Water Marbling!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

In my previous post, I did mention that I’ve always wanted to get my hands on OPI nail polishes right? Well, there is a reason behind this “want” which is to try on water marbling nail design!!! ^^V

It was quite some time ago that I was introduced to this unique way of designing nails by a friend of my sis who posted the outcome of her attempt. From the time, I saw it I was like “omg! I wanna try it too!” So there I was, watching several videos on the tutorial for water marbling… It was so interesting! But! There is a catch to this unique nail design… which is NOT every type of nail polish can be used to achieve this look.

I didn’t know that until I tried it using the nail polishes that I have… None of them worked! The brands that I’ve tried on are:

  • Silky Girl
  • Skin Food
  • Majolica Marjorie

Note: I’m not sure about Majolica’s though as I have only one nail polish from that brand… So I can’t guarantee ya… =)

Disappointed, I asked my sis’s friend about it and she told me the same thing: not every nail polish can be used for this… In fact, the nail polishes that can guarantee this design are those branded nail polishes like Sally Hansen and OPI…


So now that I finally got myself a set of OPI nail polishes, I had achieved one of my to-do’s! wee~ ^^

IMG_5628 IMG_5631

Ta-dah~! As the colours of the nail polish are in pastel shade, the design looks softer~ =) come to think of it, they look like candy~! Smile with tongue out

The colours I used for this design:


Sparrow Me the Drama and Stranger Tides

lols… the names given for the polish… X)

And the mess I made for creating this nail design:


Messy huh? >_<

There are a few things which you have to take note of while doing water marbling:

  • Make sure your surrounding is not windy (the polish will dry up very quickly)
  • Have to be fast when you dot your nail polish (Don’t have to close the nail polish lid tight after every drop… That will slow you down alot… Don’t worry, the nail polish(in the bottle) won’t dry up so quickly)
  • Make sure you have tonnes of cotton buds, Q-tips and nail polish remover by your side (to clean up unexpected mess)
  • Practice makes perfect! =D (Don’t worry if initially it looks weird or “cacat”(retarded), you’ll get better as you go along… Smile)
  • It’s ok if the pattern you get for every nail is inconsistent… Inconsistent is a part of art~ Hot smile 
  • If possible, do NOT use a plastic cup as the acetone from the nail polish can cause a hole on it…

Lastly, enjoy the process! ^^ Winking smile

I really love this design~ What’s more is that it dries faster than the normal way of applying nail polish! ♥ ^^ ♥

Note: I don’t do tutorials as this was my first time trying out as well… But if you wanna learn, you can always go YouTube and type in “Water Marble Nail Art” and you’ll get yourself tonnes of tutorial videos… =)

Movie outing~

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Despite the fact that Fast 5 had already went on screen since the beginning of May, yours truly here only managed to watch it by today! Which was just now with one of her buddies~ Luckily there was someone who share the same fate as I do else I think I won’t be able to watch this movie until the DVD comes out. >_<

Overall, I would rate the movie: 5stars!!! It was definitely worth watching! very exciting and cool! It' occasionally have you sitting at the edge of your chair! (ok, maybe I’m being a little too sarcastic) but then again! To be honest, to compare this and Pirates of Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, I would go for Fast 5… It has more action… and and… hot guys with hot bodies!!! (for the girls~ XP) and hot sexy chicks for the guys~ ahaha… XD

Note: I really love the combination of Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock in this movie… It makes the movie whole lot cooler!!! *like like!!* XDD

Anyway, went over to Watsons to stock up my stuffs as I’ve run out of some… >_< and something unexpected happened… lols… Something so hill billy that I had not done before… ok, here is how the scenario goes:

As I was queuing up to buy the tickets, a advertisement with the POC’s symbol and blue ocean caught my eyes which then led me to the words stated:

show your POC ticket at O.P.I outlets for a 20% off on Mini Nail Lacquers from O.P.I inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides! 

(Something like that…)

And being a girl who loves shopping, generally the 20% discount rate shines like a ray of Sun had fall upon it… making it look so holy~ haha… BUT! It is only applicable for POC movie AND it has to be a GSC ticket… That really made my heart sank! Cause,for 1, I had already watched POC during the last weekend and 2, it was at TGV instead of GSC! >_< so yeah… I was disappointed as O.P.I. nail polishes are expensive and I’ve always wanted to try them out!

