what a day...

Friday, February 29, 2008

Today i went for the medical check up that is required by NS... went to GH this morning... and u know whats the first thing they ask me to do??? "isi setengah botol ini dengan kencing kamu" (fill half of this bottle with ur urine) eeeww!!!! i was like huh? yuck man!!! at that time i felt so relieved that luckily im NOT going into the medical field or anything field thats got to do with biology... i mean imagine U have to carry out tests on ppl's urine!!! urgh!!! yuck!!! its horrible.... and imagine if that person is infected with disease!!! *faint* ok... after this stupid thing, i went for the eye check and blood pressure stuff... and that person thats in charge of this was mumbling his words like he's talking to himself!!! god! its like so hard for me to hear what he's trying to say man.... tsk tsk... so hard that when he ask me to do something... i ended up scratching my head! it took me about a few minutes to get what he was trying to say u know... my brain nerves really have a hard time interpreting he's data... seriously... in there, i check my height, weight, blood pressure and eye sight... and the conclusion is... im underweight... again... but this time is worse... my weight drop from 45kg to 40kg!! when i saw my result, i really was shocked!! then it only occur to me that this happen due to depression... last week i was seriously depressed.... over that idiot's news... i really couldn't eat much... lost of appetite... its like whenever i wanna try to eat more.... my stomach will feel like throwing up... and i was seriously not hungry at all... all i took was bread, biscuits and oat... i also felt myself getting thinner last week... *shake my head* that's the worst depression that i have ever faced... but now, im back to my normal self... starting to eat like usual... thanks to all the love and support that i got =) ok... back to the GH check-up thing... after that section, i have to get a number and wait for another different checking... and this one was really driving me up the wall... my number was 35, room 3 and the number shown on the screen was only 21!! besides that, the time taken for the number to increse by 1 is like so god damn slow!!! seriously man... i was like so bored and sleepy sitting there with my mum... not just that, the other room (room 2) was moving like a train!!! WAY faster than the room that i was waiting for!!! i was thinking if the kerajaan (government) didn't state that the medical check-up has to be done in a government hospital... i would have gone to a private one!!! urgh!! besides that, all the stuff there speaks nothing but malay!!! when i ask them a question using english, they were giving me a blank look that says 'are u a marshian or something?' and guess what? they reply me in malay... urgh!! and its not relevant to what i wanted to know... but what can i do? tsk... so as i walk back to my seat, i smacked my forehead while shaking my head... terrible... but after waiting for MORE than AN hour, my turn was finally here... "wwwee!!!" as if.... luckily that check-up was kind of brief... and overall, i was qualified for NS.. hehe... that's a relieve because i really dont wanna delay it and miss my form 6 u know... oh well... i think thats all that i wanted to write... on monday, im gonna write bout the education fair i think... but it depends... on my mood =)

Rainy day

Thursday, February 28, 2008

today is a rainy day... nothing much happen la... i just rmb spending most of my time reading a romance novel... haha... well... im a huge fan of romance and comedy... action and sci-fi also interest me... but not as good as romance and comedy though... =D anyway... i have already got rid of a post that has been disturbing mylife since.. yesterday... haha i mean ya i know... its lame to follow lame rules... but i rather follow a freaking lame rule than to hav my life ended up in jeopardy u know... but now... everything is settle =) anyways, the NS letter came today.. together with all the other stuffs that are imp... well... going to NS is something that i hav been waiting for and also looking forward to it =) i know... some of u might think that who on earth would be looking forward to getting tortured in a freaking camp??? well... i do... some of u may wonder why... well, because it can help me clean my mind from the mess and the troubles that i hav been through... and it also can help me to keep myself fit... besides, duting this period of time... i have been rotting at home like nobody's business... lol... so with the help of NS, i can get rid of my rotting atitude and routine to get myself prepared for form 6... =) during form 6, i hope to work hard and strive for the best... my target? an overseas university... ^^ i dream too much? well... so what if i dream too much... as long as there's a dream for me that can be my goal... why not? =) no harm achieving it right? *smile* anyway, after i go NS, i plan to leave all my past behind me and start a new and better life... but during all these times, i have learn a few things in life... like a memory can be created, be it intentionally or unintentionally... but it can never be detroyed... no matter how much u try or when u think u have forgot about it... somewhere along the line, there will hav things that will pop up and let u sink yourself into the old memories again... at that time, dont fight against it... let it rest there for awhile... even if its a painful one... because in every memory, there is a lesson to be learn in it... it depends on how u find it... =) and to all my friends out there, eventhough i have deleted the post that have your comments, all of your comments will forever stay in my heart... love all of u who have been giving me endless supports... you all have teach me that friendship and the love of the family are so important that i almost i forgot about them... you all have remind me about this... and i thank all of u from the bottom of my heart... for everything that you all have done for me... =) i will forever remember u all.... love u guys... muaks~ ^^

