Damn the msn

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It has been since 6.40pm until now 6.50pm and my freaking msn still shows the 2 freaking icons turning and turning and turning.... with the word "signing in" on top of it... it had been for like the last 10 minutes and yet that thing still doesnt wanna sign me in... damn msn... curse u!!! >.< oh look... the 2 icons are still turning and turning again... taking its own sweet time acting like im invisible or like i have the time in the world...

oh look!! it finally let me in... wwwee!!! but that wont stop me from complaining... *laugh evilly* well, its not that im being bad here but as u know... once u start to do sumting, u need to finish it in order to end it and not by just stopping at where i stop when it let me in u know... if i were to do that, this blog of mine would be pointless and meaningless u see...

Ok... since im such a good and kind person, i'll stop criticising now. however, whenever or if u want me to comment on sumting that u found out that we both hate or like... u can always let me know and im more than happy to share my thoughts on that topic with u... XD

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