Anyway, I still share the offer with my buddy when she arrived and then an idea hit us… which is, to take the ticket from someone who watched it on that day! So yeah, there goes our “marvellous” idea. At first we planned to asking those who are going in for the 9.30pm movie but then again, since POC did screened at 7pm, we decided to give it a shot by waiting at the exit of the cinema instead.Very hill billy-ish I know… But we were charmed by the cute little nail polishes in the set that we decided to try our luck!


Found them near the bin NOT IN the bin… XD

It was quite hard at first as we do not know the actual cinema room that screened POC at 7pm and what’s more was that the GSC at Pavilion had 2 exits. So yeah, we were waiting from exit to exit, asking people randomly what movie they were watching, for about 40 minutes. Then, that was when we finally caught hold of those who watched the POC movie. Unfortunately, the guy that we asked had thrown away his ticket… So it was a failure but we decided to go into the cinema and try our luck hoping to find a ticket on the floor or something… It turned out that the cleaners were faster than us… so fail again… After we got out from the cinema, yy decided to search around the bin and true enough! there were 2 tickets of POC available at the side of the dustbin (pic above)… so wee!!!! mission accomplish… haha! XDD

As we were laughing feeling satisfied with the fact that we tried, we walked towards the O.P.I. shop and bought our set!

IMG_5615 The salesgirl was already keeping up the items when we reached but we still managed to get our mini sets! =D


tah da! My very first set of nail polish from O.P.I. and I won’t forget how I got it~ XD

(The promotion lasts until next Sunday though… So girls, if you are interested in getting this at a discounted price, go watch POC at GSC! you’re entitled for the discount once you gave them your ticket! Winking smile)


Stuff that I bought today~ fuu… broke again d… >_<

Angry Birds~

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Can say that Angry Birds, which was once just a game in mobile phones are becoming more and more popular already~ It’s like even the plushies of the birds and pigs are in the market! The fever over Angry Birds is on!!! XDD


my very own set of Angry Birds plushies~ teehee! =P

Anyways, since the game is becoming so popular, Nokia decides to set a record by organising the World’s Biggest Angry Birds Playground!!! wee~~~ XDD It will be held right here in KL at Low Yat Plaza!

Click here to find out more or to join the event! =D

I’m very curious of how the playground will be like… I guess I’ll have to wait till that day to find out… XD

Youth Jam ‘11

Monday, May 23, 2011

For those of you who had read one of my previous post before on Galaxy Youth Carnival, guess what? Another similar event is about to be held in Penang again! XDD woots! Hot smile


But sadly, I don’t get to go as I won’t be in Penang… T^T anyways, if you guys are interested in it, do click on the picture to check it out! =) Winking smile

There' will be many exciting events like:

  • cosplay competition (I had alot of fun admiring the cosplayers during Galaxy Youth Carnival… I wanna see again~~~ >_<)
  • photography competition for those who are interested in photography…
  • There’s even Eating competition!!! organised by Secret Recipe~~~
  • Coffee drinking competition~
  • and and treasure hunt!!!

wail!!! I wanna go~ I wanna go~ I wanna eat and drink and play treasure hunt~ T^T Crying face Those of you who can go… Do go and have a look… experience and enjoy the atmosphere! it’s really awesome~ no joke… Open-mouthed smile


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Actually, right now, at this instance, I have to complete my proposal BUT somehow, I ended up here. =.= I guess important, boring matters always make me swayed away.  Smile with tongue out

Anyway, It’s been ages since I last update my blog. I had LOTS to blog about but lack of inspiration and was filled with laziness… Gee… I’m getting lazier by the day… >_< crap… So, yeah… Back to my title… I’ve finally able to try dining at Jogoya~ =D It’s a Japanese restaurant located at Starhill Gallery, Bukit Bintang. It’s at the opposite of Pavilion and at the left (If you were look at it from Pavilion) of Fahrenheit 88.

