The weekends was fun

Monday, October 13, 2008

on saturday I had class from 9am till 12pm... after that, I went to gurney with saw and Shirlyn... Saw's mum fetch us there but before reaching the destination, we had lunch at one of the pulau tikus area's kopitiam cause we havent had lunch yet and thanks to that morning (I overslept due to me forgetting to set the alarm) which I had only a pau for breakfast... Thanks to that minute pau, I was wobbling like a souless body... It was like i almost melted due to starvation... XD Anyway, we went for "Disaster MOvie" at 2.30pm after that... Met up with Yen Yee and Yan Yan at GSC's entrance before entering... The movie was ok... Not really funny... It was not as funny as Scary movie 4 or superhero movie... It doesnt even tickled my funny bone... After the movie, we went jalan jalan around gurney and Yan Yan, Shirlyn and Yan Yee ended up buying a box of Korean biscuits... I wanted to buy the ramen that I tried that day but I was too broke to even consider about it... T.T

I went back to saw's hse that day was overnighting there... It was fun though... We were chit chatting the whole day until 3am before we sleep... What were we talking about? well... Its a secret~~~ XD The next day, we woke up at 9 something with me throwing 2 of her beanie toys at her... -grin evilly- anyway, we started crapping on the bed and chit chat again... After awhile, we went to get ourselves clean and wash up and head for the kitchen where saw cooked for me Ramen... It was not bad (although not very soft) still I'll give her a pass... XD Then we went back upstairs and started to download songs and have a mini karaoke in the room... We were singing "Wu Ding" playing duet... We were singing so enjoyably until that Lai Funn called... -.- and the minute Saw turn on the speaker, we were like Lai Funn ar!!! and the rest of the words were jumble up so much that she doesnt know what in the world were we talking about... Well, basically we were just complaining about how bad timing she is to call us at the wrong time... ok fine... u can take that as scolding... heh... u cant blame us u know cause if u were to be in our shoes, I bet u will do the same... >.< anyway, that weekend was fun... seriously! XD

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