Happy Chinese new year, ppl!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

lols... im currently in my cousin's hse in KL... here is much more fun than the other day when i wrote my previous blog... cause got my cousins and relatives to crap with and most of all... shopping!!! woo!!! hehe well... KL is full of shopping centers so why not? XP anyway... after I rot for 2 days (sunday and monday) tuesday was a much better day... I went over to his place for the first time and it was fun... seriously... ^^ played with his siblings and get to spend time with him... it was awesome... ^^ and this is one of the pics we took when we went to penang hill... lols... requested by Yan... lols...

peace, ppl!!! ^^

CNY is here!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Today is the eve of chinese new year and im in kedah since this morning until now... unfortunately, I dont get to bath yet... cause i din bring my clothes and towel along... so here i am... feeling sweaty and sticky but still doesnt hav the power to do anything about it... bad huh? tell me about it... >.< but of cos i did bath in the morning...

anyway, last thrusday was our second last paper for the 2nd sem which was Analogue Electronic.... the paper was not bad... its like... can past but score is another problem... hee... Anyway, right after the paper, Yoyo, cat, shir, ting hoay and I went to some mamak stall to eat... well, its actually ting hoay, shir and I accompanied yoyo and cat for lunch only cause we wanted to discuss about certain stuff... After that, ting hoay and I head for the botanical garden... hehe... We went there for a walk while waiting for time to pass... After that only we head for lunch with my mum and sis... heh ^^" then we went to prangin for jalan jalan and also ting hoay wanted to buy a new bag.... Unfortunately, we didnt find the type that he wanted so we ended up jalan jalan for fun nia...

In the evening, we went to Penang Hill since the weather was freaking hot and the last time we wanted to go it was fully booked... So i was like peneng hill here we come again... lols... XP the place there was cooling and quiet... It was nice =) we did took a few pics there but I couldnt upload em just yet cause I am currently not using my own comp... So... will upload it the next time I on9 with my comp instead... ^^

Anyway, come to think of it... the year of rat has gone by replace by the year of ox... Another year had just came and left... Hope this year will be way better than the previous one... well, we should always hope for the best or better, shouldnt we? =) *wink*

New year, new hope!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

GUess what, ppl? After sssooo (im being sarcastic by dragging >.<) many months of being single, i finally found sumone special d!! XD And the funniest part is that we din know that we like one another until my friend told each of us about how we felt... weird huh? heee... Anyway, it actually started like this... About 2 months ago, I started to have feelings for one of my close guy friends... It was like unexpected and unbelievable, seriously!!! X) Well, thats cause we are very good buddies and often joke around during the first sem... It was like u know normal friends or maybe best buddies kind of feelings... But when the 2nd sem starts, we became closer and at that time only I realise that omg.... we actually can talk about almost anything!!! Its like we always have a topic to talk about may it be crappy one or serious one... There was this once that i rmb... He was fetching me home from college and the moment we got into the car, we started to talk about a certain topic and it last us throughout our whole journey to my house... amazing huh? u bet! XD That was when I began to feel like this is the type of relationship that I want... To be with the one who u feel comfortable being with... The one who I can tell almost everything with... Its like we are best friends and also at the same time... an item... hee~~~ X)

Anyway, he confess to me yesterday and the way he did it was like so special and cute!!! I was like feeling myself blushing when he did that... I was really flattered and surprise and speechless... omg!!! hee... it was really sweet~ how he did it? erm... im not telling~~~ XP Then today, I went out for lunch with him after he sat for his resit paper during the morning... =) I hope this time it'll last longer than the previous ones cause my instinct tell me that he's different~~~ X) U know who u are... I love u o~ ^^

Happy new year, ppl!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

omg... in just a blink of an eye... another year has gone... there are good memories, bad ones, rotten ones and even memories that are so pathetic that u wish u'll never experience it ever again... I guess eveyone will also experience the same or maybe not... Anyway, a new year had began... filled with new hope and new advanture... All sorts of stuff waiting for us to face... waiting for us to make the right decision... Like my friend once said... Our life is like a book with empty pages... It is u who will determine how the storyline goes... whether will it be interesting or boring... sweet or bitter... the decision is in ur hands... in short, it is u who will determine ur own destiny... no one else can do it for u... no one has the power to force u to do what they want... because this is your life that we are talking about... not ur friend's or parents'... they can only advice and giv us unconditional support in whatever we do... may it be physically or mentally... Anyway, one thing i know about running your own life... its that you will never be alone as your friends and family will always be there for you no matter what... =)

Therefore, I would like to thank all of my friends and of cos my parents for everything that they had done for me... and always there for me when i need them... =) here are some of them..

Shirlyn~~ thanks for accompanying me everytime during lecture o~~~ appreciate it~~~ ^^
Catherine~~ pai seh ya sometimes ask u to drop me here, fetch me there... heh ^^" thanks for being there for me and lending me ur ear when im down~~
YoYo~~~ my rasional counsellor... always the one who giv me relevant advise when im facing dilemma... =)
Ting hoay~~~ always there for me when I need someone to talk to... who always care about his friends... thanks for everything that u have done o~~~ ^^
last but not least... my lovely Saw Saw~~~ ^^ also always there for me when I need sumone to listen to my complaints and dilemmas... Sumone who i can always count on... My buddy who I have known since form 2... Love u 'aight? muaks~~ ^^

Love u all ya~~~ you guys are the best... I wont know what i'll do without u all d... When im down and out, you all are always there for me... Reminding me that I am and will never be alone in this world... thank u soo much~~~ ^^ I think this year will be better than the year before and i believe that it will be better and more fun than 2008... bye bye, 2008~~~ hello, 2009~~~ ^^

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