Saturday, January 30, 2010

if u want a good hearty laugh... watch this when u r in facebook...

guarantee a good laugh~! =D

make sure ur log in fb first... the link~



Friday, January 29, 2010

Went for Avatar with Ru Yan, her sis, Yen Yee and my sis on Wednesday. Finally get to watch it after so long~ Yes, i know the movie had been release since last year but can't blame me for watching it this late. Cause

number 1 : I was super busy with assignments, test and college..
Number 2 : I got no transport (last year)
Number 3 : nobody to jio to watch

So yeah, there goes my 3 reasons for watching it this late... =P Anyway, the movie was superb! Like what Yan says, the movie is conveying a message on human greed. That I strongly agree cause it's true. Besides, it was also to create awareness on saving Mother Nature. and the world, Pendora, was like oh-my-god... So fantasy-ish and so beautiful so peaceful~ I'll like to stay there if possible... Seriously! XD

Might be going for the 3D soon with them again... =P cause it was too nice~ Don't mind watching twice~ =D

Yours truly,

Valentine's day present?

hhhmm... Just the other day, was browsing around the internet looking at stuff sold in blogshops... Then there is this blog shop which I so happen to came across with... This is the link. Have a look if u want... =) The things sold there are nice and the price is reasonable... =)

Anyway, Valentine's day is near though it is on the first day of Chinese New Year. Cut to the chase, there is this ring which I would really love to have it for this year's Valentine's Day.

Pretty isn't it? ;) It's a lovie~

Well, It can't be help as the saying goes... Diamonds are girls' bestfriend... =D

Not just that but this ring somehow give me a special feeling like I'm special... =P Besides, have a ring on vday would be much different... But of course, not proposing.. I'm too young to get married... =P

Then again, which girl does not wanna feel special on that day? ;)

Where to go?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The fifth semester has just over which means that I have one more semester to go and I'll be graduating my diploma... This last semester will be shorter than the previous 2 semesters I had which is only 7 weeks! Yes, Half of the period of the previous semesters...

Anyway, after diploma... Decisions have to be made as where to further my studies...
Can say that Advance Diploma was always what I had in mind until... until recently...
I found out from my friend that The Star is providing scholarships for selected Colleges and Universities for certain courses... And the best part about it was if u get it, your tuition fees are 100% waived! I mean 100%??? Seriously??? So then I went and check online and true enough...

If u manage to get the scholarship, your tuition fees are waived full! I was like oh my God... I cannot believe it! But still... From what I manage to gather, The University of Nottingham does have the degree course of my field... Its call BEng / MEng 3 to 4 years Hons for Electronic Engineering... and It costs RM 34000 per year!

So imagine if i were to manage (lets just say if la ha...) to get the scholarship, it will be like wow! there goes the financial burden! But... Like one had said... there is a price for everything... which means... No Financial burden = Higher educational pressure... =( haiz... I mean seriously... I am currently studying under scholarship for my Diploma level and it has been killing my brain off slowly... I mean I get easily depress over my results although it is considered good for others... And I fuse myself all over studying!

Not to say anything but I was not like that when I was about to take my SPM... I was very free and easy... care free u know.. like who cares? can ma can lo... cannot so what? Big deal...
Not to say anything but to study under that type of condition was the best ever! I mean I got no worries... I don't make a big fuss out of my results (for mid term exams and tests)... But now, I am turning into a total different person... A pressure controlled freak! haiz... =(

Not to say anything but... Scholarship did help me A LOT... really... but still... the price to pay is there... haiz... And if it was not for the scholarship, I won't be in college right now but will be in form 6 instead... =(( The price to pay... This is the only question which I still cannot manage to find the answer... Am I willing to pay that price again? =X

movies~~~ ♥

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Can say that now am more relieve a bit since I left one more paper for exam which is on Monday afternoon...

After that, hoho~~~ movies here I come!!! ♥ wakakaz... wanna watch as many movies as possible that I miss since December!!! XD
hhhmm... Movies like
-Tooth fairy
-Sherlock Holmes
-The spy next door
-Have u heard of the Morgans?
-Old Dogs
and many more...

