Sunday, August 3, 2008

I looked out from the window. Grey clouds filled the sky with strong wind blowing, sweeping off anything that was on the street. Flashes of lightning appeared everynow and then. I sighed with relieved knowing that I was safely protected at home. At that time, memories began to swim across my mind. I remembered that there was once I ran happily along the road after I got down from the car when I felt the strong wind blew. I was so delighted when the wind touched my face, that feeling was undescribable. However, it was not a very healthy thing to do because when the strong wind was blowing, dust and other dirty minute particles were mixed into the wind. So you could possibly imagine how dirty I was after running like a mad person on the road like that although it was not visible.

I laughed softly after I brought myself back to reality thinking how silly I was at that time. After awhile, rain began pouring down. Rain drops rolled down the window paint one after another. At that time, a story began to form in my head.

Jane stood in the rain feeling numb as she looked at Justin walking with an anonymous girl. They were sharing a umbrella giggling as they looked at each other in a way that Jane knew he never looked at her in such way before. There was so much love and burning passion in the both of them. Tears began to roll down her cheeks mixing with the rain drops. She was holding a umbrella but she was too numb to feel the coldness of her surrounding. In her eyes, she saw only that couple and nothing else. She continue staring at them as they slowly dissapeared. Even after they were already out of her sight, she still could not bring herself to reality or maybe she refuse to bring herself to reality. She was hoping so much that what she saw was just a dream. Sadly, as she slowly felt the rain touching her bared skin and soaked clothes, she knew that it was not a dream but real. Why? How could he do this to her? After being together for so many years, how could he has the heart to cheat on her. She was too shocked to have her common sense fighting back for her strength. She was too weak to continue watching as the pictures of the couple kept flashing cross her mind. She was too down to think. All she ever wanted right now were answers to her questions but sadly, her body was too weak to move and seek for the answers until she saw nothing but darkness slowly surrounded her.

When June opened her eyes, she was already lying on a hospital bed. She tried to recall what happened and those images of the couple haunted her again. She leaned back on the pillow weakly trying to fight back those images but it was no use. She sighed sadly and tears began to flow down her soft cheeks which had her ended up crying with all her heart.
June was hospitalised for weeks. And during that time, she ate a little but slowly tried to gather the courage for her to forget that horrible incident. She tried to move on and tried to stand firm mentally but it was barely effective. However during her stay, she did make a few friends there who always gave her endless support and courage. They always make sure that she was not alone and tried ways to kept her occupied so that she would not the time to think about that night again.
Months had past and June had changed. She was no longer the girl with the pale looking face who stood in the middle of the road like a living corpse. There was such shine in her eyes which was priceless and the smile that she wore on her face was brighter than before. June had become stronger and more optimistic as compared to her old self. She was happy and satisfied with who she had become today. A woman who no longer feared of love and its consiquences. It was from

the help of her friends and her own determination that made her bear the fruit of the hopeless seed in her.

What do u think? retarded? i know... Inspiration suddenly came and passed like wind. So cant blame me for it XD

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