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Monday, November 24, 2008

today is like every normal monday which means having class since 9am... The first lesson was digital electronics and microprocessor, in the lab... cracking head for the assembly language code thingy again... Luckily the exercise for today was not so tough as we dont need to write a program... So in short, it was done in less than half an hour... XD since the lesson should last for 2hrs, I spend the rest of my time chit chatting with friends and ronda-ing in the lab... wwwee~~ XP anyway, the lesson was off half an hour earlier so we ended up being the earliest group to reach the lecture hall for the next lesson, mathematics 2 which started at 11am... ^^V during that half an hour, we (ting hoay, vincent, cat, shir and I) used cat's hp to watch TV... Guess what? we did manage to watch a cartoon in TV3 to kill time... ho liao leh~ XD However, the lecture last for about an hr or so which was suppose to end at 1pm so Ms Lim decided to continue having our tutorial class straight (instead of having to wait until 2pm... which is a waste of time)... therefore at around 12.30pm, our lessons for the day have already ended! hehe nice huh? Then we headed for lunch at some coffee shop nearby (last minute change of mind) XD We took our own sweet time eating and chatting away for about an hour i think... After that only all of us headed home~~ So here I am... at home... digging through the internet trying to find as much info on the organic semiconductors as possible for the Analogue assignment... Sish... I hate assignments... they suck! >.<

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