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Friday, September 19, 2008

Today was the first day for me to relax fully of the 24 hrs without worrying about studies and exam cause my exam has finally ended!!! wwwoo!!! yes, ppl... Time to call for some celebration!!! actually I have already celebrated yesterday after our last exam paper which was basic electronics. We went straight to red box after lunch and sang for 3 full hours! beat that! XD anyway, it was seriously fun. =D

TOday I get to sleep until 10 in the morning as compared to the normal time that I woke up during lesson days was like an extra bonus of 3 hrs man!! So u do the math and guess what time do I have to actually wake up everyday(excluding weekends)... torturing huh?

By the way, the main thing that I planned to talk about in this post is this book which titled "Yes, I do" by Janet Dailey. It is a romance novel that has 2 different novels in it. Just now during the afternoon I have read the first story, "Enermy in Camp". The storyline was awesome and it was very cute. Besides that, it does not describe any sex scenes but only kissing. It was about a girl who hates a guy alot thanks to his way of criticising her father. However, after her dad invite him over for a stay at their summer house, things began to take a turn. Without realising it, she had already began to fall head over heels for him. The story was funny and touching. Din regret buying it. XD However there is another story which I havent read yet. Will post about the story once I have finish reading. =D anyway, I bought this book in MPH. *wink*

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