Went with my family on the weekend before my new semester starts~ The price? It costs a bomb! >_< with RM98++ per person but I forgot to mention, it is all-you-can-eat buffet style~ wee!!! XDD

I think I’ll let the pics do the talking now~ Winking smile

IMG_5522 IMG_5524

Left: the dishes we took for 1st round~ XD

Right: the complimentary wine they gave… but you can only consume it there… cannot take home… >_<

IMG_5525 IMG_5526

left: fresh oysters (they are a MUST try!!! no joke~) with raw Salmon slice(sashimi Hot smile)

right: erm… mini steamboat? my parents ordered it… you get to pick what u wanna cook inside(mostly seafood) and they’ll serve it to you with the soup… it’ll be place on the mini gas stove that’s on your table… X)

IMG_5527 IMG_5528

left: Ze wine~ XD

right: Chocolate coated marshmallows with waffle top with New Zealand coffee ice cream~ yummm~

IMG_5532 IMG_5531

left: the wine~ again… =P

right: coconut drinking the wine… XD haha the coconut drink is another MUST try!!! very delish~ and very laku (selling like hot cakes) =D

IMG_5534 IMG_5539

left: coffee pudding~ not to my liking though… It’s too bitter… >_<

right: Jogoya! XD

IMG_5537 IMG_5538

some wine/liquor they display at the restaurant.. look so exquisite~

Restaurant: Jogoya (Jap restaurant with buffet style)

Location: Starhill Gallery, Bukit Bintang (directly opposite of Pavilion)

Price: RM98++ (sometimes they do have promotions like buy 2 free 1 kinda stuff)

Note: the food there are delish~ sashimi’s are very fresh too! Not to mention, alot of expensive food are available there as well like New Zealand ice cream (the one that costs a bomb for just a scoop… >_<), Haagen Dazz ice cream, abalone, shark fin soup, fresh oysters and etc~

Overall, it was worth a try~ I don’t mind going there again though… but sadly, my pocket will have a hole if I do… haha… life as a student has its cons… >_<

surprise? =P

Thursday, May 12, 2011

I know… my blog is dead for these past few days/weeks… it’s not that I don’t have anything to blog about… In fact, I have tonnes of stuff to blog on but… was not in my cheery optimistic mood… was worried with this and that and surrounded by negative energy and all… haiz… it felt like hell, alright… =/

Anyway, I felt much better already now that one of my major problems is solved~ =) so, I think I shall start with… erm… my advanced surprise bday party!!! wee~~ =D

It was held at Berjaya Hotel on a Sunday before I came back to KL… My mum told me that it was a family celebration but it turned out to be… more than that! lols… I was really shocked and surprised when I reached the hotel as I spotted some of my college friends in the lobby holding onto a BIG box tied with a ribbon… I was like… omg!!!!

IMG_5487 IMG_5449

The present from them~ Pretties and Handsomes~ ahaha… XD

After that, I went into the restaurant only to find my former supervisor and colleague were there as well~ followed by my sampat girl friends… and of course, my family together with my relatives~ Can say that I was so happy that I didn’t eat much… I guessed happiness had fed me enough… XD

IMG_5452  IMG_5489

My former supervisor and colleague~ and the present~ X)


My honeysss~~~ XD their presents are individual… so too many to put in d… >_<”


Happy family~ =D


turning 21 soon d lu~ XD

IMG_5481  IMG_5504

Last but not least~ group pic of my family, relatives and friends~ with all their lovely presents~ =) thanks, ppl~ for making it a memorable one~ =D

A surprise that I won’t forget~ thankies to my mum lots! credits go to her for the surprise planning~ I heart you, mummy~ ♥ =)


Friday, May 6, 2011

To be honest, I was very lazy to blog recently… But then again, what I saw today made me change my mind. I do, occasionally check the statistic of my blog and surprise surprise! The traffic was good~ As in, I didn’t expect it to be that high for a daily viewing… Maybe it so happen that I have what the users wanted to find… I don’t know… But that somehow motivate me to continue keeping my blog active again~ XD

So anyway, in this post, I’m gonna talk about a giveaway contest that is held by one of the beauty bloggers that I’m currently following~ The Fancy Illusionist~

The giveaway was in conjunction to the celebration for the blogger had reach a total of 200 followers on her site! woots~ =D

So, there will be 4 winners for this giveaway and the winners will be picked via random.org~ The prizes are:

IMG_4441for 1st and 2nd prize~ A luxury Cosme Decorte 8-pcs gift set!


