties are at fault when a breakup happens... There is no such thing as its ALL my fault or its ALL YOUR fault...

neh~ nobody is perfect you see...

Anyway, I did try to patch things up but they just seem to be falling into deaf ears though...

I was seriously hurt with the thought that he constantly rejecting me while I was there trying to inject some positivity into him... So in the end, I give up as well... Cause, I know it's the best option for both of us now... I don't wanna be his burden, too...

To be honest, I was kinda glad that this happen before we go for Jogoya~ Cause in this way, he won't have to spend extra for me thus lighten his pocket weight... =D Not just that~ it happen before things get complicated and all…

Don’t get my meaning wrong… I did not wanna break this ok? This was not what I wanted but since it had happen, I guess I should just continue on by looking at the positive side of it, isn’t it? =) I mean, honestly, I find it VERY hard  to let go at first… I even felt that he did not give me a chance to correct myself!

But to think it from his perspective, it’s better that way for him as he won’t feel so crappy… I admit, I don’t know him long enough to fully understand him… So I’ll lend him a helping hand by not creating anymore unnecessary problems for him… =) Take it as a silent helping hand… =)

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