3 days holiday~~~ ♥

Monday, November 30, 2009

These 3 days were fun~ Went shopping with my family on Friday... And I ended having more clothes than the rest... XPP It is hard to resist when there is sales in ALMOST every shop k??? believe me, if u were to be in my shoes, I bet u'll feel the same way too... XD

Anyways, bought a top in the Next shop and 2 more tops in Hush Puppies. There was this pink coloured sleeveless shirt that caught my attention in that shop... It was love at first sight but unfortunately, the design was not good enough... =(( else I would have grab it without thinking twice! XD

Then went to meet my aunt and uncle after dinner cause they came over for the 3 days hols and also for my grandpa's death anniversary. Anyway, did nothing much over there. Just chit chatting. =)

The on saturday also went out the whole day. Went over to the beach carnival. There were quite a number of activities held over there. One of them was Mr. Muscle i think... Forgot what is the actual title... ^^" Had laksa there... wakaka... It was kinda salty but nice~ ^^

I guess that is all that I wanna blog about... Cause if I were to actually blog everything in detail, I think I'll exceed the word limit of this post (if there is a word limit) and also I am too lazy to write everything d~ XD

ps: my aunt said I have grown thinner! wee~ ^^ thanks to my diet of salad salad and more salad during a period of time... XD But I have been eating non stop for the past few days. Gotta control it soon b4 I really grow fat!

hehe~ cheers~ ^^V

update abandon blog~

Friday, November 27, 2009

I realise that I have abandon my blog for quite some time. This is caused I have promise myself something and I have to keep it. So due to that promise, I unintentionally abandon my blog. XD

Anyway, alot of things had happen during the past few days. Good and also bad. The good ones, some are secrets~ XPP some are not whereas the bad ones.. haiz.. I prefer not to talk about it. The wound have yet to heal. =(

Screw that.. What had happen had happen no matter how much I despise it. So I am just gonna focus on the happy stuff~ ^^ Went over to Shirlyn's house yesterday for some reason, had dinner there as well. =) and while I was there, I explored her webcam.. eak eak eak...

Cause my laptop does not has a build in webcam so out of curiosity, I explore hers. Thus, we ended camwhoring with her webcam... hehe.. Most of the pics are normal but there are some which are very sampat too... XD share some with u over here... XD

One of the normal pics taken.. ^^ although the camera is not sharp, all webcams have low mega pixels... =)

Nice leh~ *vain* XP

Now for some of the sampat pics... hehe..

Dont ask what we were doing... It is just random act...
These are some of them... Dont wanna post too much later u all goosebumps pula... Abo later worse, shock tiok u all lo... hehe =D

That's all I wanna write for this post ba... ^^

Voila~ ♥

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Just changed my blog layout~~ and yes, its purple or pink again!! wee~~~ ^^

Cant blame me for liking pink de k..

but i find this layout better than the one i had previously...


love this new one~


Happy happy day ♥

Today was good. =) Morning started well, afternoon was satisfactory and evening was enjoyable. ^^

Why? cause..

IN the afternoon, was having practical lab for embedded system which we have to convert C++ language to assembly language to be programmed into the PIC (Programmable Integrated Circuit). The type of PIC we are using is the 16F877A with 20MHz. One thing about this is that it is never easy but the output produced once u have succeed is amazing! XD

Like today, we learn how to program a motor such that it will rotate clockwise for 2 seconds then anti-clockwise for another 2 seconds b4 stopping for 2 more seconds. It was very challenging and not easy but once u know what is going on, it will become interesting. Very interesting. ^^

Wanted to took a video or a pic of the process but was too busy that time.. >.<
Then we also did programming on how to control the buzzer (our regular alarm) and lighting of the LED with a switch. It was seriously challenging but damn pissed when u failed to identify the error in the codes.

Well, in short, there is 2 sides to everything. =)

Then after the lab, went for tea with some of my classmates before heading to swim. It might not sound like I have done much but to me, it is satisfying enough. *smiles*

♥ ♥ ♥


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nothing much happen lately. Just tonnes of assignments come piling one by one like nobody's business. Stressed with this? nah. I'm cool. Still can happen the load. =)

Anyway, like I said, nothing much happen lately just a few. Bought a new pair of contact lenses about a week or 2 ago. Was very exciteed bout it. ^^ Cause it is coloured and give the "big eye effect". Ya, my eyes look bigger then usual when I wear them but don't worry, I don't like a monster or Ju-On. >.< It looks naturally big not like weirdly big kinda big. XD I must say that I'm glad to buy it. It somehow make me happier. wee~~~ XD

This pair of lenses last for only 3 months though. So after done using this, I'm planning to buy other colours instead and from other sellers (cheaper =)). Was thinking of buying blue or green instead... what u think? XPP I think before I can even wear it, my mum would have shoo me out of the house d... XD


So the next thing that had happen was.. I had finally watched 2012~~!!! wee~~~ ^^ Went with my mum, sis and some others yesterday. The show was awesome~~~ The 2 and a half hours are really worth the show. Seriously~ The effects (I heard its a Malaysian who did it... wow~) and the story line was good. Really two thumbs up~! ^^

I think that is it for now. Nothing much to blog about lately. Not being so active in blog like I used to d... why? Cause lazy lu~~~ XP



Thursday, November 12, 2009

Some say that the gift of life is life itself... Some people might agree with it and some might not... For me, I do agree with this statement but that gift can neither always be a nice one nor a bad one. There are good and bad side gifts along the way as you travel down the path you choose.

To me, life is like a bed of roses. Sometimes u will land on the soft, flawless petals but sometimes when u roll around, u might landed on the sharp, unexpected thorns. At that time, those thorns might left a scar that is permanent on you or it might only last for temporary. If there is a scar left, it might be physically or mentally and sometimes when you are unlucky, u got both at the same time. But still, life still goes on and the world still spins. Sun will still rise and set, moon will still continue to change its phase. The world won't change cause of your pain and sorrow.

As the saying goes... "to the world, you meant nothing but to someone u might mean the world to him/her" ...

Yes, always remember that no matter how bad your situation is, there is always someone there to share your tears, lend u a shoulder to cry on, to allow u to let off your anger/ inner feelings.. That someone might be your parents or your friends... Even also your siblings... At that time, you will realise that you are not alone in this world. You are never alone cause you will always be surrounded by people who care for you. Maybe some people will disagree with me but I believe, there is a special someone for everyone of us. It does not have to be your other half. It might even be your pet cat or dog instead. =)

So love your family, treasure your friends... They are the ones who wont turn their back on you when you needed someone to be there for you...

♥ ♥ ♥

Lazy blogger

Saturday, November 7, 2009

There are like tonnes of stuff I wanna share out loud about but sadly, I am either too lazy or when I am in the mood, I am too busy.. >.<>
Just wanna share some pics and what I did on thursday... Went to Hard Rock to celebrate 2 of my friends' birthday... ^^ It was fun...

The place there was seriously awesome!!! *2 thumbs up* ;)

Some pics for u all to see... =)

Some of the scenery there... =)

The pizzas~ yumm~~ ^^
They seriously taste good~ no joke~

The rest of the pics, refer to my fb... lazy to upload all d... XD

Delcious Icecream



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