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Friday, April 4, 2008

ok... Im in the mood to blog but i have no idea on what i wanted to blog about... -still thinking hard- well, actually i have something in mind but its too personal to pour it out here. So still in a lost on what to write on this blog. I think i'll spill about my past... i admit i was a bitch last time that goes around bitching ppl that i hate and despise. U wanna know why i did that? well thats because if i didnt spill out my anger and hatred about the ppl that i hate, in the end, the person that will go crazy is me and the ppl that i hate will still cont their lives like normal and unharm u see. So do u think that its fair for me when they are the ones that cause me to collapse during a period of time? If u think its fair then i think its best u leave my blog now before unknown ppl start to call me and shout at me like nobody's business. But now im enjoying my life and change my point of view on certain things, thanks to some of my frens that i have known when i was in the camp. When i was there, Im always happy and always am looking forward to the next day with excitement. It is because of the new activities there that i have not and can not do in my daily life and also because of a certain someone. ^^ Although we cant be with each other for now, being able to talk to each other everyday is already enough for me. I wont ask for more =) Besides that, Im never lonely when im in ns, there is always something for me to do and someone for me to talk to. I feel really happy going there ^^V

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TryaN said...

hey tung... wat la.. yesterday i went to gurney time.. ur not there... haiz.. not my fault k?? =P

btw... since u din write anythnig new... so my comment haff ta b on the april post..^^

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