Friday, September 26, 2008

today was a very boring day to me cause I was at home the whole time. Doind what? I'll tell u how my day went..

Wake up...
Breakfast with my parents...
Sleep again... Woke up around 11somthing...
Had lunch...
Tried to steal people de line but failed... =/
Then browse around my files in the laptop...
Send some songs from my laptop to my sis's hp...
After that? Sleep again!!! XD
Until 4something...
mum fetch us to csc thats when I start to online until now...
So much for spending my hol at home for a day...
I have been rotting man.... seriously... >.<

haiz... lalala~ anyway... now only I realised... this is the 10th post for this month... haha and this month also happens to have the most number of posts compare to the rest... yeah! XD

会呼吸的痛 - 梁静茹

在东京铁塔 第一次眺望
看灯火模仿 坠落的星光
我终於到达 但却更悲伤
一个人完成 我们的梦想

你总说 时间还很多
你可以等我 以前我不懂得
未必明天 就有以后

看你的信会痛 连沉默也痛


没看你脸上 张扬过哀伤
那是种多么 寂寞的倔强
你拆了城墙 让我去流浪
在原地等我 把自己捆绑

你没说 你也会软弱
需要依赖我 我就装不晓得
自由移动 自我地过

看你的信会痛 连沉默也痛

后悔不贴心会痛 恨不懂你会痛

灵魂像飘浮着 你在就好了

怕心被人触碰 你回来那就好了

不够成熟 - By2

还达不到 你的要求
只是怀念 你走以後

离开 难道真的是解脱
难道 真的要事过境迁了以後才懂

倔强说不痛 假装什么伤都没有
倔强抬起头 决不让眼泪往下流
倔强说不痛 假装什么伤都没有
真的不难过 笑着和你挥挥手


This is such a badnews

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Argh!!! why cant 2day be running smoothly de??? It was like I had a great time during the afternoon and in the evening, things began to tumble upside down... damn la!!! At first, Yan decided not to sing in redbox eventhough she says she's going (I'm still trying my best to persuade her to sing on that day... still trying). Then when I was in the middle of it, my another friend suddenly msg me and say that he cannot make it to gurney on saturday. Why? cos he's wallet is already dry... >.< ISh!!!!! Sien lo!!!! spoil my mood nia... Now have to wait and wait and wait nia... argh!!! Why so gai de... X'( Dont get to go kai kai this sat d la... sobs... X'(

I've not laugh this much for a long time

Today I went to gurney with saw saw and yen yee after collecting stuff from school. Then we watched Mama Mia. The movie was good and funny. We kept laughing and talking about it during the whole time in the cinema (which made us the loudest and the noisiest). The girls in front of us kept turning their heads to see whether are we some crazy lunatics or normal people. But we dont care... We even plan to play and be siao on the day that we are going redbox for singing... How siao? well... Lets say I'll let u know after we have gone there and done that... XD After that we went to wong kok for lunch. At that time, we chit chat about almost everything. It was like when we entered the restaurant, there was a lot of people eating then we sat there and continue chatting until all the customers had left except us. We were like talking and laughing away until there was no more energy left in my body. It was seriously fun. I had not laughed like this until recently during Saw's party. It was really like a stress relieve remedy or shall I say the medicine/cure? Well... ppl always say "laughter is the best medicine" and I fully agree with that idiom. *wink*

fun, fun and more fun

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Yesterday I went to saw's bday party and it was awesome! I had never laugh that much as compared to yesterday night since secondary school. Seriously man... It was like back to those days when we were still in secondary. We were crapping during the whole party. I reached saw's house at around 6pm and guess what? Im the first to arrive!!! which made me feel quite bored. Was trying to offer her parents to help but there was nothing for me to help. Anyway, yen yee came after awhile and then followed by saw's college friend. Some guy who I have already forget his name. oopss... ^^" if saw fins out, she'll kill me... lols. Anyway, saw went to fetch her college friends and Hsing. Chun Xun was the last to come. After that, that was when the fun starts. XD we had barbeque outside her house along with some other food like fries, spagetti, kuih and etc. When sarah's mum announced that we could eat, all of us start to dig in!!! we went into the house for fries, spagetti and etc. All of us were already eating except for hsing who were still barbequeing (dont mind if i spell wrongly XD) her chicken. While we were eating, there she was beside her chicken complaining to us how unfair is it that we are already eating without her... (well, its not our fault that she wanted to had chicken first XP) anyway, we were very siao yesterday. Kept taking ridiculuos pics of ourselves and joke the whole night (talking dirty the whole time... XD). Will post the pics the next time when I got em (its with chun xun). It was seriously fun. I was laughing so hard that I had problem crewing my food (thanksto chun xun >.<). Anyway, it was like a gathering for my close friends and I since the last time I saw them was on the day I went to school to get my SPM results. They did ask me out a couple of times but I was busy with either boyfriend or studies (sorry, guys ^^"). However, it was seriously fun to have the chance to get back with them and crap like how we used to. Since we have left school, it was harder for us to meet as all of us have our own things and plans to do so having the chance to meet up and chat will be very seldom. But I'm going to treasure everyone of them. U bet i will... =D

What a story~~~

Friday, September 19, 2008

Today was the first day for me to relax fully of the 24 hrs without worrying about studies and exam cause my exam has finally ended!!! wwwoo!!! yes, ppl... Time to call for some celebration!!! actually I have already celebrated yesterday after our last exam paper which was basic electronics. We went straight to red box after lunch and sang for 3 full hours! beat that! XD anyway, it was seriously fun. =D

TOday I get to sleep until 10 in the morning as compared to the normal time that I woke up during lesson days was like an extra bonus of 3 hrs man!! So u do the math and guess what time do I have to actually wake up everyday(excluding weekends)... torturing huh?

