Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Im currently feeling very emo... why? Dont ask me... I myself also not sure... haiz...

Emo... Emo... Emo...


Hate this feeling man... >.<


nothing much happen today... Except that there is an assignment for us for autoCAD but this assignment we are not allow to bring it home so which means we have to do it on the spot and also pass it up on the spot... But we got 4 hrs to do it which is divided into 2hrs a week.. basically, to tell u the truth... 4 hrs is seriously not enough at all... This is like so damn tough man!... ish... >.<>.<

today's mood... happy =)

Monday, November 24, 2008

today is like every normal monday which means having class since 9am... The first lesson was digital electronics and microprocessor, in the lab... cracking head for the assembly language code thingy again... Luckily the exercise for today was not so tough as we dont need to write a program... So in short, it was done in less than half an hour... XD since the lesson should last for 2hrs, I spend the rest of my time chit chatting with friends and ronda-ing in the lab... wwwee~~ XP anyway, the lesson was off half an hour earlier so we ended up being the earliest group to reach the lecture hall for the next lesson, mathematics 2 which started at 11am... ^^V during that half an hour, we (ting hoay, vincent, cat, shir and I) used cat's hp to watch TV... Guess what? we did manage to watch a cartoon in TV3 to kill time... ho liao leh~ XD However, the lecture last for about an hr or so which was suppose to end at 1pm so Ms Lim decided to continue having our tutorial class straight (instead of having to wait until 2pm... which is a waste of time)... therefore at around 12.30pm, our lessons for the day have already ended! hehe nice huh? Then we headed for lunch at some coffee shop nearby (last minute change of mind) XD We took our own sweet time eating and chatting away for about an hour i think... After that only all of us headed home~~ So here I am... at home... digging through the internet trying to find as much info on the organic semiconductors as possible for the Analogue assignment... Sish... I hate assignments... they suck! >.<

Oh!!! my blog!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

damn it man... eversince I got myself addicted to facebook again, I hardly update my blog anymore... Seriously... Making the matter worse, I hardly get to on9 d... which makes me even seldom log into my blogspot account... So here I am after dont know after how long (how many weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds...) I finally am updating it again. XD hhhmm... lets see... what to talk about... *thinking hard* So far nothing much had happen, its just that... I havent step foot into gurney eversince 2 freaking long weeks ago!!! T.T not even Redbox... omg... By just the though of it really upset me man... sobs... all thanks to what? erm... first of all, money not enough!!! T.T secondly, no time... Its like when Im free, my friends are not free or it'll be the other way round... And ahem... thirdly, assignments are back again!!! piling and piling with tonnes and tonnes of deadlines!!! wuwuwu~~~ so see how miserable my life is? X'( damn terrible, horrible, vegetable man! *sniff* But fear not! after all that deadlines cleared... Enough money saved and pick a suitable time, I am sssooo gonna hit for gurney or queensbay... that time it'll be like... movie marathon or Redbox here I come!!! *grin* man i cant wait... XD

how sweet... =)

Friday, November 7, 2008

you know... everytime when i log into my blog, the first thing i would do is go browsing at my fren's blogs... reading on their updates and stuff like that... Among those that I had their blog link to mine, there is this one which never failed to have me envy them and felt happy after reading it... Cant believe that it is that magical? =D believe it... Cause that blog is seriously giving me hope every now and then... Why I say so? Thats cause... After I have broken up with my second boyfriend, I was like telling myself... me? having able to find love like the one i had with my first again? Its impossible... Very impossible... I did thought of giving up in searching for it... Which was like... Just give up on that issue la... like its even possible to find the One... But after I read their blog, I felt so happy and full of hope... I was like "they look so sweet together... So long lasting and so happy... Simple yet contented" If they can find so much joy in love... whats stopping me from finding mine too? I think if i wait a little longer... continue searching throughout these years, I believe that one day... maybe just one day... I could have that love life again... The one which I know will never have an ending... The one which I know I can share all my life experiences with him... And most important of all... feel comfortable of being myself whenever Im with him and not by putting up an act instead... By reading their blog, always never failed to have me comtinue hoping... =)

jurassic fart

This proves that even dinosours couldnt even stand a chance in winning when it comes to fart... XD

Damn funny... A very effective way to reduce ur emo...


Delcious Icecream



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