I've not laugh this much for a long time

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Today I went to gurney with saw saw and yen yee after collecting stuff from school. Then we watched Mama Mia. The movie was good and funny. We kept laughing and talking about it during the whole time in the cinema (which made us the loudest and the noisiest). The girls in front of us kept turning their heads to see whether are we some crazy lunatics or normal people. But we dont care... We even plan to play and be siao on the day that we are going redbox for singing... How siao? well... Lets say I'll let u know after we have gone there and done that... XD After that we went to wong kok for lunch. At that time, we chit chat about almost everything. It was like when we entered the restaurant, there was a lot of people eating then we sat there and continue chatting until all the customers had left except us. We were like talking and laughing away until there was no more energy left in my body. It was seriously fun. I had not laughed like this until recently during Saw's party. It was really like a stress relieve remedy or shall I say the medicine/cure? Well... ppl always say "laughter is the best medicine" and I fully agree with that idiom. *wink*

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