End of a chapter

Thursday, December 30, 2010

IN another day’s time, we’re going to bid 2010 farewell and welcome 2011. Well, since the year is about to end, I guess I’ll go through what I’ve done for this whole year then. XD

Can say that like everyone and every year, I’ve made some ridiculous mistakes, said things I shouldn’t have said, and hoped to turn back time to make amendments. >_< But anyhow, there are a few memorable memories and happy ones. =)

This year was the very first year I left Penang for KL. As in the very first time, I’m studying away from home. To be honest, I found it hard to adapt to this initially. With the new environment, new place to stay, new college life, new lecturer… Everything just seems so foreign and alien-ish to me.. >_< But after a while, I manage to adapt to it although I do faced mild depression at times… It’s nothing major to worry about… I guess its the homesick syndrome… XD

I remembered me missing McDonald’s alot when I first came to KL. Was so sloppy and not in the mood to study at home during the exam period. lols! Can’t blame me for I’ve been studying at McD for the whole 6 sems during Diploma. =P


Anyway, I was blinded by loneliness at a time that I did a mistake which was very absurd. Haiz. It didn’t last long so I guess I’ll just take it as a lesson to learn. Yeah, like they always say, a year older is a year wiser… Speaking of which, *ahem* *ahem*… I’ll be reaching the legal age to enter a casino soon!!!

haha!I even planned to “video” the moment I step foot into the Genting casino. ahahaha… So much for being a hillbilly. XD But that was just some crap I came up with while chatting with my friends. Did say that I planned to celebrate it at Genting that year. XD

Talked about Genting, I finally get to go Genting and play after 13 years of not stepping foot into it!!! wee!!!!!! I’ll have to thank my coursemates for that… thank u~~~~ >o<

So I guess that’s all that I can remember for this year… The rest of those memorable memories are already penned down in my blog so I guess, there’s no point writing about them again, right? X) I mean if you wanna savoir your memories, savoir only the good ones, no? the bad ones? Just take them as lessons to learn so that it won’t be repeated again. They are not worth remembering. >:(

and as for new year resolutions? To be honest, I don’t have one cause I know I never follow them so I’ll just save me the trouble of creating one. ahaha! =P But I do have goals which I wanna achieve in my life so I guess, those will do just fine… XD


C’est La Vie

Friday, December 24, 2010


Sorry, ppl! I know I have abandoned my blog for some time. >_< Can’t really blame me as the time is about to come already! What time? exam time!!!

110_ D01925C72ED4D975CB19065CBF1E78DE nooo!

Yesh… The horror of exam… is indescribable! for it can make you go on strict diet! Gives you sleepless nights!!! Nervous breakdown! Stress! Every negative emotion is in the pack! They come with the (exam) package. so yeah…

pc! pega! strees!

Anyways, my sis just got back from Japan last week… and was SUPER happy about it… why? Cause when she comes, my presiess come with her as well!!!! wee!!!! (so much for missing her as a sis… =P)

note: *presiess = presents XP

IMG_3466 IMG_3471

Tah dah!!! My presiess!!! ^^V wakakaz…

Oh wait, there’s one more presie from Singapore…

IMG_3476 IMG_3492

10 10 10 10~~~ XDD My very first make up set!!! wee~ ^^

Even though I don’t get to go overseas “makan angin” (on a vacation), I’m happy enough since I received so many presiess!!! XDDD So yeah… I’m happy with it…

Amorypaz Anyway, Christmas is this coming weekend!!! I don’t think I’ll be having any plans though… Not to mention, I haven’t shop for 2 months already!!! T^T Still, I’m cool with that… I have plans ad goals to reach and achieve!!! X)

Merry Christmas in advance, everyone!!! Hope you all will have a memorable one! =)

reno! reno2! reno3! reno4!

ps: Have you ever felt like your life is empty when you wake up in the morning? well, I do… Every time… =( But I’ll stay strong and fight for I have a lot of things which are still undone… Me is a tough cookie!!! XDninja!

Bits & Pieces

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

First of all, my sincere apology for abandoning my blog for some time. I did plan to blog every now and then but things just seem to get in the way. So here I am, updating it. Be prepared, for it might be quite a long one. X)

Well, yesterday (Monday) was the last French class for those who took the French Language (Elementary Level) course. It ended with our final exam which was the writing test! Oral tests were conducted a week ago. So yeah, after yesterday, no more French class for me anymore. Kinda missed attending the classes though as they were very fun! ^^ But then again, was quite relieve as well as I no longer need to stay back in college until 8.30pm twice every week. =) So there’s pros and cons to everything I guess..

fiu2! Moving on to the next thing… I went over to Astro for a visit today, organised by I’m not sure whether its the EE society or my school… I didn’t get clear info on this… sorry! >_< Anyways, it was fun!!! XD we got the chance to witness DJs (or Radio Announcers) work live! as in you actually saw the word “ON AIR” blinking! lols. So much for being a hill billy. =P

fiu! ahhh!