By the way, the main thing that I planned to talk about in this post is this book which titled "Yes, I do" by Janet Dailey. It is a romance novel that has 2 different novels in it. Just now during the afternoon I have read the first story, "Enermy in Camp". The storyline was awesome and it was very cute. Besides that, it does not describe any sex scenes but only kissing. It was about a girl who hates a guy alot thanks to his way of criticising her father. However, after her dad invite him over for a stay at their summer house, things began to take a turn. Without realising it, she had already began to fall head over heels for him. The story was funny and touching. Din regret buying it. XD However there is another story which I havent read yet. Will post about the story once I have finish reading. =D anyway, I bought this book in MPH. *wink*

Books, books and more books XD

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Yesterday when I was in gurney with my friends, I went to buy a romance novel cause there is a 15% discount for DiGi users. So I bought a novel which cost about RM20 to 21 that I ended up paying RM17.80 only. ^^ However, I planned to not read it until my semester break starts cause it was actually for me to kill boredom. Yes I got 2 weeks of sem break which is too short for work and erm abit too long for rest. So to prevent me from rotting at home again, I decided to read my favourite types of books. And erm if that book is seriously good then perhaps I'll be writing its synopsis for my next post. ^^ Anyway, after buying that book, I bought another novel during the evening when I was at gurney again but with my parents. I bought one of the novels of a little black dress which cost me RM20 but sadly it doesnt have discount. Anyway, I still bought it. XD I do have a novel before this one and it was really very nice to read. Very interesting. The title was "It must be love". I know I know. you'll be thinking right now that what is with this girl who kept reading nothing but romance based novels. Well, it cant be help, ok? I'm a romance freak and am proud of it. XD I just love romance and comedy. It'll be even better if there is a combo when it comes to movies or novels. It'll be awesome. XD

Another Awesome Day ^^

Yesterday in the morning, I had to sit for an exam paper, computer studies. Its was OK but during the last 30 minutes, I was seriously having a war against time for real. The feeling of panic, nervous and worried were really surrounding me at that time. Why? Well that was because on friday, I was so focus on memorising all the theory part of the subject that I neglect the calculation and the coding part. Thanks to that I got brain-block for about a few minutes which felt like hours to me. It was very terrible but still I manage to dig up the methods of solving it during the last 15 minutes and thanks to that, it save my day. I have won the battle against time. Yeah! XD

Anyway, most of my friends and I went to gurney for lunch. All of them decided to have it at the food court except shirlyn and I. So we headed for Wongkok instead. XD The meal that each of us ordered was different. Shirlyn ordered Hong Kong style pork chop meal (something like that, the name was long) and I ordered the same set but its chicken instead. After that, we took our own sweet time to enjoy our lunch while chit-chating until Catherine came over and was like "Wah. you 2 still havent finish? They(the rest of my friends) are waiting for the both of you nia you know." At that time, luckily we have already finish our meal and was on the way to finish our drink. XD

However, Cat, Shir and yoyo decided to went back to college to study so they left after eating. With only a few of us left, we began to ronda around the plaza and talking about all sorts of stuff aka crap. Then at around 1pm or so, Ck, san and kok hong decided to go back which left only Ting Hoay, Wei Quan and I. The numbers were getting smaller and smaller. Anyway, after awhile, we watched The Love Guru in the cinema and damn the ticket price was worth paying for cause the movie was seriously hilarious. Ting Hoay and I was like laughing ourselves out everynow and then. That movie really did a good job in brightening up my mood. It was seriously nice man.. no doubt. XD but it contains lots of erm... adult type of jokes that made the movie funny but rated 18-PL (with the addition of religion issue). But it was a very nice movie to watch.. I mean if you just take the whole movie as just for laughs and be more open minded about it, I dont think there will be any problems about the movie. Atleast not as bad as how The Stars comment about it. They are being sarcastic. Seriously. Cause they did also comment about Death Note2 once and they comment it like shit saying that it was so horrible and lausy and stuff like that. Well, I'll tell you what... dont trust their judgement. They suck eventhough they did apologise about the Death Note thing. Anyway, yesterday was seriously fun!!! XD

McD = fat

Saturday, September 6, 2008

ok... these few days I have been visiting mcD until now and only i realise that man!!! i have grow fatter... and it was thanks to what? mcD la... dang it man... It was like I kept eating and eating and eating whenever I am there having my group study with my frens. It was only yesterday that I realise that holy shit!!! i seriously hav to cut down on my intake of fast food... for real man!!! >.<>.<

Enough of food-fat crap...

I'll write about something else. Lets see. I am now at home on9ing early in the morning since 9.50am. The wheather is very very cooling and it is still raining but it was not as heavy as just now anymore. Still its nice to sit at the living room, blogging all the way with nobody to disturb u. That feeling was awesome! XD omg! the line was disconnected by accident just now.. haiz... thats the problem u face when u are using line instead of streamyx... sobs... it gets disconnected for what? erm... for the fun of doing it? fine... I dont know the reason behind this k...


I think that is all I wanna crap gua... cos I have ntg to think of writing d... heh... will crap more when the mood comes XD

Delcious Icecream


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