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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

hey there! this is my first blog in blogspot.. actually... i do have a blog in friendster but one thing i dont like about it is that... it cant keep alot of blogs inside it... and everytime i publish a new post... the old post will vanish... disappear.... gone! just like that! and that really piss me off... bcause u see.... all of my blogs are precious to me.... and i wanna read em myself when im free u know... so if my blogs self-delete themselves.... how am i suppose to read my previous blogs right? in the end... i create an acc in blogspot lo.... =) ok... lets start with my day for today... well... i dont really like today actually... because alot of stuff happened... like... this morning was my first time to drive on the road... and my mum was like so scared even b4 i start to drive man!!! i mean that really annoys me u know... if u are scared, why dont u tell me what to do and i'll do it... just dont put on that expression... it hurts u know.... haiz... anyway, that problem is about to solve soon... cause she plan to buy a car for me... but i feel kind of guilty though... because i havent even start earning my $$ and she already plan to buya car for me... i dont think im worth it for that lo.... =X
ok... next issue...
to those who read my blog whether its this blog or anyone... what do u think of blogs? is it for people to read to amuse them? or is it for the writer to let out his/her feelings, let it be sad or happy? i mean i really dont understand u know... nobody force u to read anybody's blog... its ur choice whether u want to read it or not... and so what if that blog that u read, is something that u dislike or hate? what? u personally asked that writer to delete that blog just because u dont like it? come on la!!! this is a free country man... im free and have the right to write anything i want!!! as long as it doesnt endangered the country, nation or the society.... right? so? if u dont like the way i blog about others then why continue reading? nobody ask u to read it at all also... its your own free will to choose whether to read it or not... nobody force u to read my blogs for crying out loud man!!! seriously.... to ask the writer to delete the blog u hate?? come on!!! who u think u are huh? the royal majesty? the prime minister? even if so... as long as my blog doesnt treaten anyone... u have NO right to ask me to delete my blog... get it??!!! tsk tsk... sometimes i really dont understand ppl... they think they own the world and everyone's freedom u know... haiz haiz...

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