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Saturday, September 6, 2008

ok... these few days I have been visiting mcD until now and only i realise that man!!! i have grow fatter... and it was thanks to what? mcD la... dang it man... It was like I kept eating and eating and eating whenever I am there having my group study with my frens. It was only yesterday that I realise that holy shit!!! i seriously hav to cut down on my intake of fast food... for real man!!! >.<>.<

Enough of food-fat crap...

I'll write about something else. Lets see. I am now at home on9ing early in the morning since 9.50am. The wheather is very very cooling and it is still raining but it was not as heavy as just now anymore. Still its nice to sit at the living room, blogging all the way with nobody to disturb u. That feeling was awesome! XD omg! the line was disconnected by accident just now.. haiz... thats the problem u face when u are using line instead of streamyx... sobs... it gets disconnected for what? erm... for the fun of doing it? fine... I dont know the reason behind this k...


I think that is all I wanna crap gua... cos I have ntg to think of writing d... heh... will crap more when the mood comes XD

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theL said...

hahaas! for me, i will write anything nonsense in my blog if i feel i really i really feel bored.
check it out lo.XD
i don know why when the exam is coming nearer to me, i will trying to escape...=.="

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