Monday, January 31, 2011

I know I have abandon my blog for a very long time. >_< It can’t be helped when there’s no inspiration and nothing to blog about. Besides, I was being a couch potato these few days.

nose!Anyway, I went out with my girlfriends on Friday for breakfast, movie and lunch~ Catch up with one another and had a great time~

Went for lunch at Bar.b.q Plaza~ It was newly opened at Gurney Plaza and Yan wanted to give it a try. Can say that I have went there twice when I was in KL and the food was delish~ ^^

179685_10150106919583377_702658376_6089817_2345633_n Had Supreme Pork set that day~ ^^


The bacon roll~ (I think that’s the name.. forgot what it was actually called) >_<

They were delish~~~  adore2!

One more good thing about it is that… 20% discount is given for students (flash your student ID!) everyday!!! From 10am to 5pm~

Feel free to go for a try~ you won’t regret it~ =D

PS : photo credits go to Yan~ X)

Mini Chocolate cupcakes~

A couple of days ago, I decided to bake cupcakes for this potluck that I’m having with my friends on Saturday. Can say that I have baked them before so I have some so-called experience in baking them. XD

Anyways, enough with the talking, I’ll let the photos do the talking… X)


The batter for the cupcakes~ Very brown as you can see… Its all from the coca powder~ X)


Off they go into the cupcake mold~


Inside the oven~ bake bake~


and they’re done~! ^^


A tray of mini cupcakes~ some with chocolate chips~ =)

I managed to make an approximate of 40 to 50 cupcakes with the recipe~

I know I failed in terms of presentation but the taste was rich with chocolate that even one of my friends said it tasted like Ferero Rocher~ ahaha… XD Anyhow, it was fun baking them~ X)



Tuesday, January 18, 2011


How laziness can kill when you should be studying for the last exam paper instead of being as sloppy as the fat cat above… T.T


But then again, I don’t wanna end up like the pic below so I guess… This is my motivation source for now… A_180

and and… I still have my ultimate goal to achieve!!!

gambatehSo I guess I can’t let laziness take over me yet for now… >_<

PS: went over to get my French Language cert and the results today. It was satisfying~ ^^V


Saturday, January 15, 2011


A_045  Chilling out awhile before entering hell again…




Exam is a real pure torture… T.T

New Year

Saturday, January 1, 2011

First of all, I’ll like to wish all of you who are reading this… Happy New Year!!!! May you have a blessed year ahead!!! Blast it with joy, success and happiness! ^^

Can say that this is the first year aka first time celebrating it away from my family and my home. Celebrate with a whole new group of people, my housemates, in a whole new environment, KL. The thought of it splash me with a wave of emotions.

Year 2010 is really finally over and 2011 is already here. Time passed in a blink of an eye.

It felt like it was just yesterday that I entered college in KL…

It felt like as if I just entered college for the very first time awhile ago…

It felt like it was only last week when I saw my seniors coming back to college in Penang for their graduation… telling my friend, “we’re going to be like them in 2 years time. I wonder how it’s like?” and here I am, already graduated from Diploma, went for my very first convocation on June.

A lot had happened. May it be good or bad. But do I regret my doings in year 2010? I’ll say, no… I’m very glad to have live my life in year 2010 as the way it had been.




Live life the fullest with no regrets! ;)   

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