Thousand apologies~

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Sorry for my lack of updates!!! ><

Been very very VERY busy lately…

Why? cause I already start my industrial training aka work…

so yeah… there goes 80% of my time of the week…


But still, its a good thing though… Atleast I no longer have to stay at home and rot…


Anyways, get ready ppl cause this is gonna be a very LONG post…

Gonna cramp all of what I did for the past few weeks in it…

ok… ahem ahem *clear throat*

Went beach picnic with some of my college friends at early Feb (if I’m not wrong… ><)


At HardRock Hotel’s beach~ woot! XD



Before going for Banana Boat!!! XD


and off we go! wee~~~


After de activity… all soaking wet!


At last, makan time! XD picnic by the beach… romantic hor? =P

Next~ Gathering of M61 (Diploma classmates…) XD



Xiong Jun came back from Aussie during cny period~ X)


Moving on~ to an outing with the girls~

IMG_4176  IMG_4178IMG_4181 IMG_4186 

love them~ ^^

Then, redbox outing with my college friends again~

IMG_4188  IMG_4192

I looked fat in this pic… T.T Llora


Oh ya~ then the latest outing~ Cultural Fair at USM!!! XD my sis cosplay as Yu Kanda that day… X)

IMG_3318 IMG_3316

Characters from D.Gray Man~ X)

IMG_3342 IMG_3340

My sis and I~ get to wear Yukata for the first time!!! *squeals* ^^

IMG_3353 IMG_3329

From left : my sis’s whole group of friends! aka my juniors~ XD ; the Japanese ladies helping my sis to wear her Yukata… X)  

IMG_3297 IMG_3350

IMG_4271 IMG_3307

IMG_3305 IMG_3319

IMG_4254 IMG_3360

IMG_4256 IMG_4279

IMG_4281 IMG_4248 IMG_3351 IMG_3350

These are some of the pics~ ^^ Had lots of fun that day~ =) Waiting for the next event soon~ X)

Chinese New Year~

Sunday, February 6, 2011


 pofi!  pofi2! 

welco! welco2!

Celebrating the Year of the Rabbit~ Year 2011! =)

Yeah! Happy Chinese new year to all of the Chinese out there! ^^ Have been very busy during these few days… Was eating and playing and crapping and eating and playing and crapping… XP

Can say that it was much more fun as compare to last year… Things did change but its for the better~ ^^

This year,

I had my Reunion Dinner at Butterworth instead of SP…

I played with fireworks after 5~6 years of not touching it~ ahh~ how it brought back the small cheeky kiddo in me…   adore!    ahhh!  

Crapped and joked with my cousins while playing which made it even more FUN~ Auxilio

Then when the clock struck 12am on the eve of new years, there were tonnes of fireworks display which we (my relatives, cousins, family) watched with excitement! It was pretty~~~ ^^

Went over to visit my mum’s side on the 2nd day of CNY by giving my aunt a surprise! (Was suppose to celebrate her birthday together with my uncle’s but my mum lied saying that we’re going on a trip on that day… even I lied to my cousin… =P)

 Then my family went for hotel stay~! wee~~~ XD

ONe more cool thing, I get to sing my heart out during the dinner with my mum’s side of the family!!! wahahaha! Although the variety of the songs are not as much as Redbox (mostly oldies~ around my mum’s generation…) it was still good~ XD


Played a few rounds of card games (without money) with my cousins and relatives before leaving for home~ X) Had a real fun time playing moneyless poker with my cousins… It was a good laugh! ^^ (although no money, not so chi kek  aka challenging… teehee! =P)

Overall, I had a wonderful CNY~ ^^

Delcious Icecream


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