Bad day

Monday, June 30, 2008

Here I am... Preparing my presentation using Wen Han's laptop.. Feeling kind of down... Haiz... If it wasn't for what had happen last night.... Maybe my mood would not have been this bad... maybe it'll be better... Its been like this every time I mention about them to him. I really dont understand... That day he was upset cos I went out with them to gurney instead of studying.... Then yesterday I went for a group study with oni 2 of em and yet he doesnt like it.... When I tried explaining about the toughness of my course, he refuse to listen. Kept telling me that he knows when he doesnt even know a thing on what i tried to tell him. The subjects I take, some of em made me confuse which make me need help from my frens to solve it. Bsids that, having this group study really motivate me to work hard and to actually study instead of lazing around at home. But did he understand? No... Did he even bother to listen what I felt about this? No. He thinks that he know everything but sadly its the opposite. =( He kept complaining that I'm the only girl there... What can i do about this when my other female classmates live at places that are like far from mine... its like one is at north, south, east and west... So how u expect us to meet up and form a study group? summore with the cost of petrol increased. I wanted to explain all this to him but did he even bother to lend me an ear? No. He doesnt wanna listen. NOt even a word. Every time I tried to say sumting, he'll cut off my words and say I know.... BUt what he know is not what i was trying to tell.... Haiz.... really disappointed man... -.-


peising said...
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theL said...

although this post is not counted as new post.. but i still want to drop my comment here....

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