Other than that, they (the people at Astro) gave us a short tour around the place, explaining about the functions of certain rooms and customer service. X) It was fun~ Manage to get the chance to go into a real studio! the ones where they shoot reality TV programs like Mari Menari from Astro Ria (the current program that’s airing).

IMG_3463 A big group of us at the studio! =D

Then, tomorrow going for the Social Network with yy and shir! wee~~~ that movie!!! finally! been waiting for it since I knew about it wei!! and tomorrow is the day…


And I can’t wait till this weekend!!! ^^ Cause I’m finally getting my limited edition Lunasol Party Coffret 2010!!! So happy!!! ^^ and and… more more presentsss!!! Will blog more detail about them after I have them. XD That’s why I said, this coming weekend is gonna be a good one!!! ^^

adore2! Amorypaz

PS: going to have my hair cut for charity next week! New hair style coming right up! ^^

PPS : I felt much better after blogging! ^^ So many things to look forward to! ^^ But life is not smooth sailing all the time so I guess I should go and get my assignments done now…  >_<

A day with Hyun Joong~

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Just kidding! XD I didn’t spend a day with him (although I hope to!!! >_<) Anyway, last Saturday, 4th of Dec, my honey, Kim Hyun Joong, made his appearance in Pavilion to launch the new product of The Face Shop (he’s the ambassador of it… XD)… Liked I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I did try my luck on getting his autograph personally but sad to say, lady luck was not on my side at all!!!! T.T

desamor pobe!

So there I was, like every other unlucky fans, (let’s go sulk at a corner, shall we?) cramp around the “fence” of the stage just to see my prince charming… Was standing there for an hour earlier! >_< Sadly, the moment his car arrived, me had been made into a can of Sardin! T.T The fans were shouting and screaming upon his arrival… not to mention, pushing (and it was hard alright!) !!! haiz… So much as to get the chance to see him in person!

susp! Anyway, I did manage to take a few pics of him… Although most of them are only his back! We (yy and I) manage to squeeze onto that side of the stage only so that gave us a poor angle of him… =(

but still, I did manage to capture one with his smiling face~~~ ahh~ *melts* XDD ♥



See what I mean about taking pics of his back??? T.T


This was a lucky one… He turned abit! >_<


tah dah!!!! The best pic that I have of him!!! just look at his smiling face!!! aww~~~~ ♥

Anyway, I pitied him, he was seriously tired-looking and his eye bags were very obvious! Poor him… =( Yet, he came all the way to Malaysia to meet his fans… Extra credits on that!!!

AmorypazPS : just a little shout out to him (Hyun Joong), may u be able to get enough sleep and rest after this tour ya!!! else alot of your fans will be worried about you! take care of your health condition~ ^^

PPS : actually, there was another time where he did turn around and smile but dummy me got so carried away by his charming smile that I forgot to order my hand to move… >_<

A day to me self

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Went over to KLCC a few days ago to buy my dad’s present. Yeah, it was delayed sad to say cause I can’t think of anything that’s good enough for him as his birthday gift. One thing about my dad, he is very materialistic. So now you know where I got that from huh? Like father like daughter. =P


Anyway, I was thinking hard about this and did plan to get him a new wallet, belt or something like that but still, it was too common as in that’s what we (my mum, sis and I) got for him almost everytime. Except that it didn’t happen in consecutive years of course. XD


So, there I was brain storming for my dad’s present until my sudden inspiration hit me! which are… chocolates!!! XDD can say that my dad is a BIG fan of chocolates~ and what’s more tempting than a jar of the finest high quality chocolates for him to enjoy at home? not bad huh my idea? ^^V


Like I said, it’s a jar of finest high quality chocolates so straight away, that brand popped out in my head~ Godiva~~~ muahahaha~~~ heard of that brand before? no? click on the name to find out~ ;) ♥

IMG_3359 haha!

So there I was, at KLCC, going into the store and bought a jar of it. It was kind of pricey but hey, what’s not expensive when quality stuff is concern? XD

IMG_3360 It’s the jar of chocolates~~~ XD

IMG_3358 The christmas deco~ ♥ X)

While I was walking around the mall, I finally came face to face with my new love~ ♥


IMG_3363Chanel J12~ One indicates the numbers with diamonds and another without diamonds~


Can say that I don’t really like the design though. I mean it looked so different as compare to the photos. >_< But still, it’s under my wishing list~ =P

Delcious Icecream



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