Rainy day

Thursday, February 28, 2008

today is a rainy day... nothing much happen la... i just rmb spending most of my time reading a romance novel... haha... well... im a huge fan of romance and comedy... action and sci-fi also interest me... but not as good as romance and comedy though... =D anyway... i have already got rid of a post that has been disturbing mylife since.. yesterday... haha i mean ya i know... its lame to follow lame rules... but i rather follow a freaking lame rule than to hav my life ended up in jeopardy u know... but now... everything is settle =) anyways, the NS letter came today.. together with all the other stuffs that are imp... well... going to NS is something that i hav been waiting for and also looking forward to it =) i know... some of u might think that who on earth would be looking forward to getting tortured in a freaking camp??? well... i do... some of u may wonder why... well, because it can help me clean my mind from the mess and the troubles that i hav been through... and it also can help me to keep myself fit... besides, duting this period of time... i have been rotting at home like nobody's business... lol... so with the help of NS, i can get rid of my rotting atitude and routine to get myself prepared for form 6... =) during form 6, i hope to work hard and strive for the best... my target? an overseas university... ^^ i dream too much? well... so what if i dream too much... as long as there's a dream for me that can be my goal... why not? =) no harm achieving it right? *smile* anyway, after i go NS, i plan to leave all my past behind me and start a new and better life... but during all these times, i have learn a few things in life... like a memory can be created, be it intentionally or unintentionally... but it can never be detroyed... no matter how much u try or when u think u have forgot about it... somewhere along the line, there will hav things that will pop up and let u sink yourself into the old memories again... at that time, dont fight against it... let it rest there for awhile... even if its a painful one... because in every memory, there is a lesson to be learn in it... it depends on how u find it... =) and to all my friends out there, eventhough i have deleted the post that have your comments, all of your comments will forever stay in my heart... love all of u who have been giving me endless supports... you all have teach me that friendship and the love of the family are so important that i almost i forgot about them... you all have remind me about this... and i thank all of u from the bottom of my heart... for everything that you all have done for me... =) i will forever remember u all.... love u guys... muaks~ ^^

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