Tuesday, October 7, 2008

today was only the second day of the 2nd semester and guess what? i have already gotten myself an assignment which has a due date of 26th oct... well... the deadline is still quite long so i dont have to worry yet right? ahem... wrong!!! like what i always said to myself... never piut off till tomorrow what u can do today... and hey, i dont like rushing last minute stuff but still by thinking of starting the assignment is seriously not fun at all... Its like scanning the web for information... copy and paste it... then find more information and copy and paste it again... And the process will keep on repeating and repeating again and again and again until I have finish that assignment of mine... ish... by just thinking it make me not in the mood for it at all... seriously!!! >.<

Anyway, today I got a 3hr break again between classes cos one of the tutorial was canceled... So u know la... we head straight for our so-called another "home", Gurney!!! XD had lunch at foodcourt cos yesterday already spend at Wongkok... >.< Then we went to the arcade again and played for awhile... After that, we went for pool again!!! heh~ And one of my fren was like aiyo, the first 2 days in college also we spend it at gurney... lols... well... I wont deny that its true... XP anyway, I did took a pic when we were playing pool but it was not very clear... so i think i wont post it here... =D Anyway, while we were playing, we had this little competition between us 2 girls and the other 2 guys... Guess what? We won!! wwwee!!! XD girl rules, man! And amazingly I manage to score 2 balls sequentially... woo!!! thats a record for mua~ XD

It was fun... but my $ also grow wings though... T.T
When I was onlining, I decided to clear and read all my mails in my inbox as they are seriously increasing by the day and I found a mail saying that my ex had addedme in facebook... I was like ... What? Seriously to tell u what was running in my mind that moment was... Are you sure that the person who added me is actually he himself or someone else who just happened to be using his account? You can call me paranoid or whatever shit but something inside me tells me so... Besides, its not like he wont give any access to his closest best fren, right? Believe me, i know... Anyway, its not like I am still playing with facebook... I have already gave it up since March... Except about a month ago, i did went in for awhile (to approve some frens)... Other then that, I didnt go in there anymore cause to me, that web is seriously boring and a waste of time... >.<

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theL said...

aiyo~~hardly can find ur profile in my profile to seek for ur blog link....but finally after "thousand heart and ten-thousands of bitter" i korek tiok le HAHA. know why. my desktop is SIAO again!! totally ruin my brain out ar! i know the power supply sure no probs but how many of times i PRESS the button on CPU, it does not work!! wah~ siao~~~so i use my bro's laptop to online lo~~
omg.. wat a day~swt~

btw wish u happy and luck everyday!!!
then bring ur lucky to me!! haha!!

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