some ppl are just fucking wu liau

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

i really dont understand u know.... i mean come on la... i want to do whatever i want with my life is none of your fucking business... besides... i didnt write out names for crying out loud!!! who in the fucking world is so perasan to admit that the person that i wrote is him/her??? tsk tsk... damn fuck wei... i didnt even write out names for god's sake!!! why come after me? i cannot write anything i want eh meh? u siao ah? who u think u are? the president? god? get real la... damn pissed lo... so what if i bitch bout ppl??? i didnt even write their names!!!! and its they themselves that wanna fuckingly admit is them then what can i do?if they so god damn 'smart' to admit that its them that im talking bout... then dont come and disturb my ass by scolding me la... fuck off la these kind of ppl... as if in ur fucking life u didnt bitch about anyone... i bet with my bottom dollar that u are bitching bout me right now... at this instant... and yet u ask ppl not to bitch bout others??? hah!!! to hell with ur comment la... lame ppl with lame comments... this is call siapa yg makan cili, dia yg tahu pedasnya!!! u can deny that the person that im bitching about is not u... who in the fucking world ask u to admit???? no one!!!! if its not u, then why wanna luan with me? siao eh!!! i can write about anyone and anything i want!!! and it is none of ur fucking business when i wanna write about who!!!! if u so beh syok, then get ur own fucking life and stop messing with mine la!!! luan with me for what??? siao....

I am who I am

hey there! this is my first blog in blogspot.. actually... i do have a blog in friendster but one thing i dont like about it is that... it cant keep alot of blogs inside it... and everytime i publish a new post... the old post will vanish... disappear.... gone! just like that! and that really piss me off... bcause u see.... all of my blogs are precious to me.... and i wanna read em myself when im free u know... so if my blogs self-delete themselves.... how am i suppose to read my previous blogs right? in the end... i create an acc in blogspot lo.... =) ok... lets start with my day for today... well... i dont really like today actually... because alot of stuff happened... like... this morning was my first time to drive on the road... and my mum was like so scared even b4 i start to drive man!!! i mean that really annoys me u know... if u are scared, why dont u tell me what to do and i'll do it... just dont put on that expression... it hurts u know.... haiz... anyway, that problem is about to solve soon... cause she plan to buy a car for me... but i feel kind of guilty though... because i havent even start earning my $$ and she already plan to buya car for me... i dont think im worth it for that lo.... =X
ok... next issue...
to those who read my blog whether its this blog or anyone... what do u think of blogs? is it for people to read to amuse them? or is it for the writer to let out his/her feelings, let it be sad or happy? i mean i really dont understand u know... nobody force u to read anybody's blog... its ur choice whether u want to read it or not... and so what if that blog that u read, is something that u dislike or hate? what? u personally asked that writer to delete that blog just because u dont like it? come on la!!! this is a free country man... im free and have the right to write anything i want!!! as long as it doesnt endangered the country, nation or the society.... right? so? if u dont like the way i blog about others then why continue reading? nobody ask u to read it at all also... its your own free will to choose whether to read it or not... nobody force u to read my blogs for crying out loud man!!! seriously.... to ask the writer to delete the blog u hate?? come on!!! who u think u are huh? the royal majesty? the prime minister? even if so... as long as my blog doesnt treaten anyone... u have NO right to ask me to delete my blog... get it??!!! tsk tsk... sometimes i really dont understand ppl... they think they own the world and everyone's freedom u know... haiz haiz...

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