Beach party!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

After so many days, I finally get to blog about the beach party that I went on monday. The very first one that I actually get to go and hav fun. It was fun alright. I reach there about 6.50pm and luckily I met one of my frens there so Im not so worried because other then her, there was nobody that I recognised or know. Eventhough some of the faces are kind of familiar, still I dont know them.

At around 7.20pm, my group leader finally came and one by one, my group members started to arrived. Then after awhile, some of the guys in my group began to dig a hole in the sand and put some charcoal inside. But nobody started the fire and everyone was like "who used to be a scout eh?". Unfortunately, nobody had the experience of starting a fire so time was kind of wasted over here.(we were indirectly waiting for our leader to come back from the toilet and that took quite some time) ^^" Then he finally came back (he was kind of shock that no fire was started yet) and began to start the fire.

Some of them digging the sand... it was already around 7.45pm i think
*thinking* where is that lighter ah?

"Oi, lighter leh? Has any of one seen the lighter?"

If u look at the pic closely, there is fire di... but very small nia...

Ok... eventhough we had successfully start up the fire, it took us a very very long time to make it big enough for us to cook our food. So long that one of the group members said "aiyo. Other groups start to eat liau la." "I think by the time the fire is done... we go home liau lo." All of us were talking while trying to make the fire bigger, our stomachs were grumbling. Luckily they bought some junk so some of us quickly took one and eat!! abo can faint di... lol... But it was fun.

After the fire was big enough to cook, we started off with the sausages first. However, we did have trouble eating cause there were sand on most of the food we cooked. We have to use tissue paper to like wipe the whole sausage b4 cooking it. And unfortunately for me, the sausage I took was not fully cooked!! Luckily I took one bite only unlike Johnson who just ate the whole thing straight... It was like...

"eh, not really cook la" *throw back to the bbq area*

"ha? not cook meh? I ate the whole thing di lo"

"hor.. ho seh di la u... 2moro cirit-birit dont need to attend class di la..." *laugh and giggles*

After cooking the sausages twice (this time it was confirmed cooked) then we cooked the fish balls!! and that was seriously good... awesome!! Then we went for the chicken wings.. That one was somehow weird... after those were cooked, Richard checked and said that it wasnt fully cooked yet. So the chicken wings were cooked twice and it turned out overcooked on the outside, just nice on the inside. lol

The chefs showing their cooking skills... XD

The fishballs!!! yummm~~~

After cooking for sum time, our leader got thrown into the sea!!! pity.. pity... lol... we still continue cooking of cos... then after the chicken wings, we went for the corn... that one i din try. but i think it shud be good.... haha we were eating and joking around, enjoying the so called feast.

The sky on that night was very beautiful... it was full with stars... I did think that if only he was there as well... how nice... it'll be like a dream come true er... to be able to star gaze with the one i loved... aaaww... ^^


ЯάĉЋάξL Lιм said...

haha eh which one is u in the pic?
i cant spot...

I am who I am said...

im sumwhere in the pic... lol... the one wearing white shirt and blue pants...

ЯάĉЋάξL Lιм said...

ok.. i think i agak agak know di...
whats up?

I am who I am said...

im fine lo...

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