The luxury 8-pcs gift set contains:

  • Moisture Lipsome Cream 6g
  • AQ Nutritive Cream 10g
  • Moisture Liposome Essence sachet x 6
  • AQ Gentle Pure Washing Foam 18ml
  • Whitelogist Day Advanced Whitening Daytime Protective Essence SPF12/PA+ 9ml
  • AQ Powder Foundation Meliority #301 (with sponge)

P2323[02]_24-03-11 As for the 3rd prize:

  • DKNY Be Delicious EDP Miniature 7ml
  • DKNY Be delicious Fresh Blossom EDp Miniature 7ml


And the 4th Prize~

- samples + miniatures pack which consist of:

  • Nature&Co Pure White Lotion Light sachet x 2
  • Nature&Co Pure White Milky Lotion Light sachet x 2
  • Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Warming Treatment 5g
  • Chanel Precision Hydramax + Active Active Moisture Fluid 2.5ml
  • Benefit You Rebel Lite Tinted Moisturizer 3.5ml
  • Benefit That Gal Brightening Face Primer 3.5ml x2 (Half of the original size)
  • RMK make up base sachet
  • Shu Uemura White Recovery EX+Brightening Cleansing Oil 50ml

The prizes sound and look good huh? Join the giveaway to stand a chance to own any of them then! How? simple~

First, the Mandatory entry:

- you have to be a follower of the blog (watch this vid if you don’t know how to follow a blog~ =) )

Extra entries:

+1 entry (tell the blogger what is your favourite foundation/bb cream/skincare item)

+5 entries (blog about this giveaway)

Contest rules:

  • Open to international followers
  • contest ends at midnight, 28th May 2011 (KL time)
  • comment on this post on the blogger’s page with this format:
  1. Follower ID:
  2. Email:
  3. I’ve blogged about this giveaway at:
  4. My Fav foundation/bb cream/ skin care item is:

As A Man - Gummy

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sometimes a mistake can lead to a new path or in this case, a mistake can lead to a new found love~

nope, not the love kinda love…

But love for a new song~ ahh~ 

heart it seriously!!! ilove!

Why? Cause my honey is in the MV~ Kim Hyun Joong~ ^^ and also, the song is nice along with it’s lyrics which I find it kinda meaningful~

The vid~ ahh~ adore2!  Cute guy with cute song~ =P

The lyrics:

새로운 시작은 언제나 두렵죠
saeroun sijageun eonjena duryeopjyo
하지만 이번만큼은 사랑이라 꼭 믿어요
hajiman ibeonmankeumeun sarangira kkok mideoyo
아 팠던 이별 보다 더 행복해지려고
apatdeon ibyeol boda deo haengbokhaejiryeogo
그 대와 우리 영원을 약속하고 맹세하죠
geudaewa uri yeongwoneul yaksokhago maengsehajyo

하지만 잦은 관심이 작은 부담이 되겠죠
hajiman jajeun gwansimi jageun budami doegetjyo
끊기 싫은 긴 통화를 점점 귀찮아하겠죠
kkeunki sirheun gin tonghwareul jeomjeom gwichanhahagetjyo
커지는 사랑을 그댄 집착이라 하고
keojineun sarangeul geudaen jipchagira hago
시간이 갈수록 난 이렇게 작아지는걸
sigani galsurok nan ireoke jagajineungeol

그 댄 남자라서 남자라서 죽어도 몰라요
geudaen namjaraseo namjaraseo jugeodo mollayo
내 가 부족해서 너무 못나서 그대만 바라보고 있죠
naega bujokhaeseo neomu motnaseo geudaeman barabogo itjyo
그댄 남자라서 남자라서 날 이해 못하죠
geudaen namjaraseo namjaraseo nal ihae motajyo
그저 자유롭고 싶겠죠 변할 수는 없겠죠 남자라서
geujeo jayuropgo sipgetjyo byeonhal suneun eopgetjyo namjaraseo

