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Friday, May 28, 2010

Well, for temporary since I am back to my hometown for the long weekend~ It's been ages since I last on9. Fine, it was not that long but it felt that long to me! >< >

Had attended 2 weeks lessons so far and it was fun~ or a better word to describe the whole thing is erm... "different"... ;)

How different? Very different. The lecturers, the environment and the subjects~ More challenging as it is no longer Diploma but Advanced already! Advanced Diploma = Degree... And can say that the way the lecturers teach are wayyy different~ for one, they do not accept "I don't know" as your answer when a question is directed. So can say that it's kinda pressure when you are in the class but you'll tend to be more alert though...

I literally felt like this when I was asked a question...
Manage to answer them though... (luckily)
but still....

Have to study more~!
Expect the unexpected~ =P

But nevertheless, the classes are interesting~ so far am enjoying my college life in KL... Except the fact that I have to walk a very very very long distance from a lecture hall to a tutorial room... and for the first week, the campus was so big that it got me all confused...
To make the matters worse, the weather was freaking hot!!! So yeah, I was actually doing my work out during the time I spend in college... was sweating every single day...

=D =P ^^

blog will be dead again

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

yeah... i am currently at KL furthering my studies to get a degree and the house that I am currently staying does not have a stable line yet. Had subscribe for Streamyx but the modem and the whole fixing thing is still not here yet... Still under the ending list so yeah, I do not get to online so often anymore...

Not only that, the coms in the college are fully booked by students... so yeah... I am here to announce that this kelian blog of mine will be abandon for now... how long? i dont know... see lucky boh lo...

YSD failed~

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

yeah... the title says it all... I didn't manage to pass the second assessment of the Yayasan Sime Darby scholarship thing... haiz... so no going to overseas but will continue at KTAR as planned before...

How I feel? The pic says it all... the result was kind of disappointed but I already sort of expected it cause to me, my performance on that day was not very good as compared to the other members of my team... What's more is that fatigue was also a contributing factor to this... It was very rushy for me to suddenly travel down KL and back Penang again... But still, I guess my enthusiasm to go overseas was not delivered in my performance on that day... *sigh*

But it was a good experience though as this was the first time I actually got short listed for scholarship... nvm~ Like the lyrics in Jay Chou's song 稻香 aka Fragrant Rice (as translated by most people... although it sounded cacat) :

追不到的梦想 换个梦不就得了~

sorry... I don't know how to translate it... tried but the translation sounded retarded... ^^"
Anyway, what's over is over... learn from the past for a better future and make the best out of the present...

The most important thing is to never give up~!!! ^^

parfum, seniorita~

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Parfum~ the French word for perfume~ something which can help boost the confidence of a lady~ A fashion accessory to make one smell better and refreshed~ hohoho~~~ never once will I say no to perfumes~ their smell are hard to resist for me... but... I only go for western perfumes~ middle east perfumes are not to my liking...

so, allow me to present the 2 most recent perfumes that I'm craving for right now~

First and fore most,

Chance by Chanel~

tah dah~
The quote for this perfume is "Chance: the decidedly young scent for those who dare to dream~"

^^ It has a few more colours which are green and orange~ but since pink is my fav, I go for that colour instead~ =D

One thing I like about this perfume is it's brand~ It's Chanel that we are talking about, baby~ The Chanel~ famous, popular and high in quality~ woot~ ^^
The smell of the perfume is very smoothing but kinda strong if u put too much though... But still, that smell gave me a smell of familiarity like I've known the smell from somewhere but can't remember from where... ^^"

The price in Malaysia for 35ml bottle is RM222 and 100ml costs about rm322! (pardon me if my price review is wrong... Couldn't remember much of the pricing.. sorry! >.<")

Anyway, moving on to the 2nd perfume~
Incanto Bloom by Salvatore Ferragamo
ahh~~~ my second ♥~
The ingredients? I'm not really sure but its the mixture of floral and fruity scent~ hoho~ Am lovey it now~! woot! ^^

Too bad I already requested my this year's birthday present from dad else I would have ask for this instead! >.<>

Unexpected, nervous and everything in between

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

About a month ago, I applied for a few scholarships which my mum spotted in The Star newspaper. I remember applying 3 which are Yayasan Cambridge Scholarship (which I don't think it's possible for me to get in... I just apply anyway), Sime Darby Yayasan Scholarship and Gamuda Scholarship. Little did I expect to be short listed in any of those that I have applied until Monday evening when I received an SMS from Sime Darby asking me to confirm my attendance for the Round Table Discussion.

The moment I read the SMS I was seriously dumb founded! I was panicking and a lot of things went through my head.... Can say that I literally forgot that I was working... All my mind can think of at that time is call mum! Cause I can barely think...

yeah, I was like dumb jor! ><"

After reaching home, I straight on my laptop without doing anything else and true enough~ I was short listed for the Yayasan Sime Darby Scholarship~ but it was scheduled on Tuesday at 8.30am at Sime Darby Convention Center at KL!!!! (the email was sent to me last thursday but due to my part time job, I hardly online and thus I didn't check my inbox) The time I checked my inbox was like on Monday night at 10.xxpm!!! At that time, I broke down thinking that I might not be able to make it to KL for the second round of assessment...

I kept blaming myself for not checking the email... How can I be so dumb to let this golden opportunity slip away?!

Luckily my mum came to my rescue~! She booked the midnight bus tickets for 2 (thank God there are vacancies...) and I quickly packed everything that was needed and head off to the bus station... Can say that I was very worried the whole way trough... Didn't even have the mood to feel happy... I was so scared that due to my extremely late reply, I might be eliminated from the list... I kept praying hard and cross my fingers...

I slept for 5 restless hours in the bus and I have reached KL... Went to my aunt's place to bath and get myself prepared and before I knew it, here I was in the Sime Darby Convention Center wearing office attire and looking at other candidates... All of them look so smart! >.<

Made a few friends when I was there... One thing which I really like about there is that everyone communicate in English! wee~ And they are seriously smart asses! There are those who already got their offer letter from The Imperial College of London! Some doing law, engineering, medicine, econs and the list goes on~ There is one girl who even flew all the way from Sabah just to attend this second assessment thing! Imagine that!

Anyway, in this second assessment, we are divided into a group of 6 people and were given a business case thingy to discuss... That's why it was called the Round Table Discussion... 10minutes of individual time and 40minutes of group discussion... and my group members were like wow! their ideas were great! It's like everyone in the room is competing with each other for a place in the 3rd round and yet we depend on each other for more ideas and solutions... Challenging is the word to describe it~ ;)

Those who are qualified for the next round will be informed via email on this coming Thursday which is 2 days from now~! omg~~~ nervous~~~ ^^" Well, even if I'm not qualify for the third round, at least I had the experience of being short listed and having the chance to know so many great people... It was a memorable experience which I'm glad to have~ ^^V

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