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Sunday, November 23, 2008

damn it man... eversince I got myself addicted to facebook again, I hardly update my blog anymore... Seriously... Making the matter worse, I hardly get to on9 d... which makes me even seldom log into my blogspot account... So here I am after dont know after how long (how many weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds...) I finally am updating it again. XD hhhmm... lets see... what to talk about... *thinking hard* So far nothing much had happen, its just that... I havent step foot into gurney eversince 2 freaking long weeks ago!!! T.T not even Redbox... omg... By just the though of it really upset me man... sobs... all thanks to what? erm... first of all, money not enough!!! T.T secondly, no time... Its like when Im free, my friends are not free or it'll be the other way round... And ahem... thirdly, assignments are back again!!! piling and piling with tonnes and tonnes of deadlines!!! wuwuwu~~~ so see how miserable my life is? X'( damn terrible, horrible, vegetable man! *sniff* But fear not! after all that deadlines cleared... Enough money saved and pick a suitable time, I am sssooo gonna hit for gurney or queensbay... that time it'll be like... movie marathon or Redbox here I come!!! *grin* man i cant wait... XD

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