Weekend~ X)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Last Saturday was fun~ Went over to Fitness First with Lucas and the rest... It was our outing… Unique location for an outing eh? =P Anyway, it was the Open Day for the fitness centre so members can bring as many guests as they want… So Lucas, being a member there suggested the outing~ X)


It was fun although I arrived an hr later than them… Got things to do before that… Anyway, the atmosphere is nice~~~ It felt very comfortable and all set for work out! >:D XD The bathroom was huge too! O.O pardon me for being a hill billy cause that was the first time I actually went over to a fitness centre for work out… ^^”

eee!  ahhh!

When I reached there, they had already attended a class… >_< but they wanted to attend one more so we went for the class that was scheduled next, Body Attack!!!

IMG_456010 10 10! The class was tough! >_<

Like I said, the class was tough! Had not work out that hard since form 5 when I still undergo swimming training.. >_< But it was good, alright! My muscles felt alive!!!!

Auxilio(yeah… they do felt alive on sat but after that, I suffered 2 days of muscle ache! T.T too old for aggressive work out d… ><)

mareo! susp!

It was tiring but with Chin Yang making all the funny funny poses during the class made us even more tired… tired due to excess laughter! >_< still, it was a good memory… XD

Went over the Steam Room for relaxation before bathing~ It was awesomely nice~ Can say that my eyes are more sparkle-ish (Cause I wore contact lenses.. =P) and my face is somehow smoother~ ^^


After gym, off to a nearby coffee shop for dinner~ and we chose a very “feng shui-ish” place to sit… =P

IMG_4570Like a g6~ like a G6~ =P

Later at night, went for a movie, World Invasion: Battle of Los Angeles, with my family… but I slp at the beginning of the movie… Had a bad headache that time… >_< So yeah… my very first time sleeping in the cinema!!!

fiaca!   nose!

The movie was overall ok for me… one thing I like is that it somehow conveys a message saying that we humans, despite the bad situation we still have the humanity in us which made us help one another and continue fighting!


Reviving my blog

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Yes, I know I have abandoned my blog for almost ONE WHOLE MONTH… My sincere apologies for that… pobresito >.<

Been very very lazy to blog and also too busy to blog… One more reason to add is that I have to stare at the computer screen for 9 consecutive hours (minus the one hour lunch so its actually 8 hours with 1 hour break in between) for 5 consecutive days!!! @.@ Can say that I saw stars occasionally due to the long hours of staring at the comp.


Anyway, moving on… Well, let’s see… There’s nothing much going on in my life right now. Going through everyday with the same old routine… go work, go home, online, sleep… boring huh? Tell me about it… >.<

susp! nooo! (just being extra sarcastic for this emoticon… =P)

But then again, last Saturday I did go out with Yan for lunch and movie~ X) Watched Beastly after having lunch at McDonald’s… It was fun although it was only the 2 of us… The rest cannot make it… =/

The movie was terrible if you are judging through the acting but nice if you are judging from it’s storyline… Overall, the movie portraits as the modern version of Beauty and The Beast (except the Beauty isn’t so beautiful >.< sorry to all the Vanessa Hudgens’ fans)…  eee!  roja!

Still, that day was fun… Had alot of talks and craps before dropping Yan home~ ^^

♥ ♥ ♥

ps: looking forward to the days to come~ Cause I know they will be better~ ^^V

Amorypaz ahhh! buu!

Delcious Icecream



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