Gonna drag some of my friends with me so make sure u all are free k??? Cause I'll be asking u out~ XPP

ngek ngek ngek~~~ XDD ♥ ♥ ♥

ps: I am super free after 25th January... any "kang tau" find me~! XPP but of cause, it refers to my friends only har... Won't entertain unknown ppl... =.=


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just had the English for engineering paper this morning... It was satisfactory... Hope I did not write anything out of point though... =/


Anyway, 2 more papers to go and I am free~!!! wee~~~ ^^
One is on the Saturday and another is on Monday...

so far my performance for this exam was OK except that there was one paper which I do not have the confidence in it though... =X I mean yeah I know I can at least get half of the 12 marks but still... I have to admit... That paper was the worst I have ever did so far... haiz... Hope it turn out good... As in won't fail... I hate to fail... so pray hard!

If i fail, I am dead... at least that is what I think... =X


What's over is over... Just move on, do better for the rest of the papers... Nothing can be done to change the damaged... so yeah! Do better for the last 2 papers! ^^V

Anyway, I do not think I can maintain my CGPA anymore... well, that is what I think... I hate to admit it but it is possible.. =/ haiz.. I don't know why it turns so bad... No mood and all... =(( Maybe its because of the pressure... Yeah, maybe... or maybe its just some lame excuse for my lazyness... Urgh! I dont know... I really dont know... haiz... For now... I'll just hope that I won't fail and that I can manage to graduate with the rest of my coursemates this coming June...

Yeah... I know I can... I have to!

Blogger is back!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

yesh... yours truly is backed to activate her blog!!!! That is... for now... =X

anyway, I was thinking of what to blog...

Then it comes to my head...

I'll share something with u all... hehe... I shall now confess... I am currently addicted to Boys Over Flowers, 花样男子~~~ wakaka... XD

can say that... I like the storyline... its romance + comedy... not to mention... cute guys too~~~ wee~~~ XPP

Allow me to present the guy that I like in that korean drama... nope... I dont like the main character.. hair too curly somemore not handsome enough... XP I like Ji Ho~~~ ❤ ❤ ❤


pics pics...

cute ma? cute ma? *sigh dreamily* he is like soo~~~ perfect de... hehe... he is cute, handsome, gentle, caring, good in musical instruments.... and the list goes on~ seriously! XP

yeng ma? yeng ma? yeng leh~~~ omg~~~ ❤ ❤ ❤

by just looking at his smile~~~ omg~ so sweet and gentle~~~

wakakaz... I admit... he is the current guy that is top in my fantasy list... blek~~~ XPP


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

haiz... this is already the 14th week of the second semester which means it is the last week of study aka next week is already exam!!! and here i am not studying but am worrying on my mini project instead... T^T I seriously do not know what went wrong.. I mean time management is a HUGE issue here... (we screw up on that... >.<) well, actually that cant be blame total on us though...

cause u see... This mini project is all about getting the hardware right and most important of all... the coding! yes, the programming part.. whats bad is that we are taught to use low level language which is assembly language... A language which is understand directly by computers and Programmable Integrated Circuits (PICs)... >.<>

If only C++ programming is used instead or is taught instead... then my worries will reduce alot!!! T^T... sadly, i know the how the coding goes but not how it should be compiled... and for assembly language, i know how to compile but dont know the coding well!!! wail~~~ T^T *^*


Hey there!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I am finally here to revive my blog after abandoning it for so long... Can't blame me with all th assignments and tests going on... I was seriously busy for the pass few weeks... I cant even play FB properly! >.<

Anyways, I am here again...

Got alot of stuff to post about but I'll keep everything short and simple... else until 2mr also my post won't finish... hehe..

well, I'll start with the trip to Inter-Campus 2009... It was an event held annually by KL main campus... A sports event where all TAR Colleges in Malaysia gathered and compete in sports... It was the second time I went for it... represent college for swimming... XDD...

Here are some pics... =)

My classmates and I who went for Inter-Campus... =)

My crazy and funny swimmates and I... had a really hectic schedule for the competition... but it was well overall... ^^V

Can say that, compare the inter-campus I went on 2009 and the one on 2008... A lot had changed like the people going... new faces and new memories created... But one thing... The new will never replace the old... cause they are equally priceless... =)

Now I'll move on with my Formal presentation pics...
WARNING: These pics are vulgar but damn hilarious! ^^

Stay tune... XP

One of the groups after presenting... Open for QnA session... =)

Another group that present... nervous nervous... =X

These are the pics taken after class ended... XD

From students to selling insurance... wakaka... their official contract...

One of the funny posts... XD

Group pic of the guys... =)

Group pic for the girls~ =)

One more pic with a bigger group.. one of them looks like kena slap pula.. haha

And the fight between 2 bosses (tai lou) starts... wakaka... XD

lols... XD

er... girl power? O.o

wakakaz... I think i'll post until here ba... ^^

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