내 곁에 있는데 왜 맘이 허전하죠
nae gyeote inneunde wae mami heojeonhajyo
사 랑한단 말투가 왜 난 예전 같지 않죠
saranghandan maltuga wae nan yejeon gatji anchyo
기나긴 기다림이 난 갈수록 어려워
ginagin gidarimi nan galsurok eoryeowo
포기하고 싶다고 수백번을 생각하죠
pogihago sipdago subaekbeoneul saenggakhajyo

그대가 잠들기 전 난 불안해 잠 못 이루고
geudaega jamdeulgi jeon nan buranhae jam mot irugo
밤새도록 연락이 끊기면 미쳐버리죠
bamsaedorok yeollagi kkeunkimyeon michyeobeorijyo
많은걸 바라는 그런 여자가 아닌데
manheungeol baraneun geureon yeojaga aninde
무심한 한마디 말에 난 또 무너지는걸
musimhan hanmadi mare nan tto muneojineungeol

그댄 남자라서 남자라서 죽어도 몰라요
geudaen namjaraseo namjaraseo jugeodo mollayo
내가 부족해서 너무 못나서 그대만 바라보고 있죠
naega bujokhaeseo neomu motnaseo geudaeman barabogo itjyo
그댄 남자라서 남자라서 날 이해 못하죠
geudaen namjaraseo namjaraseo nal ihae motajyo
그저 자유롭고 싶겠죠 변할 수는 없겠죠 남자라서
geujeo jayuropgo sipgetjyo byeonhal suneun eopgetjyo namjaraseo

난 여전히 우리 처음 만난 그날 같은데
nan yeojeonhi uri cheoeum mannan geunal gateunde
그대 미소 앞에 한없이 또 설레이는데
geudae miso ape haneobsi tto seolleineunde
이런 작은 표현 조차 우리에겐 어색해
ireon jageun pyohyeon jocha uriegen eosaekhae
하지만 남자라서 내 남자라서 아직도 그댈 사랑해요
hajiman namjaraseo nae namjaraseo ajikdo geudael saranghaeyo

그 댄 남자라서 남자라서 죽어도 몰라요
geudaen namjaraseo namjaraseo jugeodo mollayo
내 가 부족해서 너무 못나서 그대만 바라보고 있죠
naega bujokhaeseo neomu motnaseo geudaeman barabogo itjyo
그댄 남자라서 남자라서 날 이해 못하죠
geudaen namjaraseo namjaraseo nal ihae motajyo
그저 자유롭고 싶겠죠 변할 수는 없겠죠 남자라서
geujeo jayuropgo sipgetjyo byeonhal suneun eopgetjyo namjaraseo


Translation ♥:

A new start is always frightening
But at least this time I truly believe it’s love
Trying to be more happy than my painful separation
You and we should promise eternity and swear on it

But frequent interest may give minor pressures
Might get annoyed of the long calls I don’t want to end
You might call the expanding love, obsession
As time goes by I’m getting smaller

Since you’re a man, since you’re a man, you wouldn’t know even if you died
Since I’m lacking, Since I’m foolish, I’m only looking at you
Since you’re a man, since you’re a man, you don’t understand me
You probably just want to be free, you probably won’t be able to change, because you’re a man

You’re next to me but why does my heart feel empty
Why is it that your words “I love you” don’t sound the same as before
the long waits are getting harder and harder
I think of giving up hundreds of times

I feel uneasy and can’t sleep until you fall asleep
I go crazy when I can’t contact you throughout the night
I’m not a woman who expects many things
But I collapse from one of your inattentive words

Since you’re a man, since you’re a man, you wouldn’t know even if you died
Since I’m lacking, Since I’m foolish, I’m only looking at you
Since you’re a man, since you’re a man, you don’t understand me
You probably just want to be free, you probably won’t be able to change, because you’re a man

I still feel like when we first met
I flutter in front of your smile
But even these small expressions are nowhere to be found between us
But since you’re a man, since you’re my man I still love you

Since you’re a man, since you’re a man, you wouldn’t know even if you died
Since I’m lacking, Since I’m foolish, I’m only looking at you
Since you’re a man, since you’re a man, you don’t understand me
You probably just want to be free, you probably won’t be able to change, because you’re a man

Note: None of the video or the lyrics belongs to me… My source is Google and that’s it…


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